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So on the subject of cosmetic procedures, I have been looking at tear trough fillers for a while now because I have ALWAYS hated my eyes. I got bullied when I was younger and its always been ‘my thing’ that I’m not comfortable with so when I seen this I was like ‘omg I need this’. 
It basically is filler injected under the eyes to fill out the very thin bit of skin under the eyes because mine is puffy just under the eyes, then it goes very thin and dark and then it goes puffy where my cheek starts. I also seen that it helps with darkness under the eyes which is another thing I need because I get up at 4.45am every morning for work and its taking it toll. 

So yet again, I went for my consultation with the plastic surgeon at the sk:n clinic in Newcastle on Grey Street, he’s the guy who done my lips too which you can read all about here. He’s amazing and I trust him with my face because he done such a good job of my lips and he knows what I’m like. 
When I get there I’m asking him loads of questions like ‘how many times have you done this’, ‘has anyone gone blind’, ‘on a scale of one to ten how much does it hurt’. 
So in the consultation he tells you the bad bits and the good bits such as there is a risk of going blind but the risk is really low. He’s just really honest and tells you it might not work on you, everyone is different, what might make a lot of difference to someone it might not make any difference to you. He also explains the down time which is that it may bruise and may swell. 

After all of that he asks if you want to go ahead and you sign a load of forms and get taken to get numbing cream on for about 20 mins. 

I went back into the room and he double checked I still wanted to go ahead so then he gets started by stererlizing your area. The pain, is about a 6 out of 10 but its more because its near your eye and you’re more worried. Its also because it feels like its going into your bone which is totally gross but not unbearable. 

He also knows to do a little bit at a time because I don’t want to look totally different I just want to iron out my imperfections that I don’t like.
So he gives me the mirror, does a little bit and gets me to look to see if I want anymore and where. You’re literally in control he’s just got the needle. 

He does the first eye and then moves onto the second eye. I couldn’t tell a difference but it got to the point where he said he thinks we should stop because I hadn’t got any bruising so far and I totally trust him so I agreed. 

It does feel strange but its going to. I just felt a little more tired than normal. 

If I'm totally honest, a month on, I don't really notice a difference! But he did say that some people it totally works and some people you won't be able to even tell the difference. I fall under the last category. I have puffy eyes anyway so I think nothing it going to help these bad boys. 
No, I'm lying. Its not that I can't tell a difference, its just that I don't notice them as much which I'm guessing is a good thing! I would get more in though just to see if its because it needs more like with my lips. 

I would recommend because it may totally work for you! 

Have you had this procedure? Did it work for you?

Laura x


  1. I love your honesty in this post! I recently had a lip treatment and it wasn't great but it wasn't fillers either. Your lips look fab!

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