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Lip fillers are the latest trend ATM after Kylie Jenner caused a stir in the industry with her oversized lips. Lets face it, it the Kardashians/Jenners have it, we want it.

When I first got them, I wasn't really that fussed about them, they weren't something I'd thought that much about but since I was offered them I thought why not. You all know I'm your guinea pig. But when I done my before and afters, well lets just say I WAS SHOOK! My top lip was none existent and well I was buzzing with the results! They lasted about a year but then I needed a top up and when Assure Aesthetics got in touch I new it was fate. I have always told you to do your research on whoever is carrying out this procedure and any for that matter because they're changing your face. I had seen some of their before and afters and I was sold. It doesn't matter how many followers they have its more about their work.



They made me feel so at ease because lets face it, it does hurt! I'd by lying if I said it didn't and you know i'm always honest! On a scale of 1-10 in pain it was about a 6/7. But it is so worth the pain!
You can get dental block (what you get at the dentist when you have a tooth taken out) if you're so scared and cant bare the pain but you're really numb after.

What I did notice that was different about getting my lips done for the second time was the technique. The girls at Assure Aesthetics done more injections to get the filler in the right place and they got that flick ( where your lips end and meet your chin or upper lip) down to a tee. I absolutely love that flick because it makes it look and feel more natural rather than it all blending in. Because my biggest fear was losing my cupids bow because I have quite a strong one, and when you look at people with lip fillers they lose that. But with careful placement by Assure Aesthetics they managed to keep it looking strong.


They're obviously really swollen when you first get them done but that is to be expected after having them poked around with. They're also sore and feel strange ( you get used to it) and you can get bruising but Arnica cream helps reduce bruising which I have just bought after my top up and it seems to be working so if you're not keen to be bruised then invest in this as its only £4.99 from Superdrug.
You can also use ice to help reduce swelling but if you're not going anywhere then I just let them go down naturally.


The swelling goes down within a week and you start to see the real results which I bloody love! What I would say is don't be scared if you get a few lumps and can feel them/see them. What you can do is massage them quite hard and you should feel them dissolve away which I would start to do the say after if you feel them appear.

I've just had my top up because once the swelling goes down you get the finished product but sometimes you could just need a tiny bit more in a certain area like I needed more in my top lip to make them more equal so I will be keeping you up to date on my Instagram with the finished product.

Hope this was helpful! 

Laura xox

Most bloggers these days are full time bloggers, its their job, they were in a position to quit their day to day job to become a full time blogger. Not me. I'm still working a full time job whilst trying to juggle an instagram account, a blog and a youtube channel.

How the bloody hell do I do it, I hear you ask?! Well I don't even know myself.

Well thats a lie because I do. I'm going to admit that I work bloody hard. I have no social life but that doesn't bother me because I'm not a fan of drinking anyway. I have a long distance relationship so we get to see each other every 2/3 weeks which gives me time to spend on my blog when every I get a spare minute. So heres some top tips that I've learnt along the way..

1. Be organised

When you work full time, you get 2 days off. So use them 2 days off wisely. Plan what you're going to do or get achieved on those two days. Make lists with deadlines that you need to have things written/ photographed by.

2. Use your time wisely

My journey time into work is over an hour so think of things you can actually get done in that time. I get through my emails in that time ( sorry for anyone who gets an email at 6am) but emails is a task! So getting through those before I even get into work is an achievement.
I also have an hours lunch so instead of shopping for 45mins and eating for 15 mins then I take my laptop into work where I can sit in the staff room and edit photo's or start writing blog posts whilst eating my dinner. This honestly is a life saver because I get so much done.

3. Spend a full day photographing

Day light is something that is precious. You don't get a lot of it so be savvy. I get weekends off so one day is dedicated to photographing. I would spend a full day photographing products that I needed to blog about or outfits that I needed to shoot and then the week editing them on my dinner etc. This is the best thing to do because if you shoot them all on the weekend, thats the weeks blog posts sorted for the next week.

4. Balance

Something that I have recently learned is that balance is key. Because i'm balancing an instagram, a blog and a youtube. You need to be realistic. You cant spend your days off trying to tick all boxes off for all three accounts. So one weekend I will focus on creating instagram images and writing blog posts, then the weekend after i'll spend it creating youtube videos and the day after editing it go to live.

