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I've been on the lookout for a liquid highlighter that you put on before or after your foundation and just gives you that all round hydrated and dewy look. I love the dewy look and for my skin it suits me best. Because I've got dry skin it just helps give me that fresh look. 

But ones that I've been looking at have either too much glitter in them which ohhhhh noooo. Yeah you get it, it's a big no. Yeah I've found expensive high end versions but if you haven't realised, I LOVE a good bargain.

So when I was in boots I stumbled upon these Seventeen beauties. They are £5.99 each and Boots have an offer on, when you buy two Seventeen products you get a free mascara. Can't turn down that can ya.
I probably didn't need both but since I've been dying to try something like this out then I grabbed both! Oops!

Also I was a bit scared that the tan liquid glow would be too tanned. I only want the tan version because sometimes the normal highlighter isn't a warm enough tone.
You can see from the picture of the tester on my hand that it's not too tanned and it's just right!
I have the tan liquid glow on the left part on my hand and the other highlighter on the right part of my hand so you can see the difference.

Overall I am really pleased I found these! Also the mascara ain't bad either for being free!

Have you found any other cheap drugstore versions that I should try? 



I'm not even kidding when I say Benefit do THE best parcels! 
And obviously you know how I love things that are personalised! Just check how cute my mug is with my name on! I haven't even used it yet it's that special haha.

So yeah one day I got home to this and it certainly made my week nevermind my day! 
It's to big up their new blusher called 'Majorette' which is a cream to powder blush.
Not gonna lie but cream blushers are things that I love the thought of but when it comes down to using it not so much. 
Espesh when i have already done my bronzer and then you add a cream on top it makes the bronzer go all horrible, or even you try it the other way around by applying the cream blush first and your bronzer sticks to the blush. Not ideal that is it.
So obviously Benefit thought of me when they created this! It looks like a cream but BAM when it hits your cheeks it turns to powder. 
The colour, is someone else. I love orange tones for blusher! So that's perfect for me.
Obviously it comes in a super cute packaging with its flower like shape in a shell like container which includes a mirror and a magnet to make sure it doesn't open randomly in your bag and get ruined.

They also included one of their famous box blushers, 'Coralista'. Which is also an orangey tone but with a highlighter look to it. It's good for applying to the tops of your cheekbones to help act as a highlighter too. Not very pigmented but can build up to how you like it.

One day I will have all of their box blushers! In fact, I want all of their products full stop.

Benefit have done it again.

Shop here: http://www.benefitcosmetics.co.uk

Have you tried any of their box blushers? 
Will you be trying this new one 'Majorette'? 


I was abit overwhelmed when Laline contacted me as they're a USA brand and I just think how can a company from the USA know who I am and what I do, Dya not think that's just amazing?! 

Anyway, they asked me to chose some products that I liked which turned out was out of stock but I loved everything so I told them to chose their fav products. 
Now, at first looks you wouldn't make much if the packaging but that's because I'm a sucker for packaging and would almost chose a product for its packaging over the actual product. But it's the stuff inside that counts right?! 

I bet I'm not the only one that smells something before they use it..
Espesh if it's skincare based! Well that's exactly what I done when I opened these. I wasn't expecting much but they smell amazing! And they don't all smell the same! Which I was flabbergasted at, they each have their own smells! 

Here I've got the 'Body SoufflĂ©' which is a thick moisturiser. Or as I like to call it, heaven for legs. Our legs the poor things get shaved, waxed and bashed about on nights out so we need to give them some loving. Shaving alone can harm the buggers if we do it everyday. And if we've been shaving everyday whilst being on holiday then offttt they're gonna be as dry as Ghandi's flip flop! 
This doesn't have to be an everyday moisturiser as that would be too much but I'd say twice or three times a week and you'll have pins to be envy of! 

Then there is the 'Body Scrub' which is my fav scent wise. It doesn't look too harsh as it has smallish particles with a liquid which means it won't be as drying as most exfoliating products. It surprised me when I opened it to see it was a runny formulae as many exfoliating products aren't. 

But my most fav out of them all is this squirty body wash!!! Now have you ever heard of this?! It's like squirty whipped cream but as a body wash! Which means it's thick and great to use for shaving your legs! That was my first thought haha! 
I'm not one for shaving gel/creams as I always use soap. But this could be a game changer as well as being fun.

Check out the rest if their stuff as they've got stuff for everyone. Face creams, body creams and bath salts.

Have you ever heard of this make before? 


Today is a day where it all starts changing. It is officially 100 days until Christmas! 
Now this is scary. But let's not start worrying just yet and let's just start looking forward to dressing up in glitzy dressing and glittery makeup.

This is what this range screams to me. Collection have brought out this range 'Galactica' which is all about shimmers, metallics, foils and sparkle. Inspired by sci-fi and A/W shows such as Givenchy and McQueen. 

