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Christmas isn't Christmas without a visit to Manchester to visit the Christmas markets..

So I've put together some ideas to do whilst you're down Manchester.. First up is to head to Selfridges  with a woman you want to spend some quality time with. I took my bf mam because she needs spoiling plus its such a good thing to do together.
We booked into Nars in Selfridges for a makeover which was so fun! Every Saturday they have a parade around Selfridges with Santa and his team with music so loud you have a little dance. It puts you right in the Christmas spirit!

As I was going on a night out after she done this very dark smokey eye ( a bit too dark for my liking) but its good to try different looks out. To be honest the experience was the best bit because me and my bf mam had a really good time talking makeup and being all christmassy.

We then headed to the Christmas markets drinking mulled wine, eating Sunday dinner wraps!! Plus all the Nutella pancakes and chocolate covered strawberries I could get my hands on.


WOW, just wow. I was recommended this restaurant and it didn't disappoint. Its based in Cheshire which is just the most beautiful little county. They have the biggest and beautiful houses plus such good shops and cafes!

As you can see from the images, its the most instagrammable restaurant! Its so beautiful. We visited for breakfast/brunch and it was lush! It would be amazing on a night time too as it turns into a bar. I would highly recommend visiting here!

Have you been to the Manchester Christmas markets yet?

Laura xox


I love how walking through Manchester you wouldn't know all the hidden gems. If it wasn't for instagram then theres no way I would have stumbled across this beauty of a hotel. Inside Kingstreet Townhouse I don't think you would still realise how beautiful it turns out to be because its not until you get to the rooms and I love that. Its all about the rooms for this hotel (and the pool) but you rarely get that, its normally the hotel grounds that are spectacular and the rooms are just okay.

But the rooms are just something else. We were staying in a suite which is one of the best rooms in there ( lucky us!). So you walk in and the first thing you're greeted with is the views! Its all about the views for this hotel and with two massive floor to ceiling windows you cant miss it. With a suite you get a living room and a bedroom with a gorgeous bathroom with the best shower and his and hers sinks. The sitting room is something thats good but you don't really use unless it has a good sofa (which this doesn't - its more just for show). Then the bedroom you have a massive super comfy bed, with the best bit..the bath. The bath faces the window which is a bit rude but so good to sit having a bath (once you've got in with the curtains closed then get someone to open them once you're in to save any nudity) looking out at Manchester.


We had afternoon tea in the tavern which its got its own little section for afternoon tea because its so popular for them! They had a festive afternoon tea with champagne cocktails which is lovely to book if you're out Christmas shopping and head here after the madness.
The setting is very vintage looking and you almost feel like you're on the setting of Friends. The tables and chairs are so low it makes my bf look like a giant haha!

The best bit about this was defo the macaroon and I NEVER like them. I always feel like they're tasteless. But this one..oh my days! It was chocolate orange flavour with real chocolate in. The best!

On the evening we got room service because I was actually ill so we didn't want to go out plus it makes us make the most of the room. We both got steak and chips which was lush to eat it in our room plus it was cooked amazingly.


Well you can see for yourself, its just bloody amazing. The 'spa' is on the top floor of the hotel which means the views are just so good! Especially since the pool is actually outside ( its just like an open window). I love the fact that they're making the most of the thing that attracts people to the hotel  - the views. They have the pool, a steam room and a lounge room with more large windows - this bit is great for relaxing after your treatments sipping on some fruit infused water just taking in the views. (or napping)

Waking up to these views were the best. Its such a shame you've got to check out at 11am - anyone else think you should get 24 hours in the hotel??? If you check in at 3pm you shouldn't have to check out until 3pm.

Anyway, have you visited Kingstreet Townhouse??

Laura xox


A spa that has only been open 7 months has just became MY FAVOURITE SPA EVER!!!

So currently topping the chart is this hotel and spa..

We arrived to a grand entrance with the long drive way & we get inside to a red hot fire and the friendliest staff taking our bags (and me gawping around at how spectacular the hotel is). As we are being shown around to our room were just constantly saying 'ahhh wow look at that' everywhere around the hotel. The decor is literally perfect! Its so modern!

And then we get to our room (next to the CINEMA!) which is just as wow worthy because of its large space and STEAM ROOM IN YOUR BATHROOM. Can you even??!! He set the steam room off to get heated whilst we take in the views - we had a Follifoot wing room which was on the ground floor with views of the spa.


After rushing to the spa because we had treatments booked in (obvs a full body massage) we are still just wandering around with our mouths open because of how beautiful everything is.

The spa has the Apple logo on all the doors which makes you feel like you're in a sci fi movie. The decor is just something else, exactly like the decor if I were to own my own spa! Think scandi decor..

The changing rooms are rather amazing too, you can always tell a good spa by their changing rooms. Anyway you get around the spa by using your wristband which acts as a key for all the doors which is super fancy plus its also your key for the locker - handy!

You go downstairs to the treatment rooms and we ended up having a shared room with a massive copper bath inside which was so fancy! Honestly can't get over the decor in this hotel.

After our treatment (which was unreal!) we got taken into the relaxation rooms and I can tell you now, its worth getting a treatment just to have the use of these rooms. You have the 'sleep' room where its dark with star like spotlights on the ceiling. A reading room, a film room with comfy seats and a massive projector on the wall. There is also another room full of chairs with books and magazines to just totally switch off.

We could have spent all day in here but we were yet to explore the rest of the spa..

So we went up to the rooftop spa to be blown away some more. They have an outdoor jacuzzi with a sauna which would be perfect in summer but it was a tad too cold for winter - although not that cold that I couldn't get some photos!

Then once you go back inside you have the usual steam rooms and saunas which we didn't even use because the pool is so amazing!! The pool is outside but because it's so hot you don't feel a thing. It has the best views and its certainly the most photogenic pool.

The other good thing was that it was never that busy that we couldn't go in anywhere which is good because theres nothing worse than a jam packed pool and steam room!

There is also an indoor pool which is just as photogenic and perfect for those who actually want to swim!

Everywhere around the hotel is photogenic actually! There seems to be random rooms everywhere with seating and chill out areas. They have a bar, two restaurants and a shop inside the spa which I am gutted I totally forgot to go inside as it looks incredible.


We dined at Horto restaurant which has 3 AA rosettes and the most beautiful decor, I know I know I've said this about the whole hotel but honestly this is how I want my house. It has a set menu which is great for trying new things but not to good if you like to eat chicken nuggets and chips!
The food was unreal I highly recommend going to Horto!

They also do breakfast in the restaurant which I took full advantage of because of the amazing setting. The avocado and eggs was amazing but me being greedy I also got the pancakes and ahhhh my goodness - you need to try!

The whole stay was out of this world and its our new favourite and we can't wait to go back. I actually looked at when we could go back as soon as I got in the car!

Have you been here?

Laura xox