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In winter - we have all sorts of weathers - strong winds to icy snow storms. So its no wonder our skin doesn't agree with the cold transition. I know mine certainly doesn't and you spend hours trying to lather the moisture onto your skin to make up for the moisture its lost.

Christmas time is also the time when partying becomes a little to familiar which also plays games with our skin. All that alcohol and late nights dries our skin more than you think so Bioderma have already thought of that with this gift set of hydration.

Well Bioderma is that skincare brand that you can always rely on. I've used it for around 4 years now - ever since I tackled my acne with good skincare products. Its their micellar water that I rave about because you can never cleanse enough, even when you think you've got all your makeup off - I bet theres still more.

Bioderma have a number of collections tailored for each individual problem which means your skin gets exactly what it needs for your exact problem.

You have:

  • SENSIBIO SKIN CARE RANGE, sensitive skin
  • HYDRABIO SKIN CARE RANGE, dehydrated sensitive skin
  • ATODERM, very dry to atopic sensitive skin
  • SÉBIUM, oily blemished skin
  • NODÉ, hair and scalp
  • ABCDERM, paediatric dermatology
  • PHOTODERM, skin and sun
  • WHITE OBJECTIVE, lightening for sensitive skin
  • CICABIO, damaged skin

  • Sensibio H20 Micellar Water 

    So this has to be my favourite product in the gift set ( as well as the little cotton pads pack - how cute and such a good idea is the travel pouch for them?!)
    Its the perfect size bottle too as I find some micellar waters are far too bit and a bit of a nightmare to take away. Not to mention they're so much better for your skin especially if you suffer with dry/ sensitive skin because it calms and clears the skin.

    I use this daily morning & night: Morning to wash off last nights skincare & dirt from during the night making your morning skincare go on even better. On an evening I use this after cleansing my skin to make sure all makeup is removed.

    Atoderm Ultra-Gentle Shower Gel 

    Again, good for those with sensitive skin as this shower gel is a soap free gel that soothes dry skin instead of making it feeling dry and tight. This is the perfect travel and at home essential as its a face and body wash which cuts out the need for lots of different products.

    Use daily to get rid of any sweat and dirt to reduce blemishes.

    Hydrabio Crème Rich Moisturising Care 

    A deep hydrating moisturiser that has salicylic acid in to remove any dead skin cells to give the skin that glow and smooth texture. Ingredients such as Vitamin E & vitamin PP help with anti ageing as well as working towards plumping the skin.

    I use this on an evening since its a rich moisturiser its perfect for when your skin restores itself during  the night ready to wake up to hydrated skin in the morning.

    Give the gift of great skin with this gift set -
    Perfect for those who haven't tried good skincare or who like to look after their skin. Its also perfect for those who don't tend to wear much makeup as this will make their skin glow without the need of any highlighter.

    Whether you give it to someone or keep it for yourself, whoever gets it will love it and use every last drop, and when they notice their skin is looking dull when they go back to their original skincare they'll be hooked and wonder why they never invested earlier.

    Have you tired Bioderma?

    All products in this post are available in a gift set available here

    Laura xox


    I've wanted hair removal since forever and it was always one of those things I dreamt about. What girl doesn't?! The hour we would save not having to shave..

    It wasn't even the shaving that got me down, it was the shaving rash that came with it. Sorry if thats too much info but were all girls here, we all get it. I thought that was more annoying than anything so the idea of not getting that because I didn't have to shave would just be the dream.

    So when Therapie opened up in the Metro Centre my dreams came true. Not only is the clinic absolutely gorgeous and not clinical at all - its actually quite cosy but it also does a lot of treatments that I know I have already got my eye on such as botox, fillers and skin treatments.


    So before you actually start the process, you will have a consultation to see which areas you want & a patch test of the machine to see which level you can handle. (more on that lower down)

    But my biggest issue ( it's not really an issue at all ) was that you cant have a real tan or be wearing fake tan at all on the areas where you want it. So when we done the patch test my legs were too tanned to carry out the patch test because the machine needs to pick up the dark hair so if you have a tan then the machine finds it hard to find the hair and zaps everything which results in you getting burnt.

