MAC Cosmetics has that whole stereotype of being 'cakey'. When you grow up, you're either a MAC girl or not. I wasn't and I didn't start buying and using MAC until a few years ago. It all started with lipsticks because lets face it, MAC lipsticks are just the bomb.

So what I want to bring to you today is how to get dewy glowing skin thats not cakey. We're trying to come away from that whole stereotype because theres more to this brand that that stereotype.

First off were starting with their famous 'strobe cream'  which comes in different colours depending on what kind of glow you want. I love this in the shade Peachlite because it gives off that natural but a bit bronzed glow. I love to wear this under my foundation but also on top just a tiny bit on top of your foundation just dabbed on your cheekbones and under your eyes (strange place but honestly it gives off this natural glow)

Next up is their Pro Longer Concealer which has just came into my life in the last 2 weeks and OH MY GOD. I have been searching for the perfect concealer that covers my dark circles but also lasts all day. THIS IS THE ONE.

Honestly its blood amazing and lasts all day which is what was lacking in all my other concealers. I wear shade 25 and its the perfect shade for me. But again, its not 'cakey' its just really good at concealing.

 Last but not least is one of their new releases - Prep & Prime Fix +

They come in new scents and the scent that I have is coconut which is so nice and refreshing which smells amazing. But the reason as to why Fix + is so amazing is that its good for prepping the skin to make it nice and soft which is good base for your foundation but its also good at fixing your makeup to make it look hydrated and that finished look.

Hence the name..

So its that all rounder product that you need in your makeup bag but also your handbag because its the perfect pick me up when you've got to be somewhere after work or your face is looking dull and dry at work. Especially good for those who have dry skin and when foundation tends to dry out your skin even more, which is me! I always end up with a dry chin which is the outcome of working in aircon so this is perfect for keeping that dewy look.

So these are my top 3 MAC cosmetics products to get that natural (ish) glow with no 'cake' at all. I get complimented so much that my skin looks amazing but honestly its just faked with these products!

Hope you like my recommendations.. What are you fav MAC products?

Laura xox

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  1. i bet all of these products look amazing together!! xx