Archive: August 2016

This is a sore subject for a load of bloggers. Nobody likes being asked how much they make being a blogger or even if you're not a blogger.
But i want to share my experience just to be honest if nothing else. 

There are so many full time bloggers right now making a shit load of money and i know because i have had loads of people ask me, that people want to become bloggers just for the dollar.
If you have that mindset, you wont be a good blogger i can tell you that now. Nor will you if you are just in it for the free stuff. Yes the gifting is nice, obviously who doesn't like being sent some amazing blogger mail. But you need to understand the hard work that goes in to that to get the free stuff.

So i am gonna let you all into my secret about how much i have made from blogging 3 years ago.. ZERO. That's right. I have made NO money from my blog. So has that changed your mind about me? I slog my guts out every weekend i have off to put my heart and soul into something i get nothing out of it. Well i love it and i couldn't think of a better way to spend my free time. 
Yes i have made money from Instagram but that's not connected to my blog. 
There are more people on Instagram making money from Instagram than there is just people sharing images for the fun of it. 

My mail box is full of collaboration emails but i turn down so many because if they're not paying me (not that i would get paid for something i didn't want to do) then why would i want to share it. I only post about things i love and feel like you guys would love too. That is why i don't turn around and then ask for payment. Mostly because i don't have the balls to be like yep that will be £100 please but because i feel like the gifting itself is payment.
Whether that will change i don't know but i know that i have blogged my guts out for three whole years for no money. I have been given some amazing opportunities that i wouldn't have had without my blog and that's what i love, opportunities and meeting new people.

Hope you liked this little personal post! Would you like more personal posts or just stick to simply fashion and beauty?