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Santorini - the most instagrammed location.

Its the place to be on instagram and theres no denying it looks incredible, but the question is - is it worth all that money?

Well this year, myself and my mam went on holiday to Santorini after putting it off for years, we have always wanted to go since those instagram shots came out (yes we got sucked in). Because lets face it, its not the cheapest holiday that you'll have, it will more than likely be the most expensive holiday you will have - unless you live a lavish lifestyle then lucky you!

So we thought - what the hell lets just do it. So off to the travel agents we went because booking a holiday is much simpler when done through a travel agents and saves all the hassle of doing it yourself. But if you're good at that and have some spare time then you could probably get it cheaper.
We went to Thomas Cook, Kuoni and Tui and actually narrowed it down to a few in Thomas Cook as they seemed to have a better selection of what we wanted.

Our main 'must have' was to have a private pool with caldera views because whats the point in spending all that money to visit Santorini if you don't wake up with that 'view' everyday of your holiday.

We ended up actually choosing one at the bottom of the island  (Oia - 'the most instagrammable part of Santorini' is at the top of the island) mostly because you could get more for your money and you didn't lose the views. But the way it worked out was that it was better to book direct with the hotel (but Thomas Cook done everything for us) because of specific rooms so we done that. Board wise - its mostly just bed and breakfast which does make it more expensive so just keep this in mind whilst booking. We are fine with that because as long as you can stock up on the breakfast and even make little sandwiches to have around your private pool then you're sorted until tea time. Plus, take your own drinks (pour bottles of gin into bottles in your suitcase) or buy them on the plane on your way over and all you need money for is your evening meal.


So anyway we ended up booking AMBASSADOR SUITES SANTORINI because with this hotel you got everything we wanted and more. We loved the fact that the pool was on the edge of the cliff whereas compared to other hotels the pool (or jacuzzi) seemed to be more in the corner of the balcony which we didn't want. Plus how cool is it that the hotel is a cave?!

When we arrived we didn't really realise how much of a cave the rooms would be - walking to our room you had to walk through tunnels which was cool but steep so if you're travelling with older people who have difficulty walking then you might want to mention this to the hotel/ travel agent.

The hotel is quite big and had a fair few rooms - all different types of rooms to cater for everyone, they even had villas!

The staff are so lovely - they literally do anything for you. Even carry two massive breakfast trays down steep cave banks to bring to you and then go back for extra bacon and Nutella for when you want it.

In the hotel you have a main pool which is in such a good location with the best views - obviously you get better views in your room but it is such a trendy spot. The only restaurant is based behind the pool so it acts as the pool restaurant during the day and the perfect spot for drinks during the sunset.
There is a restaurant just next to the hotel just a few minutes walk which is cheap and cheerful.

If you manage to tear yourself away from your amazing room for breakfast then it is located just above the pool to the left hand side which means you overlook the hotel which is - again - another amazing view. If you hadn't of realised by now but if you love views, then you will adore this hotel.

There is a shop about 10-15mins away to the left of the hotel and other than that and the restaurant 1min away theres nothing else around so for half of the week we hired a car to get us around the island which was the best decision. Otherwise it would have cost us around 50 euros every night to go out and about to the other towns.


The room itself was a bit basic as it didn't have a built wardrobe or any cupboards or drawers etc so it felt like our stuff was all over but I mean it would probably end up like that anyway! It was a cave room so what more can I say really as the money shot was the view and the pool so thats what made it the best and worth every penny really.

The best thing about it was that being able to order your breakfast to your room every morning was honestly the reason we went. Theres something about eating your breakfast on your own balcony with a view like this - it makes you feel like theres nothing better.

Yes, thats right. Theres a spa - I know, could it get any better. Well I mean if it was cheaper yes it could but the hotel itself couldn't.

We actually didn't even use the spa because we didn't feel the need but it made me at ease knowing there was one. But we did go and visit just to have a look because we knew it would look amazing! It was just along from our room so one morning after 3 plates of breakfast we went and had a look and this is what we found..

Next on the blog.. 

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Have you been to Santorini? Did you think it was worth it?

Laura xox