When I opened this parcel all I could think about was those Christmas parties and NYE parties. These might look a little bright and out there at the moment but once you add some blue eyeshadow to the silver eyeliner, a brown smokey eye to the gold eyeliner, a LBD to the silver and gold nail varnish then they don't seem so bright.

I couldn't wait to get started if I'm honest even though I'm not much of a shimmer/glittery gal! I actually thought 'oh god' when I seen the nail varnish. But this is why I am here to be your ginuea pig because these things look so much better on.
Now a don't know about you but when I get a few nail varnishes together I always swatch them just to see what they look like on the nail so obvs I already picked my fav before I done my whole hand. 
Silver. And maybe the blue. But gold is my least favourite just because it doesn't look good with my skin tone, maybe when I've got fake tan on it will look better. They aren't even glittery as of such they're more of a shimmer which is better as glittery nail varnish is a bloody ball ache to get off.
My only fault with the nail varnishes is the brush is a tad too big for my teeny tiny finger nails. But other than that they're amazing for £2.99.

Now, onto the eyeliners. Not going to lie, I was most scared about these as I'm not much of a coloured eyeliner person. But when I swatched them on my hand they didn't scare me so much anymore. Annnnnd then, I rubbed the swatch in and it wasn't so harsh and it actually looked pretty amazing.
Just imagine right, either a black smokey eye with the silver along the lash line and the bottom inner corner rubbed in or not for a bolder look, OR an electric blue eyeshow with the silver rubbed into the inner half of your eye. Wowza. 
For the gold I would do a bronze smokey eye with the gold eyeliner bold or rubbed in along the top lash line or a red eyeshow with the gold eyeliner smudged onto the inner corners of the eyelid. 
Eyeliners are £2.99.

I am defo going to play around with these looks so I will show you guys if they work out! They will be more than likely on my Instagram so make sure to follow me - lauracranston1

Last but not least, the lippys.
These sticks have been so in this summer and just because it's getting colder doesn't mean they're gonna stop. They're so handy to have in your bag and to apply as you don't need such a steady hand like you do for lipstick.
These Collection lip butter pencils are £2.99 which is a bloody bargain. Espesh since they feel so soft on your lips and they are well pigmented!  
Now, if you're not blessed with big lips then these are gonna be great for you, use a lip liner around your lips and apply these in the middle of your lips and blend them for your lips to seem bigger. There are three shades available (from left to right in the pic with the swatches on my hand) 'Pink Rush', 'Casmic Candy' and 'Moon Rock'. 

These are all available now from Superdrug so don't miss out! 

What are your thoughts? 


I surprised myself when I stepped into Boots and started heading towards a stand I never find myself at. I had time to kill before starting work and obviously this is spent shopping. I've never bought anything from Revlon and I am not even kidding when I say ever. I'm not going to lie but it's not because there isn't things that u wouldn't buy but for me it's the prices that put me off. If I'm buying drugstore products then I want to pay drugstore prices. I mean it's either cheap or high end for me. Anything in the middle just seems pointless as you could either get high end for a little bit more or for a little bit less you could get something near enough the same. 

Might just be me being a cheap skate but hey ho. Anyway, I was drawn towards these Revlon Scented nail polishes. Not even because they were scented though, it was the bottle. This tiny cute expensive looking bottle. Then I noticed it was 2 for £10 and I thought ooo that's not actually that bad. I would rather pay a bit more and have gorgeous looking bottles like this. 

Then the colours caught my eye. At the Revlon counters they have nail varnish swatches on fake nails to show you what the colour actually looks like on which saves you that time in thinking 'will it actually look nice on, will it be the exact colour' etc. Also you can place your own fingers under the nail and see how that colours looks on your hand. As I feel some colours can suit your skin time more and compliment your hands and those are the ones I try to buy. After much deliberation I finally chose on these two colours.
Bordeaux and China flower. A deep red/Burgundy and a bright red. These are colours that I tend not to  buy too much as these colours are ones that you've already got and then you get home and go to do your nails these colours and realise you're running out. Doh. 

I wasn't even that excited to smell them as I thought they wouldn't actually smell, becaus if they did surely everyone would be making them scented to get rid if that horrible nail varnish smell.

Well, I've got a tip for you. DONT open and put your nose right into the bottle. As I did and got a blast of that horrible nail varnish smell! 

It only smells when on your fingers and it's a nice surprise and makes a change from that awful smell that were all so used to. 
The nail varnish itself it really good! It's almost very thin and watery but not watery in a bad way that the colour is not as prominent. It just means that a little goes a long way and it doesn't dry thick. Also if you like to do a couple of layers then it means it doesn't build up to a thick stodge which just peels off.

The images are without me even applying a top coat which I'm surprised at how shiny they are without a top coat, BONUS. 

Overall I am SUPER impressed with these. And dare I day I will be buying most of the collection.

Which colour is your fav?
 Have you got these? 
Which colours should I try next?