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Top - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Jacket - H&M
Shoes - Converse
Cabin Bag - Matalan
Hat - H&M

WOW - what a holiday.

If you don't already know ( i dont know how you don't as i've went on about it on my social media for weeks) but i went on holiday!
I went with my dad to Menorca and i want to go back already!

Menorca is my favourite place ever. It has the clearest seas and cleanest beaches with the best views.
I have been when its been cloudy and raining and it still looks amazing. We went 20th - 27th April even though the place doesn't become 'open' until 1st may. By open i mean there are limited places that are open before then as its still classed as winter until may! Even though if we had that weather we would be calling it an indian summer ! 

I went to an area called Arenal D'en Castell and it has to be one of my favourite places on the island! We stayed at White Sands Beach Club and i cant recommend it enough. There you have amazing looking apartments with amazing views. There is an infinity pool which overlooks a private type beach for the resort and also another beach! It has a lovely cafe/restaurant which is reasonable priced and lovely staff. The whole resort is clean tidy and just perfect.

We do normally hire a car wherever we go so we can go out and sightsee so we visited most of the island as it is quite small so not all my photos on my Instagram are from Arenal D'en Castell.

Throughout the week I will be posting my holiday Lookbook day by day so stay tuned! 

Hope you like what you see guys! I loved shooting it all.


I'm officially a beauty blogger for Product Testing! 

and what an amazing product to be testing out!!

I've been eyeing up Makeup Revolution for ages now but it's not stocked in my local Superdrug so the only place i can get my hands on it is online. I am one of those people who like to try it before i buy it. So here i am, trying it for you guys so if you don't have it stocked at your local Superdrug then you can just purchase online if you like my review! 

First off the packaging is just classy, its simple and to the point. It has the biggest mirror which is so handy because i always forget my mirror!! If you're out and about and you've got makeup but no mirror its a bit pointless really isn't it.

This is the medium palette which i think is perfect for me and my skin tone! 
On the left side of the palette is three concealers in a light, medium and dark for those under eye bags and blemishes. These concealers aren't too cakey and i feel like they are a cream to powder type formula. This is perfect for apply through the day when you've been at work and you've got an event to go to on the night time and you need to reapply. Cakey concealers you cant do that because it ends up looking too much. 

Next up is a powder, which i don't normally use a powder. But i've been using this over my concealer to set it and also over the areas where i would produce more oil and i have been LOVING it. It's the perfect shade for me.

Then you've got the contour powder which now i thought nothing could come close to Benefit's Hoola bronzer but this comes so close! Its a tad darker which is better for contouring. This is one of my fav parts of this palette!!

After that is the blusher, which is just as bloody good! Like i seriously can't get over how amazing this palette is. The blush is a pinky blush which is perfect for me as i like more pinky tones than red tones.

And finally we have the holy grail. This highlighter is AMAZING! As you can see on the image where i am wearing it, it stands out but not too much! 

I couldn't recommend this product more and it has came in so handy to have this as the only makeup product in my bag to do all the jobs i would need if i wanted to top up my makeup during the day!

Grab this for the most amazing price of £6, i can't even get over that its under £10.

What do you think of this? Sound amazing or does this sound amazing?!


The new trend is water infusion with this whole 'new year new you' theme. 
Everyone knows how good lemon water is for you, but when do you actually have it? Yeah maybe first thing in the morning with hot water but during the day when you're rushing off to work the last thing you thing of is ohhh me lemon! 

I was lucky enough to be sent these Infruition water bottles! At first i was thinking, ooh they have sent me two why is this. BUT actually, if you're gonna get one then i would recommend that you buy two. Because it just makes prep so much easier. On a night time, chop ya fruit or veg or whatever the hell you wanna put in it, pop it into your bottle, fill with water and pop it in the fridge over night. Then in the morning your water is infused and ready to go. Pop them into your bag and you've got some healthy fruity water for your day. Also if i am at work and i drink all of my water, i simply fill up with water but keep the fruit in there so you don't need to go out and buy more fruit. 
I get my use and money out of the fruit so i fill up twice before i change fruit. Because lets be honest here, fruit isn't the cheapest.

