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I've wanted hair removal since forever and it was always one of those things I dreamt about. What girl doesn't?! The hour we would save not having to shave..

It wasn't even the shaving that got me down, it was the shaving rash that came with it. Sorry if thats too much info but were all girls here, we all get it. I thought that was more annoying than anything so the idea of not getting that because I didn't have to shave would just be the dream.

So when Therapie opened up in the Metro Centre my dreams came true. Not only is the clinic absolutely gorgeous and not clinical at all - its actually quite cosy but it also does a lot of treatments that I know I have already got my eye on such as botox, fillers and skin treatments.


So before you actually start the process, you will have a consultation to see which areas you want & a patch test of the machine to see which level you can handle. (more on that lower down)

But my biggest issue ( it's not really an issue at all ) was that you cant have a real tan or be wearing fake tan at all on the areas where you want it. So when we done the patch test my legs were too tanned to carry out the patch test because the machine needs to pick up the dark hair so if you have a tan then the machine finds it hard to find the hair and zaps everything which results in you getting burnt.

So once you have had your patch test and your first session is approaching then you need to match sure not to tan that area or go on the sunbeds. The night before you have to shave everything you want gone.
If you're getting your underarms done then you can't wear deodorant either.


So the treatment itself can be a bit embarrassing as depending on what area you are getting done, you have to have that area on show for around 15 mins. But once you have done it its totally fine. The girl who done mine made me feel very comfortable & I didn't feel the dread the second time round.

What does it feel like?
Its cold to start because gel gets added to the area and the machine itself cools the skin when the hot zaps go into your skin to the hair follicles. But it does get hot and thats what you want, the hotter that you can handle means the more its going to work. She asks when you get to a 3/5 for hot or pain than tell her and she will stop and move on because thats that area done.

Of course the most sensitive areas hurt the most and by hurt I mean its like a plucking feeling but only in certain areas. My underarms are totally fine and pain free it just gets a bit hot - but my bikini hurts a little more.

For hair removal to work you need to have around 6 sessions on each area.


I have only had 2 sessions, and I only need to shave once a week. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!

I have noticed a massive difference in my underarms but once I have had all 6 sessions I will be hair free for a long long time.
I wouldn't say its going to be forever because after around 4 years I think you have to have a top up but only one session.

There are two products to help the aftercare of the area which you can buy from Therapie. One of them is a gel to help cool the area for a few days after the laser. The after three days of using the gel - you then are recommended to use Murad exfoliant to help the hairs fall out naturally and it helps with ingrown hairs. ( TMI - but these have all gone even though I am still shaving atm)

I cant wait to finish the rest of my sessions to be totally hair free!

I also am loving getting it done with Therapie because their clinic is so nice and relaxing rather than clinical ( they have candles on in every room with marble walls )

They always have deals on so check out their price list but let them know I sent you too!

Laura xox


When I seen on Selfridges IG that they had the Estee Lauder lipstick maker machine at Selfridges in the Trafford centre - I just knew I had to go. So when I got invited to do it, I booked the day off work and travelled down. I don't think I've done something so exciting.

Whats better is that YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

But not for long - its only there until the 11th nov. Then its a gonna.

The first stage is picking a base colour - you can change the shade of it but once you have a base colour you can start altering it to your taste. The one I wanted was out of stock but I thought its a sign because I buy nude lipstick why don't I create a shade I cant buy.

So I picked a pinky nude and added brown and white to change the the lightness and make it more nude than pink. The whole mixing it totally cool and its so exciting seeing the colours come together.

They melt them together and once they're all melted you can try a little bit to see if its the shade you want, then keep adding white black browns or yellows to change the shade.

You can actually see the whole process on my IG  - @girltalkwithlaura and its in my beauty highlights.

It costs £81 for 3 lipsticks - one applicator with lipstick and 2 refills with a case. You can also engrave it (as well as engraving other Estee Lauder products) so I chose my blog name of course!

The whole process is just truly amazing and it would make the perfect present for someone or if you and your mam wanted to create your own lipsticks its just a nice bonding session.
A lipstick that will bring back so many memories & hold a special place in your heart.

Plus - it feels so good when people ask.."what lipstick are you wearing?"

"its my own hun"

The lipstick itself is unreal - the finish on it is perfect. You can chose whether you want matte or shine and I went for shine because the finished look I wanted to create was a moisturised natural lip colour. So I mostly wear mine with a touch of lip balm under so it looks more natural and moisturising but I can wear it bold but still moisturising.

The engraving process is also just as fun because you get to chose your font, what you have on it and the colour - I went with silver because when we tried the gold it didn't stay in very well and the silver looked bolder and neat.

When your current lipstick runs out because - WARNING - you will become obsessed with wearing it, then all you have to do it simply pull it out and replace it with your refill and you're ready to go again.

The only stores that have this feature are Selfridges in Trafford Centre & the one in London. So if you can get yourself to one of these and quick because you don't have long - if you want to ring to book the Trafford store then ring this number 0161 6291 122 & tell them I sent you.



Have you tried to make your own lipstick?

Laura xox