    So once you have had your patch test and your first session is approaching then you need to match sure not to tan that area or go on the sunbeds. The night before you have to shave everything you want gone.
    If you're getting your underarms done then you can't wear deodorant either.


    So the treatment itself can be a bit embarrassing as depending on what area you are getting done, you have to have that area on show for around 15 mins. But once you have done it its totally fine. The girl who done mine made me feel very comfortable & I didn't feel the dread the second time round.

    What does it feel like?
    Its cold to start because gel gets added to the area and the machine itself cools the skin when the hot zaps go into your skin to the hair follicles. But it does get hot and thats what you want, the hotter that you can handle means the more its going to work. She asks when you get to a 3/5 for hot or pain than tell her and she will stop and move on because thats that area done.

    Of course the most sensitive areas hurt the most and by hurt I mean its like a plucking feeling but only in certain areas. My underarms are totally fine and pain free it just gets a bit hot - but my bikini hurts a little more.

    For hair removal to work you need to have around 6 sessions on each area.


    I have only had 2 sessions, and I only need to shave once a week. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!

    I have noticed a massive difference in my underarms but once I have had all 6 sessions I will be hair free for a long long time.
    I wouldn't say its going to be forever because after around 4 years I think you have to have a top up but only one session.

    There are two products to help the aftercare of the area which you can buy from Therapie. One of them is a gel to help cool the area for a few days after the laser. The after three days of using the gel - you then are recommended to use Murad exfoliant to help the hairs fall out naturally and it helps with ingrown hairs. ( TMI - but these have all gone even though I am still shaving atm)

    I cant wait to finish the rest of my sessions to be totally hair free!

    I also am loving getting it done with Therapie because their clinic is so nice and relaxing rather than clinical ( they have candles on in every room with marble walls )

    They always have deals on so check out their price list but let them know I sent you too!

    Laura xox


    When I seen on Selfridges IG that they had the Estee Lauder lipstick maker machine at Selfridges in the Trafford centre - I just knew I had to go. So when I got invited to do it, I booked the day off work and travelled down. I don't think I've done something so exciting.

    Whats better is that YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

    But not for long - its only there until the 11th nov. Then its a gonna.

    The first stage is picking a base colour - you can change the shade of it but once you have a base colour you can start altering it to your taste. The one I wanted was out of stock but I thought its a sign because I buy nude lipstick why don't I create a shade I cant buy.

    So I picked a pinky nude and added brown and white to change the the lightness and make it more nude than pink. The whole mixing it totally cool and its so exciting seeing the colours come together.

    They melt them together and once they're all melted you can try a little bit to see if its the shade you want, then keep adding white black browns or yellows to change the shade.

    You can actually see the whole process on my IG  - @girltalkwithlaura and its in my beauty highlights.

    It costs £81 for 3 lipsticks - one applicator with lipstick and 2 refills with a case. You can also engrave it (as well as engraving other Estee Lauder products) so I chose my blog name of course!

    The whole process is just truly amazing and it would make the perfect present for someone or if you and your mam wanted to create your own lipsticks its just a nice bonding session.
    A lipstick that will bring back so many memories & hold a special place in your heart.

    Plus - it feels so good when people ask.."what lipstick are you wearing?"

    "its my own hun"

    The lipstick itself is unreal - the finish on it is perfect. You can chose whether you want matte or shine and I went for shine because the finished look I wanted to create was a moisturised natural lip colour. So I mostly wear mine with a touch of lip balm under so it looks more natural and moisturising but I can wear it bold but still moisturising.

    The engraving process is also just as fun because you get to chose your font, what you have on it and the colour - I went with silver because when we tried the gold it didn't stay in very well and the silver looked bolder and neat.

    When your current lipstick runs out because - WARNING - you will become obsessed with wearing it, then all you have to do it simply pull it out and replace it with your refill and you're ready to go again.

    The only stores that have this feature are Selfridges in Trafford Centre & the one in London. So if you can get yourself to one of these and quick because you don't have long - if you want to ring to book the Trafford store then ring this number 0161 6291 122 & tell them I sent you.



    Have you tried to make your own lipstick?

    Laura xox

    20 Stories

    The hottest new bar / restaurant in MCR just opened its doors in Feb 2018 and the people of Manchester weren't aware of what impact this new place would make.

