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In winter - we have all sorts of weathers - strong winds to icy snow storms. So its no wonder our skin doesn't agree with the cold transition. I know mine certainly doesn't and you spend hours trying to lather the moisture onto your skin to make up for the moisture its lost.

Christmas time is also the time when partying becomes a little to familiar which also plays games with our skin. All that alcohol and late nights dries our skin more than you think so Bioderma have already thought of that with this gift set of hydration.

Well Bioderma is that skincare brand that you can always rely on. I've used it for around 4 years now - ever since I tackled my acne with good skincare products. Its their micellar water that I rave about because you can never cleanse enough, even when you think you've got all your makeup off - I bet theres still more.

Bioderma have a number of collections tailored for each individual problem which means your skin gets exactly what it needs for your exact problem.

You have:

  • SENSIBIO SKIN CARE RANGE, sensitive skin
  • HYDRABIO SKIN CARE RANGE, dehydrated sensitive skin
  • ATODERM, very dry to atopic sensitive skin
  • SÉBIUM, oily blemished skin
  • NODÉ, hair and scalp
  • ABCDERM, paediatric dermatology
  • PHOTODERM, skin and sun
  • WHITE OBJECTIVE, lightening for sensitive skin
  • CICABIO, damaged skin

  • Sensibio H20 Micellar Water 

    So this has to be my favourite product in the gift set ( as well as the little cotton pads pack - how cute and such a good idea is the travel pouch for them?!)
    Its the perfect size bottle too as I find some micellar waters are far too bit and a bit of a nightmare to take away. Not to mention they're so much better for your skin especially if you suffer with dry/ sensitive skin because it calms and clears the skin.

    I use this daily morning & night: Morning to wash off last nights skincare & dirt from during the night making your morning skincare go on even better. On an evening I use this after cleansing my skin to make sure all makeup is removed.

    Atoderm Ultra-Gentle Shower Gel 

    Again, good for those with sensitive skin as this shower gel is a soap free gel that soothes dry skin instead of making it feeling dry and tight. This is the perfect travel and at home essential as its a face and body wash which cuts out the need for lots of different products.

    Use daily to get rid of any sweat and dirt to reduce blemishes.

    Hydrabio Crème Rich Moisturising Care 

    A deep hydrating moisturiser that has salicylic acid in to remove any dead skin cells to give the skin that glow and smooth texture. Ingredients such as Vitamin E & vitamin PP help with anti ageing as well as working towards plumping the skin.

    I use this on an evening since its a rich moisturiser its perfect for when your skin restores itself during  the night ready to wake up to hydrated skin in the morning.

    Give the gift of great skin with this gift set -
    Perfect for those who haven't tried good skincare or who like to look after their skin. Its also perfect for those who don't tend to wear much makeup as this will make their skin glow without the need of any highlighter.

    Whether you give it to someone or keep it for yourself, whoever gets it will love it and use every last drop, and when they notice their skin is looking dull when they go back to their original skincare they'll be hooked and wonder why they never invested earlier.

    Have you tired Bioderma?

    All products in this post are available in a gift set available here

    Laura xox