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Soooo, I get so many questions about what filter I use. It's something that has forever petrified me.

I've always prided myself on being honest and open within the whole blogging world so it doesn't sit well with me that I cant answer your questions about editing. But you wanna know the truth???

Instagram has turned into my life (as sad as that sounds) and theres got to be a couple of things that keep you apart from the rest of all of the influencers/creators/bloggers/instagrammers. Whatever you wanna call them. You need to be able to stick out that big old crowd and one of the ways I do is my filter.

I'm not saying that if I told you then you'd all be using my filter and how I edit but if more did then my instagram account wouldn't be mine.
Its my theme that I've created and its like creating a blog template or a logo, if I showed you all how to do it like I did then wed all have the same.

What I'm trying to say is that you should create a theme and filter that fits with your content, have a play around and come up with something yourself that you can be proud of. Also what I mean by having a theme on instagram - I mean so when you look at your grid on instagram and if you can tell its yours and its the same even if you scroll down 3 grids its still the same theme, then you have a theme. A theme could be similar colours all the time, the way you edit your images, or if you upload in order like outfit, selfie, close up REPEAT then you have a theme.

Make your theme unique and represent your brand that you're putting out there in the big ol' world.

Thanks for reading

Laura xox


In today's society, we're all so busy, some may say too busy.

With working full time, trying to have a social life and have hobbies that take over our free time. We have no time to do anything, we barely even have time to have a social life. I spend my life cancelling on people or myself because something has to give.

But in 2018 I am going to make an effort to take more time to do more things for me, not for work but for me. Because actually, we do have time. We can always make time.

So things i'm going to do more of:
- stop saying no to blogger events in London because its too far away
- day trips to photograph outfits
- day trips with my boyfriend

I have ALWAYS turned down bloggers events when I get invited because I have always thought it takes about 5 hours to get to London - which is a total lie because it actually takes approx 3!!! Thats what it takes when I travel to Manchester. Thats just madness.

Plus I always think, I cant just go for the day. BUT YOU CAN.

Travelling with Virgin Trains on the east coast was SO easy and comfortable and 100% better than the trains I normally get to Manchester because everything was just so simple. Knowing ahead of travelling that they have plug sockets, free wifi and good food available, I had no excuses to not get some blogging done on my way down to London. So I sat and edited some photos the whole way down which was amazing because I never take 3 hours to do that as I always get distracted. Theres something really satisfying about getting stuff done whilst on the way to a different location to spend the day just doing stuff for you.

It went so quick and I was actually gutted when we got there because I was loving just taking some time out for myself. It helps that there was actually good leg room to spread out and get comfy. We went about 7am and got there for 10am which meant we had the WHOLE day ahead.

'Life splicing' is this new trend that the people of Newcastle are doing to take control of their personal life. Its all about ticking off those things on the to do list at a time and place thats suits them and their busy lifestyle.
I was heading to London with my mam - my photographer because as a blogger I have been lacking in outfit posts lately and there is no where in Newcastle to take some good images. So we took our equipment down and went to shoot in South Kensington then had a lovely day out eating loads and taking loads of images.

We actually went home early because we felt we had too much time in London and we had nothing else to do, we had eaten all of the food and walked for miles so we couldn't wait to get back on the train to get comfy and edit the photos we just shot whilst my mam read her book she's been meaning to read for ages.


We travelled first class and it was our first time, they do say once you go first class you never go back. Thats so right! Just Because of the food and drinks available. Yes you get a really good selection in standard class but they kept coming around every 15 mins with their trolley to see if you wanted another cup of tea or another sandwich. Unlimited cup of tea's for the entire journey - worth it just for that not to mention the quiet and comfy journey we had.

Why don't you take control of your personal to do list and get stuff done with Virgin trains on the east coast..

Book your trip now www.virgintrainseastcoast.com

Laura xox

The Garage Spa - Treatwell 


2018 is going to bring you lots more spa's than last year and what a better way to start with a review of The Garage Spa. Its located near Barnard Castle & it doesn't look like a spa from the outside, which makes it even cuter.
It's 100% somewhere to come with your mam or girlfriends because its so cute and cosy and such a fun idea. It has some super unique features such as the baths indoors to the sauna outside in a shed. They have steam rooms, jacuzzi's outside, and relaxation areas. They have treatment rooms upstairs so we got booked in for a massage which was so amazing and tailored to my needs. I always have a sore back so the lady focused on that and tried her best to release all my knots.

We then had lunch booked which is actually located in the hotel next door (where you can also stay if you want to make a weekend of it) and it was so unexpectedly good! It just looks like a pub but with proper restaurant style food.

I cant wait to come back here with all my girlfriends for a good girly day with lots of treatments and giggles.

Fancy visiting here? Book through treatwell here

Laura x

So in recent events within the blogging community, I thought I'd share my opinion. After all this is my space within the internet where I can say my views on certain subjects and this is what I am going to try to do more of in 2018 because it makes me feel like we get a little bit closer every time. I just wish you could answer back with your views (which you can really through comments so please do).

Anyway, so let me just fill you in. It has all kicked off on social media because this hotel in Dublin has 'outed' a blogging for pitching to them in an email to see if they wanted to collaborate. The man who owns the business (I think) has publicly put a screen shot of this bloggers email for the whole world to see with some god awful words to go with it. He's basically calling her a 'free loader' and basically banning all bloggers from the hotel (god help the business cause theres an awful lot of us).
He blanked her name out but everyone worked out who she was and sent her abuse on all social media ( which is bullying).

First off I do want to say that don't comment unless you're aware of everything. People don't understand the blogging world so don't comment. I'm going to stereotype here but it seems the older generation cant get their heads around what a blog even is, how you can make money out of doing it and how people go about it.

I think its a very normal thing to do - pitch an idea to a brand to collaborate because its a big old world out there and they might not find you otherwise. I'm guilty of emailing brands to work together and I wouldn't have had some of the amazing opportunities that I've had if I didn't.
Blogging is the new advertising of todays world so think of it like an advertising company pitching to a brand to see if they want to be featured in their magazine/website.
Its nothing different. Its works out for both parties as the blogger receives something in return for a social media presence on their channels and a review which drives customers to the brand which leads to the company making money off the back of that bloggers review.

Don't be put off by this incident or ashamed of offering your services to brands. You've got something amazing to offer!

Hope you liked this personal post.

Laura xox