    It was the perfect time to open so they could make full use of their 360 degree views of Manchester in the soaring heat during the summer months. It is after all one of the best features of 20 Stories.

    When you enter the restaurant you grab the lift up to the 19th floor (but why not the 20th floor? its named after where the food comes from? and you step out into the most amazing restaurant I've had the pleasure of entering.
    If you turn left you have views, if you turn right you have the restaurant and bar and more views. Even the toilets have views.

    The terrace gives you NYC vibes as soon as you step in. With its amazing views, pretty floral designs & set up, its all about the wow factor and I was simply stunned. I've never seen anything like it and I fell in love with every single detail.

    Theres domes covered in flowers in perfect spots where you can zone out with a few of your friends without being amongst other diners. Its the perfect party set up! (plus the perfect instagram pic)
    The terrace is sectioned into two parts, a restaurant & a bar.
    We were sat in the perfect spot which was right under the sun & overlooking Manchester, it made us feel like we were the only ones in the restaurant.

    The perfectly chosen music totally sealed the deal for us. Imagine this: A drink in your hand ( a Bloody Mary which was delicious) surrounded by stunning views, sat there with a loved one, and just taking everything in with music thats chilled but upbeat. Perfection. and this was before we had any food.



    The executive chef of 20 Stories is Aiden Byrne who is a Michelin star chef who has created a menu to showcase the best of the North west and aims to source local ingredients within a 50 mile radius.

    I can honestly say it will be one of the best meals you will eat because its just so fresh and tastes amazing. Every course went down perfectly, we hardly spoke during each course because we wanted to appreciate every mouthful.

    The staff were so attentive and they made us feel so comfortable and at home that we didn't want to leave. They made our visit that little bit more perfect just when I thought it couldn't get any better. So I'm forever grateful to 20 Stories for inviting me to dine with you and create a memory that will last forever.

    If you're ever in Manchester then you need to visit here for lunch or an evening meal - which I think would look even more idyllic with all the lights.

    Laura xox


    The newest job on the block which makes everyones heads roll when you mention the word 'blogger'. Its the job every 20 yr old girl dreams of. It's the only reason every girl has Instagram.

    Description of a blogger from an outsider looking in point of view:
    - free stuff
    - cool events
    - don't have to work
    - instagram fame
    - more free stuff

    Description of a blogger from a bloggers point of view:
    - passionate
    - hard working
    - won't stop
    - never has time off
    - never has an actual holiday
    - cant fully enjoy anything
    - has to be on it 24/7
    - never has a night out because who has time for hangovers
    - never lets her hair down
    - only time we drink alcohol is to get a photo
    - orders the prettiest thing on the menu but who evens like avocado on toast?!
    - cant be ill because ill doesn't look good on camera

    The list is endless.

    What I'm trying to get at, is that sometimes I wonder am I doing too much that I'm not enjoying life anymore?

    When you're looking through the lens at life, are you even living it? 

    Recently, I've been taking time off from my phone more than usual because not only am I worried I'm  ruining my life, but also those around me. Because its not just me that has to do all of this but someone needs to take the photo, someone needs to watch me spend 15mins until my food goes cold to get THAT shot. My bf wants to walk longer than 5 yards before I ask for another pic.

    Plus I want to spend quality time together with my loved ones. Quality time when I put my phone down and look at them and listen rather than pretending to listen but getting distracted because I need to upload.

    Or setting my alarm for 7am and ordering breakfast to get those breakfast shots but actually not having time to eat it because we then need to go somewhere else for another shot.

    It makes it even worse that I don't blog full time but I also work full time as a visual merchandiser so all my blogging needs to happen on the weekend so I really don't get any time off. I love it don't get me wrong but am I going to look back in 30 years time and think why did I waste all that time.

    My biggest worry is that I end up pushing people away. Will my friends stop inviting me places because I'm too busy and never can go anywhere or do anything, will my BF leave me for someone who isn't IG obsessed, will I lose connections with my family?

    So in the future, I am going to be taking more time off to ensure I start living and enjoying my loved ones company rather than just being with them.

    Who else is a little bit guilty?

    Laura xox



    You guys all know I love a holiday! So if you have been following my latest holiday over on IG (click here to follow) then you will have seen I have just been to Rhodes and it was another amazing holiday. But it was a brand new hotel so I wanted (as always) to give you guys my honest review of the hotel I stayed in.


