I'm obsessed with Edinburgh (especially at Christmas) so when I was invited up to stay at Tigerlily hotel I was super excited and felt so grateful.

Its located at the end of George street which is the street behind all the shops but its right on the strip of where all the lush cocktail bars are. So right in the centre and perfect location - about a 10min walk from Waverley train station. You wouldn't think it would be this big lush hotel by looking at the front of it as it looks more like a bar/restaurant but its massive inside. Theres loads of different LUSH and so instragrammble rooms where you can sit and have coffee or cocktails. As you can see from the pics, theres no ugly part of the hotel. Nothing better than when the hotel provides the best backgrounds for your photos!!!

The rooms are really big with massive bathrooms too. Its all really modern which fits well with the rest of the hotel. I think we had a Luxury Double room but I know that they do LUSH rooms so I'd love to stay in one of these suites such as this The Black Room looks amazing! I mean look at that fire and chair!

The staff - well the staff are amazing. Shoutout to Jessica on reception & Xanthe in the restaurant as they were just total babes. They are so friendly and couldn't do enough for us. But it wasn't just these two it was the whole place, they're so attentive its unreal. I LOVE it when staff totally make your stay amazing and that sticks with you. I mean I'm rubbish at remembering names but I can remember their names because they made such an impression on our stay - plus what a lovely name Xanthe ( pronounced Zanthy) - I think thats right so sorry if its not!

We had dinner at the hotel because it would just be daft not to. It was bloody lush and I was stuff especially after our dessert which was a chocolate fondue with strawberries, raspberries, marshmallows, brownies, profiteroles and bananas to dip into the chocolate sauce. mmmmmmmm!!!

To make full use of the hotel room we placed our orders for breakfast in bed and when it arrived I was in my element. To be honest though it wasn't really the best (I've had A LOT of breakfasts) as I wasn't keen on any of the meat as I found it very Scottish and peppery and no croissants! But thats just me being a fuss pot and not liking spicy sausages. Adam loved his!

Constructive criticism - ( I always like to give constructive criticism as no where is perfect and I want to give feedback that where ever I stay can take it on board and if they want to change it then they can make it better for their next customers. Plus I love to see when I go back they have taken it on board and made it so much better!)

So what I would say I would change would be to have the TV on the wall as the bed is so high so when you're lying down you can't actually see the TV in bed. But other than that I loved my stay here and 100% know I'll be back.

If you're looking for somewhere to stay in Edinburgh thats modern & in the perfect location for shopping and cocktails with either your partner or friends then its here..check out their website here.

TIP: book two nights as one just isn't enough

Laura xo

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  1. Wow it looks beautiful! Since moving to Newcastle we've only visited Edinburgh once and that was just for the day, I'd love to go for a long weekend. Crazy to think that I visited more when I lived down in London and was much further away (doh!) Definitely saving this for a future visit!