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In this whole 'blogging community' there is a lot of us, not too many because theres always room for anyone who is creative, and its so easy to get jealous. I done it the other night for example, I'm not even ashamed to say because it was a good jealousy.

Yes there is such a thing of good jealousy because it makes you want to succeed more. It pushes you to do your best and even better. I got jealous of someone on Instagram (@laurasfitloves to be exact ) because I was following her when she had a small following but I noticed the other night that she's storming ahead of me. BUT I was so happy for her because what she does is amazing and she works just as hard on her booty as I do taking photos plus it totally inspired me to try even harder because its so easy to get down about Instagram because its so rubbish atm. People get so jealous and bitter when they see other people getting more followers than you because lets be honest - Instagram is a numbers game. I'm here just chilling at 18k watching people fly by but thats okay. I'm doing it at my own pace in my own time.

BUT, remember it needs to be a good jealousy because bad jealousy is just sad. Don't try to take others down with you when you're on the self destruct because you're jealous of what others do and what others get out of it. I think its so amazing that blogging gives us a voice that a lot of people can hear, but don't use it to bad name other people with your negative vibes. Jealousy isn't only about saying bad things but jealousy is also when NOTHING is said. Like when you succeed and others don't congratulate you or support you throughout your journey.

So, moral of the story here is to turn that jealousy into positive vibes and use it to push you further.

p.s have you seen my first youtube video????



If you're a loyal GTWL reader then you'll know I have visited Brimstone hotel and spa before and I said the hotel was AMAZING and if you've got a very special occasion & you've got a few hundred pounds spare then you need to visit! But anyway, the hotel is something else but the spa was such a let down & totally just didn't fit with the look of the hotel.

So when I heard about their new spa I just knew it would be just as amazing as the hotel so obvs I had to visit. But you don't have to visit the Brimstone hotel to use the spa, you can stay in their other hotel which is a bit cheaper and still as nice called the Langdale Hotel plus you could just visit the spa for a day which would be a lush day out or a treat for someones birthday.

When you head up to the spa you're greeted with the gorgeous view of the lodges surrounding the beautiful water which if you go in Autumn you get the lush reflection with the beautiful autumnal colours. Even when you step through the doors you instantly feel relaxed. They have a log fire in the entrance, comfy chairs plus a whole load of chemistry like jars. The idea is that you pick your own smell to take around the spa with you to make your journey more personal. The lady gets you to pick a bag of salts which you take around with you but you also get to keep and take home to use in your bath.

Stepping out of the changing rooms you head out into a relaxing but bright room where you can chill and read the best magazines which leads into cute little rooms where you can yet chill again but in darker rooms. There is also a cafe that does FREE CAKES!! and free fruit, but FREE CAKES.
You can grab a glass of water and a brownie and head up to the secret room upstairs - which I will get onto later.

In the spa, you walk into loads of bowls with smelly things in to add to your smell journey plus a room of Big Brother style chairs which are obvs good for a photo op.

They have the usual steam rooms, saunas but they have loads so you never feel like you can't go in because its too busy. Thats the one thing I liked about this spa is that is feels very intimate and theres not a lot of people about. (which were yet again, good for photo ops)

They give you a map of the places you should visit first because it starts you off with the warm room which is just Luke warm with heated lounges in with a massive forrest image on the wall to make you feel like you're outside.

But the best bit is the pool.

It's a pool thats half in door half outdoor which you can swim through the door to be outside. They've also got power jets in to make certain bits of the pool like a jacuzzi. Its so nice when you're outside and it's raining but you're in the warm pool.

There is also a sauna outside with comfy seating area plus an outdoor fire which makes it feel so cosy! It would be good in summer too as there are lounges outside to lounge about and take in the view.

Now about he secret room upstairs. When we were just about to leave the spa, I found a door and because I'm nosey I decided to go through. If you head down the stairs it takes you to the old spa which is still the spa and pool for the Langdale Hotel. If you head UPSTAIRS it takes you to like a loft with loads of double beds with duvet, pillows and a book shelf. Theres water there to keep you hydrated and basically just to chill out.

But I loved it because there was no one there and it was just so peaceful as if nobody knew about it. The best thing to do it pop into the little cafe downstairs and take some cakes up to the chill out secret room to just lay down and eat cakes.

I could have stayed in there for hours upon hours & I am dying to go back.

Its expensive but its so worth it.

If you book tell them you booked because of my review! 

Laura xo

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I'm obsessed with this outfit! I just love the detail on my jumper and so did you guys when I posted an image on IG. The colour combo is very autumnal and Ive been desperate to start wearing knitwear again. BYE SUMMER! 

Also, how cute is this street in Edinburgh near where I went for my blow dry?! 
My blow dry was at Vincent Bell  and it was the best blow dry EVER so if you're in Edinburgh then you need to visit this salon for a blow dry and a photoshoot in the alley just up from the salon!

Have you found any secret spots to shoot?  
Laura xo

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