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I never click onto trends when a product goes viral I'm always just a bit dubious because things go viral just because they're new and exciting. So here's me about 3 years too late to the glow tonic party but it is actually really good! In fact if you don't use a liquid exfoliator this is going to be amazing for you as this is what I started off with. It just gets rid of all the dead skin and makes you're new skin underneath glow. Its my daily go to product to keep my skin looking fresh. Plus check out my personalised bottle!

The first moisturiser that is thick which I love for a night time because I like to know its doing its job.  I have quite dry skin so I need to moisturise every night and I need a good thick one that isn't just going to disappear when it goes on my skin. 

Well, this my friends is the best thing to land on my door step in a long time. It doesn't look like its going to change your life (or your makeup) but it does. The amount of compliments I've had when I wear this is unreal. Almost every time I wear this I get a compliment to say how flawless my skin is. Its a setting spray with highlight in which just makes your makeup pop. It's a total must in my makeup bag right now.

Lydia Millen made me do it. She raves about By Terry and now I know why. This product scared me a little as I didn't know if it was a fake tan for your face and how tanned it would look. But I've found that shaking it makes it too dark so I've just been spraying it onto a brush and putting it on after moisturiser before your foundation just gives you a bronze look but subtle. I've nearly ran out so that is saying something because as a beauty blogger I never really get to finish a product because I always end up trying something else before I have finished that one but because this is so good its been a must have every day.

THE BEST THING. I suffer with really dark circles as my alarm goes off at 4.45am every morning so this takes its toll on my eyes and I always find one concealer just isn't enough. Although I do use this with another concealer but this takes away the dark circles and the concealer that I use over the top is to brighten it. 

Benefit have absolutely smashed it with their brow products. This and the precisely my brow pencil are both amazing but if you're not that good in the brow department then this goof proof is the one to start with and then when you get more skilled and drawing on your brows and want more precise brows then move to the precisely my brow. (good names Benefit, they literally do what they say)

Whats your favourites ATM?

Laura xo

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I'm obsessed with this red trend ATM because I didn't join in last year and I have been dying to get my hands on some red trousers but I am obsessed and live in culottes because they're so good for short people!! So how amazing are these red culottes?! Also they match so well with my new commes des garçon converse. 

* All products marked with * were sent for review purposes*


I'm obsessed with Edinburgh (especially at Christmas) so when I was invited up to stay at Tigerlily hotel I was super excited and felt so grateful.

Its located at the end of George street which is the street behind all the shops but its right on the strip of where all the lush cocktail bars are. So right in the centre and perfect location - about a 10min walk from Waverley train station. You wouldn't think it would be this big lush hotel by looking at the front of it as it looks more like a bar/restaurant but its massive inside. Theres loads of different LUSH and so instragrammble rooms where you can sit and have coffee or cocktails. As you can see from the pics, theres no ugly part of the hotel. Nothing better than when the hotel provides the best backgrounds for your photos!!!

The rooms are really big with massive bathrooms too. Its all really modern which fits well with the rest of the hotel. I think we had a Luxury Double room but I know that they do LUSH rooms so I'd love to stay in one of these suites such as this The Black Room looks amazing! I mean look at that fire and chair!

The staff - well the staff are amazing. Shoutout to Jessica on reception & Xanthe in the restaurant as they were just total babes. They are so friendly and couldn't do enough for us. But it wasn't just these two it was the whole place, they're so attentive its unreal. I LOVE it when staff totally make your stay amazing and that sticks with you. I mean I'm rubbish at remembering names but I can remember their names because they made such an impression on our stay - plus what a lovely name Xanthe ( pronounced Zanthy) - I think thats right so sorry if its not!

We had dinner at the hotel because it would just be daft not to. It was bloody lush and I was stuff especially after our dessert which was a chocolate fondue with strawberries, raspberries, marshmallows, brownies, profiteroles and bananas to dip into the chocolate sauce. mmmmmmmm!!!

To make full use of the hotel room we placed our orders for breakfast in bed and when it arrived I was in my element. To be honest though it wasn't really the best (I've had A LOT of breakfasts) as I wasn't keen on any of the meat as I found it very Scottish and peppery and no croissants! But thats just me being a fuss pot and not liking spicy sausages. Adam loved his!

Constructive criticism - ( I always like to give constructive criticism as no where is perfect and I want to give feedback that where ever I stay can take it on board and if they want to change it then they can make it better for their next customers. Plus I love to see when I go back they have taken it on board and made it so much better!)

So what I would say I would change would be to have the TV on the wall as the bed is so high so when you're lying down you can't actually see the TV in bed. But other than that I loved my stay here and 100% know I'll be back.

If you're looking for somewhere to stay in Edinburgh thats modern & in the perfect location for shopping and cocktails with either your partner or friends then its here..check out their website here.

TIP: book two nights as one just isn't enough

Laura xo

This seems to be the ‘in’ thing ATM and I totally see why. If you’re not happy with your nose and you’re considering a nose job which is such a drastic thing to do not only because of the cost but because theres so many risks about going under the knife. Plus it looks like it hurts like a mother fucking bitch! (Sorry for swearing but have you seen the bruising?!)

So it was about 6 months ago that I realised the reason I don’t like my side profile is because of my nose. It seems like it doesn’t stick out enough, it looks as if its been a bit squashed and it has the tiniest bump in. Minor things but thats exactly why I ruled surgery out because it wasn’t drastic enough to even consider a nose job. 
Then I heard about these non surgical nose jobs and I thought mmmm maybe this might be the thing I need. And it wasn’t until Lydia Millen had hers done that sealed the deal because of her before and after photos, plus she filmed the process and it looked so easy and painless.