    Every year my mother & myself love to go on very glam, very calm holidays. We like 4 poster beds, adults only & lots of cocktails and photo locations. We like modern, new, white, marble & swim up rooms. So when we seen this in Jan (meant to open in May) we booked it straight away. All we had to go off was artist impressions so when it was meant to open in May and got put off until a week before we were meant to go was a bit worrying.



    When we turned up to the hotel it was late at night so it was dark but coming into the hotel it was clear that there wasn't much around and there was no big entrance until you got further into the hotel. But when we walked into the lobby - my jaw was down. The decor, was so nice and its so me. Theres literally amazing decor from the floor to the ceiling (honestly, look up). It was big, tonal colours and very modern. They have these sensory pods in the lobby which are a cool touch.
    They have fruit infused water & cool towels on arrival (I'm sure its meant to be warm towels?)

    But the staff seemed very lovely. We were guided to the buffet but since it was late there was only a selection of cheese and desserts on offer but that was okay for me as I wasn't hungry enough for anything else.

    They took our cases straight away from the bus to our rooms so we didn't have to deal with dragging them around.

    After eating we went to our room which first impressions it didn't look anything like the artist impression as I'm sure the artist impression was all white room but the room was mostly all wooden. But nevertheless it was a good first impression especially the bathroom.




    This hotel is the biggest hotel we have been to in the past few years as we tend to go to quite small quite hotels.
    It has:
    - Italian a la carte
    - American a la carte
    - Greek a la carte
    - Healthy a la carte
    - Buffet restaurant
    - An outdoor cinema/ Stage
    - A bar for the stage
    - A bar where they have live music
    - An adults only bar near the beach
    - An adults only pool
    - A kids pool (with slides)
    - Tennis courts
    - Archery
    - A sports bar
    - Gym
    - Spa & indoor pool
    - Nursery
    - Snack bars
    -An architectural site



    I was super super excited that it had a lot of restaurants because I get quite sick of the buffet so it was a nice change to have a different restaurant most nights. The ONLY bad thing is that you had to book at reception or via the ATLANTICA app but when we arrived there was restaurants that were fully booked and you can only book 2 days in advance. If you wait until the night before then chances are it will be fully booked. So a couple of nights we were stuck with the restaurant but its in a really good location if you sit outside as theres normally entertainment on which you can hear. Plus the buffet has good food ( only thing for me was the flies around the food) but I know that cant be helped sometimes.

    Kuzina - The greek restaurant was amazing and its in such a good location (basically in the middle of the pool). Also the food during the day from the greek restaurant is amazing too (service a bit slow during the day) and they serve gyros, chips, greek salad and more! This is also where you can get cocktails which is handy as its around the main pool. Waiters do come round but there is only one so sometimes you're better going to get them yourself.

    Caprice - the Italian restaurant is available for breakfast, lunch & dinner. We went for breakfast once but there was only omelettes and fruit basically so we had a coffee and went back down to the buffet as that has everything. But for dinner it was amazing! The starters, the main and dessert. From start to finish it was gorgeous, plus they do pizza!

    Liberty - the American restaurant is away from the main pool and near the architectural site. It was nice to have a nice juicy burger to be honest because its something you miss from home and you cant always get them at the buffet. Although I found that some of the plates came without everything it stated it would come with e.g the brownie for dessert said it was coming with popcorn & basically sounded amazing - it came just as a plain brownie which was very dry.

    Gaia - the healthy restaurant it next door to the Italian which is in the best location as it overlooks the whole hotel so it has amazing views. They have amazing salads for starters plus the whole menu has calories etc next to it so if your calorie counting this is perfect.

    Citrus - this restaurant is adults only but also please be aware you have to pay for this - so we didn't visit as we didn't see why we would pay since there are so many nice ones included. But we have heard its really amazing!

    Buffet - the main buffet restaurant has everything. apart from Nutella - they say its Nutella but its not actual Nutella which was disappointing since they have pancakes and waffles! But I actually found a dessert I liked because normally I find buffet desserts to look good but tasteless.


    Theres lots of bars around the hotel but what I found was the lack of menu's. They have about 5 cocktails on the menu at the beach bar which are disappointing plus the service there is slow.

