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Everyone else does monthly favourites, here I am writing about my most disappointed products this month. There's nothing worse than spending money to be disappointed and for it to be sat in your makeup bag, especially if you've paid a lot of money for it. So here I am warning you that these products weren't for me, so they may not be your cup of Rosie Lee (cup of tea) either. Although everyone has different tastes and opinions so just remember that.


This is a random post as it's not anything to do with beauty or fashion and it's more of an overview of how I feel about the blogging world. So sorry if you're after a post about my fav hair are products or whatever but that will have to wait.

When I first began thinking of starting a blog I was thinking "is there room for one more blogger?". I mean is there not enough already? How many blogs can you read before they all start sounding the same or look the same. But then I came across a quote from a bloggers account and it's said "there can never be too many bloggers in this world". I feel that quote is what pushed me to starting my own blog as I felt I didn't want to step on anyone's toes and I couldn't possibly compete with the big type bloggers such as Lily Melrose or Tanya Burr but everyone is different in their ways so there isn't one blog the same as another. We all have our own writing style, photography style and just over all aesthetic.

Since I'm a photographer and have studied for 4 years in photography, I have that element which makes my blog different. I'm able to take good photographs which I them work around to produce a good blog post whereas some people may write their post first and work the photos around them and their writing may make their blog whereas for me it's my images. You can beat a good photograph but that's probably because I'm biased. I'm no writer and if you took away my images my blog would be nothing.
Anyway, since starting my blog over two months ago, I've never felt more confident. Every person has their insecurities which tend to bring your confidence down sometimes and it's the little things that perk up your confidence. I've been able to walk into a room and introduce myself and do the 'small talk' which I've never been good at. Most of the time I'd rather have the awkward silence that make the awkward conversations. But being a blogger you're expected to talk as you ramble on your blog and if you don't ramble in real life then is it just all a show? My confidence has always been brought down by my skin as that's what I've had problems with since I was a teenager and when I receive emails and comments on images saying I have gorgeous skin and they want my skin is so strange but heart warming because that's the thing I hate most. It really does perk you up and make you think 'do I actually have bad skin?'. 
Even with people that I haven't spoke to in ages stop me in the street to say they love my blog which really melts my heart as you really do forget people are actually at the other side of the screen reading what you've just wrote. I've had lots of messages of support from again people that I haven't spoke to in a while which is a good thing people they feel like they can talk to you more now. 

Honestly, it's the most friendliest community I've stepped into. It's not competitive at all and everyone is so willing to help each other out. By word of mouth you can broaden your audience so much and so when other bloggers are willing to get your audience to reach out to them then that is amazing.
One blogger that has been a real star is a uni friend that I never really got close to at uni because we all had our little groups and now that is a competitive community! The photography world. 
She has been amazing and so supportive from the start by giving me tips and tricks, from the start and throughout. So go and give her some loving over at Kemples, written by Abi Kempen. 
We also may have a little treat for you guys soon so make sure you're following us both on bloglovin. (Just hit the follow with blog loving on our blogs in the right hand side.)

So this is just a post to say thank you to you all for all your support and I hope it continues. Sorry for my annoying plugging on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And if you're thinking about writing a blog and starting up then do it. If you feel passionate about what you would write about then do it. 

                                "There can never be too many bloggers in the world."

                                                            LLC x





I am LOVING MUA Cosmetics lately! They are so cheap and they don't come with that cheap feel or look either which you can come across when the products are so cheap. Not with MUA. If you have been following me from the start (THANK YOU!) then you will know that i am a lover of their £1 lipsticks. They do the best nude/peach colours and they're so nourishing they look great.
So when i spotted these in the new section of the MUA stand in Superdrug i was so excited! They is never a time when i don't come out with swatches on my hand from the MUA counter. Typical blogger always having swatches on my hand.

The packaging of these lip lacquers are so professional and you wouldn't believe that they only cost £3 each. They're in a lip gloss type of tube and it is in a clouded tube rather than see through which make it seem more expensive. I bought them through the Superdrug makeup 3 for 2 offer which is still currently on so if you haven't checked it out go now here.

I can't say i've ever used a lip lacquer before so i didn't know what to expect but from the testers that i done on my hand i knew they wouldn't budge which is what i look for in a lip product. I also liked that they're matt and not glossy as you all know that i am not a fan of lip gloss due to the main reason of hair getting caught and becoming sticky.

The only tip i will say is to pull it on with a lip brush instead of using the applicator that it comes with as they're quite hard wearing which means they stain so if you go out of the lines it is a task to fix. Also, if you put it on and realise you want to start again or not sure on the colour, then let it dry before using a makeup wipe to take off as its easier when its dry.
They do tend to gather as time goes on which isn't good but nothing a little Vaseline cant fix, just rub this in which will make the colour rub in more and stain your lips which makes the colour last longer.