So when I was speaking to my doctor about my Tear Trough fillers that he said it was the same filler that he would use that he’s used under my eyes, well that was it really. He asked me to point out what I wanted to change and what I didn’t like and he was like yep I can do that. Plus if you pay for the fillers then you pay per ml so if you didn’t use it all then thats just wasting it in my eyes. 

If you read my last post about fillers then you know I like to ask my doctor at sk:n clinic on a scale of one to ten whats the pain, I’m sure he said it was about a 7. It totally is not. Its more like a 4 but thats probably because I had my eyes done first and they hurt more so this felt like a doddle. He said it could bruise but it might not. 
The only bit where it hurt was the very tip because of something about theres no extra skin there ( try pinching the skin away from your nose and you can’t) so that made it hurt slightly more.
I loved this procedure because you could see the results straight away and the before and after was like wow did my nose really look like that. But there was no swelling, bruising was minimal and more between my eyes but was easily covered by makeup. It was slightly painful (like a 3) to sniff or sneeze but that will be because of the bruising.

It has made me more confident about my side profile now to a point where I don’t even notice it, and by that I mean I used to hate my photo taken of my side profile but now I don’t mind and don’t think ‘omg delete that’. 
I highly recommend it if you’re thinking about it and dislike your nose as I would much rather have this than a nose job. But it totally matters on what you dislike about your nose. Bumps and to fill out your nose then yes a non surgical nose job is the one for you but for those who want their nose to be smaller then no this wouldn’t work for you. 

Hope this has helped some of you if you were considering it.

Laura x

So if you've seen my post about when I went to Beneisland you would have read that I was feeling a little insecure about how ‘little’ I was compared to these bigger influences that I’d been mingling with. But I was super overwhelmed with the response that I'd got from social media when I mentioned this (especially by my fellow northerner Chloe - this girl has supported me loads lately and its warmed my heart since people who I actually thought would have supported me didn’t) so I thought it should be something that should be addressed more.

Anyway it made me think. Numbers totally shouldn’t define who you are especially in this social media world. Its so easy to get caught up in numbers and let it take over but thats when you start to lose why you started and yourself. You start to do things just for numbers which is following and being a sheep of others with the big following.

Don’t be a sheep. Be yourself and stay true to your blog/insta. That's what I have tried to do from the very beginning especially since I'm from Newcastle and I'm so out of the London loop so I have to try that little bit harder to stand out, but I'll always me.

Especially with this whole Instagram algorithm, it seems to take ages to hit the next milestone and Ive been stuck around 17k for ages whilst I see all these other people storm ahead hitting 20k and Im here just like cyaaa whilst they head on up. But I’m so happy to see people hit their target and I’m not bitter about it, support your gals and pals. 

Back to the point though, just because these high flyers are flying high on those numbers, doesn’t mean their any better than you or it makes you any less of a person. You could both be putting in the hard work but yours just isn’t recognised yet. Don’t get demotivated, use it to motivate you more. 

Since I have came back from Beneisland, I feel like I have been more myself than ever. I haven’t been trying to fit in and I feel so much better for it plus I feel like I’m staying true to my current followers. I’m always me, I’m always real. Yes it feels amazing to hit the next big number and you feel a bit deflated when you don't (which I have lately) but we need to remind ourselves the reason why we started.

THANKS to everyone who has supported me from the start. Your love and support doesn’t go un-noticed. I see all your comments and likes and my way to show my love back is through competitions because unfortunately I can't give to you all. So head over to my Instagram as there is one live now!!!

Laura x 

If you guys know me, you would know that my hair is my baby. I spend an absolute fortune on it to make sure its looked after really well and make sure its done properly. Since I have been dying my hair since I was young (yes I’m a fake blonde) I’m so scared of losing it or dying it too much that it snaps so I don’t mind spending the money and I think its totally shown because my hair has always been in good condition for being bleached blonde.

So when I got invited to Foreverlong Hair Salon in Newcastle I was a bit scared I’m not going to lie because I have been going to the same salon for about 3 years after finding the salon that does my hair how I like. So changing and letting someone else get their hands on my hair was a bit petrifying. But I checked them out and their work and it actually looked a really good salon where the hair was the most important bit to them and they took pride in their work. 

I went along for a consultation and a patch test and just to have a chat about what I wanted which I like because I think its so important to talk about what YOU want. 
What I wanted was to go brighter, more of a white blonde but with low lights still breaking up the blonde because I hate it when my roots come through and they’re so noticeable so low lights just help disguise the roots plus adding tones. 

The day came when my transformation was happening and I was really excited rather than nervous. My colour before was dull and more of a yellow blonde because of my two holidays which you can see has taken its toll on my hair. So when deciding on the colours and tones JoJo my stylist was going to put in my hair we went for more cooler ashy tones to help take away the brassiness plus a cool almost purple toner to go on last to help refresh it all. 
To help with the condition of my hair we used Olaplex too which is a lifesaver, honestly. My hair has never felt softer since having used Olaplex which goes is used in 3 steps and its one of those things where when you use it, you cannot live without it.

6 hours later and my hair was transformed! Yes it took 6 hours but we were videoing the whole process for you so watch out on my Instagram for the video as well as taking pictures. 
I love the results because now my blonde is refreshed and uplifted. Its more cool toned (some may say more silver) which I don’t mind because it goes yellow so quick!

The salon itself if rather quirky with their ring light and back drop which makes for the perfect Insta before and after pic and its so chilled out in there you don’t mind spending your day in there. 

Also the blow dry that JoJo done on my hair after colouring it was bloody unreal, it was the bounciest one ever.

Thanks ForeverLong for having me!

If your based in the north east and you’re after a new do or just a refresh of those dull colours then I suggest you check them out!

Laura x