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Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Body Lotion*
(They haven't got it online anymore so here is their face tanning version £29.50)

Elemis is one of those brands where i think we all love and all want and everything is just amazing. Everytime i go for a facial they always use Elemis and that must be saying something. They're that good that spa's even think they're good. 
So you obviously know that they've cracked the tanning malarky. 
It's a self tanning lotion that smells amazing, just imagine a spa and thats what it smells like. 
It's quite a light shade which means you cant go wrong! Its the perfect shade as you can apply more if you want it darker. The next morning you wake up sunkissed and like you have just stepped off the airplane.
This is more of an everyday tan as you cant go wrong with it, no streaks no lines nothing. So you don't have to go to work the next day with tan lines all over your hands. (Nothing worse)

Look Fantastic are the original online British beauty boutique. They sell all your beauty needs, wants and wishes. This is my go to site for those brands that you cant buy on the high street.
You can sometimes get free gifts, discounts and if you haven't heard of their beauty boxes they do then you need to find out more about them. I may do a little review for you if you want!

Check out what they have to offer and grab this tan as you can see it sells out quick!


As you guys know, i am obsessed with skin care products! So when i was asked if i wanted to try Time Bomb i was like errrr yeahhhhh.

I have never heard of Time Bomb before so i was very intrigued. As you can maybe guess its all about stopping time and anti-ageing. They do this by their 4 core focus's:

- loss of sloughing ability
- loss of moisture
- loss of oil (sebum)
- loss of collagen

First up we have their 2014 award winning moisturiser.
The packaging of this product is spot on. Its different to other moisturisers by their ball type bottle and i love how its white as it just makes it look so clean and crisp.
Now when it says intensive, i thought it was going to be this heavy sticky cream when it is not at all! Its almost like a sorbet, lightweight and quick drying. Its not too much but its not too light either as i have quite dry skin and need one that's not going to sink in straight away and makes it feel like you haven't got any on.
It is one of my favourite if not my only favourite moisturiser. Its the one i have been grabbing since it arrived on my doorstep and i am almost certainly going to be gutted when it runs out.
It may be on the expensive side but your skin is so worth it and it will thank you for it.

Whats more perfect than holiday in a bottle. Well when i seen this i was expecting amazing things, but when i applied it on it wasn't so amazing. I just felt it was too orange but you can get a light shade and a dark shade. The shade i have is Sunkissed which is the lighter shade which isn't so light. I feel like the only time i could wear this is on holiday or when i have got tan on. I'm still a bit confused about it to be honest. Its not a tan, its not a foundation or a stain, so what is it? Your guess is as good as mine. I feel like it could be amazing if it was that tiny bit lighter and my skin is quite tanned anyway. The thought is there though!

(I have linked to Selfridges as TimeBomb were out of stock)

Now, how exciting does this sound!
A cocktail for your face. 
This bottle of goodness has a shot of b12 in which is meant to reboot the skins energy production and restores a healthy complexion. I have been using this on a morning before applying my makeup and it just brightens the skin and helps your skin wake up. This is a bloggers fav and now i know why! They do other cocktails that do different things and i am dying to try them.

Time Bomb could be a new fav brand! I am dying to try their other produtcts!

Have you tried or heard of Time Bomb?



Necklace - Adorning Ava £16
Bag - Primark £6
Shoes - IKrush £29.99

I love this outfit, Do you guys like it? 


Talika is a brand that has recently just been introduced in SpaceNK. They are known by celebrities for their hydrating eye pads and their bio enzymes face masks. If you check out their Instagram then you can see celebs posing with their face masks and eye masks on. What's the big hype I hear you ask.

Well Talika sent me a few to try out, they sent me the after sun face mask and their purifying face mask as well as their eyelash serum and eyebrow growth treatment.
Since I had just been on two holidays I thought my skin needed some loving after frying it in the sun so the after sun one seemed like the perfect one. 
It was a bit hard to figure out how to put it on as it says to remove one of the covers and then remove the other cover. Well I could only find one cover do I ended up putting it on wrong but it was on my face with the treatment on it so I figured it would do the job anyway. 
After 15 mins later and a few selfies later I took it off to find my skin lush and soft. I don't no if you're meant to wash it off and I didn't as I liked the way it felt on my skin. 
The day after I felt like it had worked by hydrating my skin to a better condition as it felt plump and soft rather than dry like it normally is after holiday.

A week later I tried the Purifying mask and I must say I got he hang of taking all the layers off before putting it on a now I know what I did the first time was wrong. Again with the 15 mins later and another selfie later with it on properly. I took it off to find it had better results than the first one. My skin actually looked brighter and that to me is amazing. It just shows that it needed the stuff that was on the mask massive and its drank it all up to make it better. It felt soft and plump again but I was just amazed at the brightness and how it looked glowing. 
Now you know why the celebs are loving it loving it loving itttt.

Now, onto the eyelash serum. If I'm honest. I though ah bloody hell not another silly product that doesn't work. I've had eyelash serum sent to me before and because it didn't work I didn't blog about it. But I thought just give it a go Laura.
So religiously for 4 weeks every night I put on this eyelash serum before bed.
It's not like it gives you long eyelashes straight away, but over the time I can tell that my eyelashes have grown. They used to be dead long but then I started getting semi permanent eyelashes and they can pull out your own eyelashes which I can tell as they seem shorter and less of them. But now they're finally getting back to how they used to be. You won't tell a massive difference but when you're applying the mascara I think you'll realise, that's how I know it's working. Also I got complimented on my lashes the other day asking if they're my own lashes. 
Also, the applicator is my fav thing about this. As the ones I received previously have been those tiny thin brushes that you get for liquid eyelashes which I hate! Because when you apply it with the thin brush I'm always scared it gets in your eye because let's face it eyes are sensitive things, especially when you've been sent it to review and you don't know what's in it. 
Anyway this brush is thick sponge like and has a mascara wand on it so you can use the brush to get to your lash line and use the mascara wand to get to the ends of your lashes.

Eyebrow growth treatment.
This is the one I was so excited to try. I have a few gaps/bald patches in my eyebrows probably from over plucking as a teenager and it does my head in because it's right where the arch should be so my brows never look as clean and crisp as they could. 
So I done the same thing with the eyelash serum applying it every night before bed and even on a morning if I remembered.
I also didn't touch my eyebrows for 4 weeks as in I didn't get them waxed or plucked. 
Then I went and got them done and I couldn't even see the bald patch! I was super chuffed. I mean it's not totally grown back because the hairs aren't as thick as the rest of them but this treatment is helping them get there.
It's also meant to gradually help them go darker for a more defined look but I haven't noticed a difference in that way.

Overall I am super impressed with this brand and their products and think you guys need to check them out! 

Have you heard of Talika?