    I ended up having wine and mojitos because they didn't have any Gin cocktails or cucumber to go with my gin and tonic. But in the lobby bar they have more choice but I actually seen that some nicer cocktails you had to pay for which is not good.

    So basically don't get your hopes up with the drinks selection.

    Since we had a swim up room too we asked about drinks delivered to our room but they were clueless and hadn't even thought of that but if you wanted any sort of room service you were charged.
    Because we normally get a swim up room so we can sunbathe on our terrace and use our own pool but because of the drinks we actually had to go and sunbathe at the main pool.

    The wine & beer were nice though!

    Soft drinks - I found their Fanta lemon to be not actually Fanta Lemon, i'm guessing it was the cheap version.



    We booked a 'double swim up room with terrace' which was room number 3006 which was based exactly opposite the greek restaurant.
    At first I thought we weren't going to have much privacy but it was okay actually. It was nice on an evening to be getting ready and have a cup of tea listening to the lady playing the piano.

    Since we were close to the entertainment including the outdoor theatre it was noisy. On the nights where we wanted an early night - we were still awake at 12am as the entertainment goes on until then so there no chance of an early night but good if you love the liveliness.

    The decor is gorgeous - very minimal but modern. it has a big bathroom with marble everywhere. But the main attraction is the terrace with the swim up pool. We shared a pool with about 5 other rooms but there was only one time the whole holiday that there was me and someone else from another room in the pool at the same time. It was good where we were as there was the music from the bar opposite so it felt like we weren't totally on our own and separated from everyone.

    You get a mini bar that we were told was free but once we drank the first lot they charged to fill it up - strange.

    Walking through the hotel theres just places where you're still stunned at how amazing the overall feel is like when I found these rooms I was like what are those rooms called and how do I get one of them!! I just think online its not very clear as to what room is what and even when we booked in the TUI travel agents they weren't even sure.



    As you can tell, theres still some teething issues with the hotel and staffing - like the maids not really cleaning the room but thats a small issue that they're trying to solve as time goes on. I don't think they were ready to open when they did and it feels like they're still playing catch up but by now they should be in a much better situation.

    The whole hotel is perfectly decorated and theres no issue on that end. You won't regret going here because we had an amazing time.

    I tell you what totally helped is the facebook group who share everything from tips like to make sure you take mosquito repellant and any updates of the hotel. Plus customer photos which show what its really like... find the facebook page here

    They also have trips that you can go on but we literally just like to stay in the hotel relaxing!


    Would you love to go here?

    p.s hope this helped anyone thinking of going here.

    Laura xox

    We've all had those disaster hair situations - more than we would have liked. It is so hard finding a hairdressers that does what you ask for with no mistakes. Hair can cost a lot of money and the slightest mistake or miscommunication can make it go so wrong.
    I have learnt that.

    I had found a hairdressers that I thought was the one I would be going to forever. It was expensive - god it was so expensive. But I bloody love my hair and I would pay a lot to look after it. I had been going there for 4 years, until I had a disaster. I complained & it got sorted but it made me look back at my hair for the past 4 years and realised I wasn't ever happy with the outcome after the toner washed off.

    The image below shows the pic on the left was the fixed hair compared to the image on the right was the disaster. It was yellow & I looked like a skunk. Never a good look.

    So I decided enough was enough & went on the lookout for a new salon. But really thought about it & realised I need to work with the hairdresser more, explain what I want more & not settle.


    So I headed to Gallery108 and thought I would change my tactic. Things I said to my hairdresser:

    - exactly what you don't want
    - the thing you're staying away from ( it was warm tones for me)
    - the worst scenario
    - exactly what you do want
    - what you eventually want to achieve

    We have to remember, our hairdressers cant read our minds. But I do think hairdressers need to be more real with us, we don't know that it might not look exactly like the picture we've just shown you.
    Yeah we can go in and say right I want this - the hairdresser will try but we need to know that theres a possibility it could not look like that or it might be a bit warmer than we want.

    I want to work with my hairdresser, not let her do all the work and then I expect it to look like exactly what I wanted even without fully explaining everything. Plus the most important thing is to be honest!

    Whats your worst hair story?

