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So right now my blog just seems full of posts about things that have been sent to me for review purposes but this is only due to the fact that I had a lot of things sent during the big move and it started to mount up. I want to get it done as I don't want to forget about them as there is so e seriously good things that I have been lucky enough to receive! 

Anyway when Orelia asked me what I liked from their website I was in awe of all their jewellery so told them to surprise me. But I did say I was IN LOVE with their gold tattoos. You may have seen these kicking around Instagram and obviously I love them as they look so cool.

It was just in fitting as I was heading to VFestival that same weekend so I took them for me and the girls to try out. They were so easy to apply with a little cotton pad and a dab of water and ta daaaaa. They lasted the whole weekend and even longer! Approx 5/6 days which is really good going! 

Since I am a huge wuss and too scard to get a real tattoo I think these are great and add a bit of fun to your outfit. These would also look amazing on holiday with that tan look! I will defos be getting some for my next holiday! 

They also sent me a crystal pendant which is just as gorgeous! 

Check out their website : http://www.orelia.co.uk

Have you tried these yet? 


If I wasn't already lucky enough to recieve one bikini off Triangl, I certainly am now after receiving my second bikini off them.

This time I went for a more of a fashion statement than a normal bikini choice just as my first bikini was the Minnie in Miami mint which can I say is just amazing. If you haven't read my review of it then head over here : http://girltalkwithlaura.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=Triangl+

This one is the Coco moonbeams. With the silver bottoms, the contrasted black with green top and black mesh over the green it just makes the perfect statement on the beach.
I can't wait to get a tan and wear this as I feel the silver bottoms will just look unreal with a tan! 

Of course they are still made of that amazing scuba material. 

I will say though if you are quite lucky in the bust department then this isn't really the top for you as I find it's not that supportive as much as the Minnie is. Whereas that one is so supportive and holds you in in all the right places. 

I have size medium in both the pants and the top as the last ones fit perfectly.

As you can see you get a matching bag too which is great for a beach bag or to keep all your bikinis in when you're travelling.

Not going to lie though, one of the reasons I picked this one if because I seen some photos of the gorgeous Sarah Ashcroft in it and she looked unreal. But unfortunately for me the body doesn't come with the bikini. 


Do you like this one? Which one would you pick of have you got? 


All hail the most beautiful makeup brushes ever invented.

I am obsessed with rose gold and so when my birthday came along I couldn't resist asking my brother to get me these bad boys! And I was not disappointed! 

They come in a brown drawstring bag to protect the case, which is always handy if you travel a lot. The brown leather case is just as pretty with it ps rose gold zip and logo which is big enough to be an actual makeup bag or a bag for allllll your brushes.

Then there is the brushes themselves, which are softer than I even thought which I didn't think was possible. 
Now if you're like me, I've always settled for cheap brushes as I didn't think I would be able to tell the difference. Oh how wrong was I. 
They genuinely help your makeup glide on better and more flawlessly.

It took me a good 2 weeks to actually open them and use them because they look so pretty and fresh when they're untouched but I couldn't last any longer.
My fav brush out of the collection has to be the blusher brush. It's all so white and soft and just amazing.

Can you tell I love them?! 

If you're thinking about buying these but are still debating then just stop. Look at these pictures and imagine stroking a dead soft teddy bear (I was going to say rabbit but that might put off those animal friendly people). And then click the buy button ! You will not regret it. Pricey but not as pricey as you would imagine.

You can also get the normal collection with different brushes but I felt these brushes were more for me as well as them being rose gold.

Are you thinking about buying these? Or have you already got them? 


Helloooooooo beautiful people! You may not remember me because I haven't been alive in the blogging world for a whole two weeks now! That's like forever in this world. 
My life is totally hectic ATM with the big move and new job etc so I really do apologise but I am back! 
I am still not sorted in the new house as I still need all my bedroom furniture as I currently live on a mattress! But I'm getting there and I'm finally getting round to blogging again. 

Oh how I've missed it! 

We'll anyway, I was sent this abso-fucking-lutely stunning clutch bag by the amazing Create & Case because I was shamelessly stalking their Instagram page! I stumbled across it as you do and couldn't stop liking all their photos of the artist Bianca Green's collection. They collab with artist to create lush designs for bag, phone cases, ipad cases etc & it's safe to say Bianca Green was my fav! 

So when they seen I was in love they wanted to send me one which I could not have been happierto receive.
It comes with a removable strap which is always handy. This is one of those bags that you could use inside a bag to put all your valuables inside or as a bag on its own. 
I did get quite excited when I thought my iPad mini would fit inside but it would have to be done with force and I was a bit scared I wouldn't get it out again! 

Check out their other artists designs! They always have an etsy account so view them on there too! 

P.s guess what my room decoration is going to be..this bag is a hint. . 

Have you missed me?

LLC x 

TOP- Vesper
SKIRT - Vesper
SHOES - Aldo

When this goes live it will be my birthday! 23 ey. Getting old!
Although it does mark something else major, i'm moving house on my birthday! What kind of birthday is that. I am glad i get to wake up in my number 23 house on my 23rd birthday though! 
So since i am not going to have much of a birthday i got taken out for a meal by my mother and boyfriend which was lush. Especially since i had something lush to wear..

Vesper sent me this amaaaaazing co-ord which you may have seen on TOWIE the other week on Chloe, i did and it is what made me excited as it looks gorgeous on.
They come seperate and also come in a green colour which is just as nice.
The quality is great and the fit is even better. I am normally a size 8 on top and bottoms but worry the skirt would be too tight and show my lumps and bumps but it hides them almost which i welcome with open arms!!
They have lots of other great dresses & co-ords so make sure you check them out girls!

I tell you what though, i cant wait to wear the skirt with a plain white strappy top and wear the top on its own with some white high waisted shorts!

Wish me good luck with the house moving guys! 

Hopefully i can squeeze in some posts next week before i head off to V festival although i am working all day everyday up until i go but i will try, just be patient.

What do you think of this co-ord then? What would you team it with?


DRESS - Hedonia
SHOES - Garage Shoes

DRESS - Hedonia
SHOES - Primark

The lovely girls at Hedonia offered to send me a dress so i chose this lushhh bow dress. Obvs, if it has a bow, its going on me. Simples.
Its a tad bit big but i am rocking the baggy shift dress look. I just loveeee the bow detail on the back it just so cute.

And obviously, i created two looks for you guys. Because i love this so much i wanted to created more of a day time look so i can wear it more than just an evening dress. So here i folded it under to create a top and tucked it into my jeans. Paired with some nude snakeskin slip-ons to finish the outfit off and bobs ya uncle, fannys your aunt whatever ya wanna say.

You should all head over to their website which is linked above and check out their other dresses which are all gorgeous!

Which outfit do you like better? Day or Night?


p.s Sorry for the lack of posts but i am currently in a new job which i am working full time, in the middle of moving house and it is my burrrffffday on Friday so i will enjoying time with my loved ones so bare with me lovelies.