5. Don't be hard on yourself & compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others that are in a total different situation to you is just a recipe for disaster. Thats when you start to beat yourself up and lose your mojo. Some people may have more time than you hence why they have more content, some people may have people who help them like photographers/editors etc. Us who blog with a full time job probably don't have any of those, were just doing it ourselves so give yourself credit. You've created all that you have on your own juggling everything else so big yourself up! If you have plans with friends, partners or family and you cant spend your full two days off prepping your blog posts for the week ahead or you haven't filmed anything then thats okay. Your human not a machine. Your blog is still going to be there.

So don't worry if you're not that perfect full time blogger. We all want the dream job but we also need to be realistic. I've been doing this for 5 years now and I'm not in a position to quit my job so don't worry if you're not either. If you love it then you'll keep doing it like I am.

Hope this was useful! Let me know if you've got any tips..

Laura xox


Botox, and any cosmetic procedures are seen as a bit of a taboo subject. They think you're going to end up on 'Botched' which is a TV show about cosmetic procedures that have gone wrong, or they think you'll get carried away and end up like Pete Burns.

Can I not just get a little bit of filler here and there without any comments please.

So lets discuss my reasons for getting botox at the young age of 26..

1. Wrinkles 
I HATED my dent in my forehead between my eyes. It was clearly a sign I'd been bitch facing everyone my whole life. It was just a habit, I'd be looking at my phone on the bus home from work and the screen would go dark and I would see my reflection to which I seen I had a massive frown on my face. Why the big frown Laura?! It just was a thing I would do without even thinking about. Plus, all that sunbathing with no sunglasses on have taken its toll.
So this is my main reason because I hated it and makeup sat in the crease which was so noticeable.


2. Prevention.
Botox is an amazing prevention for wrinkles. Its stops you frowning therefore wrinkles aren't formed so thats why people start off young rather than wait until they have deep wrinkles.
3. Deep pores.
I have the most open deep pores  (thanks mam) and people who I have seen who have had it done before it helps reduce the appearance of large pores. So when I had it done the first time I was testing the waters so to speak, but it worked. My pores looked less open. So this time I had it done in more areas of my forehead. If I could get it all over my face I would just because it totally makes your foundation go on much nicer and doesn't have to fill in all the pot holes in your face.

4. That Shine.
We all know people who have had Botox have THAT shine.
Now you all know my skin issues with my acne etc then if you don't then head to my YOUTUBE video where I explain it all and how I helped heal my own skin.
But I have always been jealous of that healthy looking skin (mostly on their foreheads) that you seen in these glam people. I remember being younger and asking this older woman how her skin looked so good and her answer was botox. Now I mean its not gonna heal acne or anything of the sort but it just gives off this shine which appealed to me.

5. Liquid liner.
My eyes are very peculiar (thanks dad) and they're something I got bullied for when I was at school because they look 'dopey'. They're just like massive round golf balls. So when I put liquid eye liner on and I smiled it changed shape. So when I first applied it, it would be perfect but as soon as I smiled my lids sort of when a bit hooded so my lid would overlap which caused the liner to be disjointed. So I got it around my eyes to stop that happening and its worked!


6. Brow lift.
Have a low arch? Botox in the right areas can lift the eyebrow to create a higher arch which is what it done for me and I love it.


On a scale of 1-10 of pain its about a 1, literally don't feel a thing apart from a tiny prick.

These are all reasons I decided to get Botox and I am so glad I did. I'm in no way saying everyone should get Botox or trying to influence anyones decisions I'm just simply stating these are my reasons. Remember - you do you, I'll do me.

One thing to remember is that it doesn't work straight away. It takes about 2 weeks to work but one day you'll be thinking you're frowning and look in the mirror and you're face hasn't moved - which is brill! Don't get me wrong, its not totally still. Gone are the days where people think if you get botox then you're frozen and you cant move your face.

The girls at Assure Aesthetics done my botox and they're so good and it worked so much better than the last time because they're just pro's at what they do. If you're based in the North East then I highly recommend them.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Laura xox