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Multi masking is the new beauty craze ATM and it's one of those what makes you think - WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THIS SOONER?! Long gone are the times where you put one mask all over your face. It makes total sense because I know different parts of my face need different masks because my chin is dry but my t-zone is oily so when I used to apply a clay mask all over my face then my chin used to go extra dry which isn't great.

Why multi mask with Elemis?

These new additions to the pre-biotic range are jam packed with superfoods. 

' Rich in anti-oxidants, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, Superfoods feed the skin with nourishment for pure skin vitality, while Pre-biotic protect and maintain the skin's delicate microbiome.'

This is one of the reasons I love Elemis because they feel so clean and natural but they're scientific and I'm not sure about you but when I feel that a product has had a scientific background then I feel they're 100% going to work.


'A purifying mask with Brazilian Purple Clay and an omega-rich Superberry Complex balances the T-zone and helps magnify skin.'

I have combination skin as I've mentioned above - so I always need a clay mask to help draw out the impurities that lead to blemish's. When I used this mask it felt like it didn't dry out my skin too much like some clay masks can which is good because I have this phobia of drying my skin out - when I was younger I thought I needed to dry out my skin so bad as I thought any moisture lead to spots (which isn't the case).  


'This super gentle facial scrub is jam-packed with anti-oxidant rich fruit extracts, Black tea extract and Glycerin, leaving the complexion smoother, softer and hydrated.'

A gentle exfoliator is so much better for the skin than a harsh skin scrubbing one as it can irritate the skin even more which leads to inflammation and redness.
This scrub smells unreal and perfect for that once a week scrub to get rid of those dead skin cells.


'Get a shot of green goodness with this treatment mask that nourishes, smoothes and brightens.'

As I get older - the more I appreciate a good nourishing face mask, whereas when I was younger I always seen them as pointless. But now I need all the moisture I can get especially as the seasons change as I tend to get dry skin when it goes from cold to warm or warm to cold. 

As with all of Elemis products - they smell amazing and just like spa's which is relaxing in itself.

Shop their new products here : https://www.elemis.com/skincare/superfood

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Do you multi-mask?

Laura x