Since having them, i have defo drank more water than i did originally. 

My fav combos have to be lemon and lime, or just cucumber.

The good thing about Infruition is that they also do a sports version which is the lighter plastic version that you can carry in your sports bag because it is a little bit heavy carrying the original glass bottle around!

They come in different colours so you can colour cordinate your bottle with your fruit ;) 

An EVEN better thing is that the fruit actually goes into a little cage so none of this fruit in ya face or pip in ya gob nonsense!

Have you got one of these? Or is this something you need?

Get yours here  £17.99 for the Classic


Wahoooo there is an event in the North East!!

And even better it is in the Metro Centre! 

I've lived in the metro since i could walk, not even joking! I've worked in the metro for 7 years until i took the plunge and moved to the H&M in Newcastle town centre. 

The event was to kickstart their #intucolours campaign for Fashion Live 15. 
We were greeted with a shot of cocktails, cupcakes and macaroons which is the norm for bloggers event and it aint no event without any of these! 
After filling up on these and filling out our stickers which is a fab idea btw! All our blog info filled out onto a sticker and worn as badges because there's nothing worse than meeting up with fellow bloggers and knowing their blogs or twitter names and not actually knowing their real names has happened too many times and is a tad embarrassing! We were then told to take a seat on the FROW to get ready for our very own fashion show. Beiing on the frow was amazing and made us feel very celebrity like as we were treat like VIB (very important bloggers). How cool?! 
On our chair was a goodie bag full of vouchers and mini's, who doesn't love a mini skincream! Also a super cute note pad with the slogan EAT SHOP BLOG on the front. 

I went with two other bloggers which is so nice to meet up with fellow bloggers because lets face it nobody wants to be the one whos on her own and if you don't have blogger friends then this happens quite a lot! Don't get me wrong i still go alone as your blogger friends might not be able to make it or there is no other bloggers going! All i do is head to twitter and see who's heading along and do the typical 'shall we meet before hand?'. The two bloggers i went with were Amy from Salt and Chic and also Lucy from Dinosaur Dances.

We then sat back and enjoyed the fashion show which we had glimpses of  Spring/Summer collections by a few brands based in the Metro Centre such as French Connection, Superdry, River Island, Warehouse andTopshop. 
My fav was River island and Topshop with their khaki colours as i'm obsessed with khaki atm!

We were then asked to take a selfie to win this amazing prize of lots of makeup! Sadly i didn't win, gutted after attempting MANY selfie's in front of the whole of the metro centre. There's nothing worse than pressure selfie!  
 There was also a talk from one of the management at the Personal Shopper team (what a cool job?!) about how it works if you want to give them a visit. £15 an hour and they come around with you picking out things they think you would suit  as well a colour test to see which colour would suit you the most. This would be really good if you have an event coming up like a wedding, prom or a special birthday/

I had a lovely time and want to do it again! 

P.s I do apologise for the quality of the pics as they were taken on my iPhone due to a last minute dash to the event straight from work! Also I took videos of my fav ones and put them on Instagram so if you wanna see those then head to 'girltalkwithlaura' on Instagram! 

Thanks Intu Metrocentre!


Not many people will have heard of this brand but i recognise it because it is one of the concessions that's in Topshop and i used to buy more their stuff than Topshops! 

Now this may not be a typical 'prom dress' but who wants to be typical anyway?! 
Short prom dresses are increasing every year! Why buy a prom dress that is going to sit in your wardrobe gathering dust and taking up valuable space, then after 5 years you finally bare to part with it and sell it on ebay for a tenner? 

If you buy one that you will wear again lets say for your 18 or 21st birthday or just for another event then at least you feel you're getting your moneys worth! 
Plus it wont be as expensive than a long dress.

I had a prom/ball for sixth form so this may be more suitable for that. I wore a short dress then and i also think every single person there wore short too!

If you don't usually wear dresses and don't want to step too far out of your comfort zone then try something simple like this! 

It also comes in other colours, baby blue or pink! So take your pick. 

It is so easy to wear with its lose fit and swing material which makes it flattering as it doesn't cling to any unwanted lumps or bumps! 

Would you wear this for prom?