Where do I start?

I'll start with the invite. So I got this email off the amazing Benefit Team and it was that kind of email that makes your week. All it said was to save this certain date and more info would follow. Then the second email was telling you where we had to meet, what to pack and not to be late.

So obvs I started planning my outfits since the first email because I kind of had an idea what kind of vibe it would be and I had the perfect outfit. In the email it said pack for pool party vibes and festival attire. Plus, I know that other bloggers and influencers are going to be there (let the paranoia begin) and I know they're all going to be so amazing at makeup which I'm not so if theres anything I want to stand out for is my fashion style. Back to the paranoia, I had a lot of 'I'm not good enough to be going to places with all these amazing people', 'I haven't got enough followers to be here', 'Am I too ugly to be here'. ALL OF THESE were running through my mind and it wasn't until one of my amazing blogger friends  Carly Musleh said to me "Don't be so stupid, no one is better than anyone!"
So I pushed this all to one side so I could really enjoy myself.

Luckily I had my photographer and boyfriend coming with me so it made me at ease too as I knew all the people going would all know each other and there would be little old me sat in the corner.

So we headed down to London at 2.30 am from Manchester, parked the car and walked to the place where we had to meet. But stupid us didn't know where exactly it was so we held everyone up when the email said DON'T BE LATE, WE WILL LEAVE WITHOUT YOU. So glad they waited and were super patient with us. But we got on one of the massive coaches to be greeted with a Pret a manger breakfast which was so cute! They had the choons blasting and eventually told us where we were going which was an island in Essex! (who even knew Essex had islands?)
Apparently its where John Frieda's brother owns it and David Beckham wants to, its also where Ed Sheeran, Beyonce and Amy Winehouse recorded their albums.

You can only drive to it at certain times when the tide is out otherwise you would have to get a boat over!

We arrived there to the most prettiest decor ever and it was just totally amazing. It had lots of little houses and some big massive manors which have like 10 bedrooms, two kitchens and about 3 lounges. They have bikes parked up everywhere, donkeys, boat houses, a pool and some cool barns. We got off the bus to confetti and cocktails from some very hunky men! Helloooo.

Me and Adam were staying in a little house with the biggest bed ever! The kitchen was filled with Lindt chocolates and our beds were full of Benefit goodies and GHD straighteners! Yes, Adam also got his own personalised makeup haha!

It was time for our pool party so we got dolled up and headed there which it was totally Benefit style. BBQ, cocktail bar serving cocktails in Pineapples, pool filled with flamingo inflatables, a live DJ and artist, hoola vans, massive deckchair, and finally a room where you can get your brows done! We had an absolute blast and got very drunk..oops!

We were due to be at our twinkle lit dinner at 8 so we had to have a nap before to sober us up but also because we had been up since 2.30am.
Twinkle lit dinner was sooo cute, it was dressed like a wedding room with lights everywhere, roses, personalised makeup and a photo booth with plenty of wine. For our desert, it was smores!! There was a hut filled with marshmallows, biscuits, and all sort of sweet things with camp fires outside to roast our marshmallows. There was also a disco hut, a cocktail bar AND a coffee cart.

Honestly, they had thought of everything.

It was such a fun night to see everyone, although I was a proper wimp and didn't really speak to many people I follow because I didn't want it to be a fan girl moment. WIMP.

To sober some sore heads up the next day they put on a good breakfast spread before leaving the island.

And that was all to celebrate their brow products 1st birthday and to say thank you to every blogger and influencer for their support but I'd like to say THANK YOU BENEFIT!

Laura x


  1. Sounds like you have had an amazing time. I 100% think you've just got to go for it. At the end of the day you where asked to go, someone thinks your good enough!

    CharlotteSamantha // www.charlottesamantha.co.uk

  2. Wow it looks amazing and of course you deserved to be there!!! Every time I see you heading off somewhere awesome I feel so proud that a North East blogger is doing so well, your Instagram is AMAZING!!!!