My fav colours are, well all of them, but i am not sure i suit the purple 'Kooky' one. By the way, there is another one in a pinky tone which i didn't buy but will end up purchasing just so i have all 5. The orange one is bloody lush! You all know i love  a good orange lip and this is so bright and great for summer.  
And i'm not really a red person and never wear it so i was quite excited to try this as i've always looked for the perfect red to try and tempt me to become a red gal. This is it. Its gorgeous. The thing that makes it so nice is that velvet look and because its a deep red and not one of those pinky reds.

Well done MUA. You've got my seal of approval.

Have you tried any of these? Which one is your fav?


Manuka Honey is said to be anti-bacterial and it is what the Egyptians used to heal wounds. People use it for their bodies on the inside as well as the outside. If you have a teaspoon a day it can help colds and flu etc as it kills all the bacteria inside you. So if it's good enough for the inside then it's gonna be just as good on the outside right?! 
If it was originally used on wounds then it should be perfect for spots, and it is. It's great for those spots that you've picked at (naughty) and they've turned into scabs. It is also good for scarring as it heals the skin and repairs it which creates a new layer of skin.

When I posted this image of the jar of honey on Instagram, you all were eager to read this post so I thought I would do it ASAP for you guys. Aren't I nice :)

I came across this once when my uncle had a terrible cold and bought some and he said it was a miracle worker. It took me a while to find and yep of course it's expensive, everything that is good for you is expensive. It can be around £9.99 for a jar. It seems mad but it's worth it. I found some last year in Home Bargains for £5 which is a bargain! And I assume you can find it cheaper in the internet such as ebay or amazon. 

I used this all last summer and I really do swear by the stuff as it just cleared up my skin and made me feel more confident which I needed after the bad skin year I had last year. I did start just using the honey on its own as a face mask, but then I started introducing lemon juice into the mix. As lemon juice is great for spots as it drys them out as he acid kills it, so I thought the lemon juice could kill the current spots and he honey could heal the scars and help with old scarring. So I started mixing the honey with lemon juice (fresh or the bottle) into a little bowl and used this on my face every night and my skin started to brighten. If you make a lot of mixture you can store it in a little Tupperware box with a lid to keep it from drying out this way it lasts.
To be honest I am not sure what I preferred as it was last year and I've just rediscovered it again and can't believe I have went all this time without buying anymore. 
So anyway I seen this little mini jar in Morrisons for £1.35 as their jars are expensive for the big ones and I just bought the little one so I can use it whilst I look online for a cheaper one.

All I do is use an old clean makeup brush and dip it into the honey and apply it to the affected areas, I normally do this as I'm running the bath and leave it on until I am about to get out of the bath so the steam from the bath can open your pores and so the honey gets deeper into your skin. When I'm in the bath I just every now and then just get my brush and go over it to keep rubbing it in as it sort of separates if you leave it. You can apply this to your lips too to help moisturise them. Which is a bonus if you like the taste and smell of honest but I can't stand it! The things I go through to get the perfect skin ey.

Also, if you add a spoonful of honey to your bath it can help with back acne etc.

                                                       Really hope this helps!

                                                                 LLC x

I haven't been into topshop for ages! So when I went in for a gander I found myself over in the makeup section because I've always been a lover of their range. But lately I've forgotten that they do such good stuff and I haven't bought anything from their makeup range in over a year! I seen lots of amazing things but I heard about the beauty blender and good stuff about it so I thought this has got to be somewhat similar. So for £6 I thought I'd give it a go and I am so glad I did. 
It's one of those products that make you think 'how did I live without this?!' You're meant to use it when it's damp so it creates a flawless look so run it under the tap and then squeeze out all the excess water and then you're ready to use. 
Dab your concealer in a triangle shape under your eyes and then use this sponge to tap it into your skin. Do not drag the sponge along your skin, you want to dab it.

After the first use of this I realised how dirty it would get and that's not good for blemish prone skin. So when I posted this image on Instagram I had a few people ask how do you clean it and I just assumed you washed it with soap like substance. But when I tried this it doesn't really work so I tried to search blogs of how to clean and I found that soap is probably the worst thing to use to wash it as it can dry your sponge out and that can cause it to crack. I also heard that toner is good to use to wash it but obviously not good if your toner is expensive. 
So I went on a testing spree to see what works best and isn't bad for your sponge. The first thing I tried (apart from the soap) worked! I used a little bit of face wash by massaging it into the sponge and then soaking it in the water and squeezing out and the products and dirt. Make sure you've got all the suds out as this can cause bubbles which ruin your sponge too. Just make sure everything is squeezed out before allowing it to dry. It doesn't matter which face wash you use as they all do the same thing but don't use an exfoliator as the bits will get stuck in the sponge and will change the way your makeup looks.

                                                 Hope you find this useful! 

                                                              LLC x

Zara dupes right here right now.
You would expect to see these in zara with the price tag of around £39.99 on them.
Not in Matalan for £12.
Buy them now before they sell out as i reckon they are gonna be popular! Purchase here.
They come with gold buckles and that have that pony hair leopard print strap across the foot.
I am so excited to wear these on holiday with a tan and my ebay slogan tops and a cheeky little skirt.
The tops were from Ebay and here is the link for the Celine top, and here is the link for the Vogue top.