    Laura xox

    These have become the latest lash craze & I had to jump on it and try them out.

    S - SPEED
    V - VOLUME
    S - STYLE

    So whats different? It's all down to style and technique - you can choose how full you want them, how long you want them, how curly you want them but also you can have longer towards the end of your eye to elongate your eyes or longer in the middle to open the eyes more.
    The technique that is carried out by the lash technician creates a fluffier  & more natural look by alternating lash length.

    I used the salon finder to find a Nouveau lash technician that specialises in the treatment in my area - and I came across my gal  Mel - @lissylashesandbeauty


    Once your comfortable lying down your technician will start to prep your lashes by making sure they're all cleansed with an oil free cleanser to make sure they is no excess oil on the lashes to prevent lashes not sticking.

    You will be asked what look you want to go for, what length and what curl so have an idea in mind or ask your technician to see some images for example to help you chose. I went for the curliest as I have quite straight lashes but also quite long.

    I wanted quite a full look but something to make my eyes look wider so she created a look where the longest lashes were in the middle but you can get cat eye looks where its longer towards the outsides.

    Once your lashes have been chosen you will then get an eye pad put over the top of your bottom lashes so they don't get in the way or stuck. This is your time to close your eyes and relax for the duration AKA nap time!
    Once the lashes are primed they're ready for their masterpiece. With SVS you're creating fluffy lashes so as you can see on the image above, my lash technician draws on the pads what length should go where. Each lash extension is carefully glued onto individually onto your own lash.


    - You need to be careful not to get them wet for 48 hours straight after.
    - Brush them morning & night with a clean mascara wand (this helps to fan them out more and helps to collect any stray lashes that have fallen out)
    - Be careful not to rub or pull your lashes
    - Don't use eyelash curler
    - Clean your lashes and lid with their NEW Lash & Lid cleanser set which helps to get rid of any dirt and makeup 
    - infills every 3-4 weeks

    I am completely in love with them because they're more of an everyday lash compared to RUSSIAN VOLUME lashes plus they look more natural but without the need to wear mascara - which BTW takes half the time on a morning.

    Have you tried SVS Nouveau Lashes before? If you want to try other Nouveau treatments they do LVL, Russian Volume, Extend & express.

    Laura xox


    If you're a loyal GTWL reader then you'll know I am in love with Eclectic Hotels which own King Street Hotel in Manchester - well this is another one of their hotels.

    When I arrived I didn't actually know what to expect. It's a little hidden but it's a hidden gem. They have a car park which is essential these days, we drove up to the hotel, parked outside & the porter parked our car.

    Inside the hotel the decor is exactly like King Street Hotel which is good because its so quirky especially in the bar area which has cosy sofas & cosy lighting.
    When we headed into our room, I was blown away. It was so big it was like a NYC apartment with its mezzanine style room. We walked into the sitting room area which has a nice comfy sofa, big TV & loads of quirky decor bits.
    The bathroom is also downstairs next to the sitting room which has two sinks - waheyyy and a nice big shower. Upstairs is the bedroom which was maaaaaasive with a nice half egg shaped bath.

    After having a wander around the hotel and stumbling into someone wedding ( they have wedding on the terrace) we decided to head to the bar downstairs for a cocktail. Its such a nice atmosphere because its just so cosy & intimate.

    So when you're in a room this nice the only thing to do is get room service which was amazing because the food is just unreal in both hotels. We got loads of little plates so we could share which was like having tapas in your room whilst watching a film.

    What I did loved about this room was that you could just leave all the messy plates downstairs when you head up to bed & forget they're there until the morning which by that time you're packing to check out.

    After a nice bath with a glass of wine & the best sleep in our king sized bed ( Eclectic hotels do the best beds I'm telling you now) it was time to wake up and have more food.

    Again, we ordered so much because you know breakfast is the most important meal and whats better than a good breakfast btw?? This breakfast is so much better than the one we had at King Street Townhouse.
    After checking out we headed up to the terrace since we couldn't see it the night before because of the wedding and it was something that looked like it belonged in Paris. It was amazing & would be so good for those afternoon cocktails.

    So I will 100% be heading back here because no it doesn't have the spa that King Street Townhouse does but the rooms and terrace make up for it.

    Have you stayed here before??

    Laura xox