If you guys know me, you would know that my hair is my baby. I spend an absolute fortune on it to make sure its looked after really well and make sure its done properly. Since I have been dying my hair since I was young (yes I’m a fake blonde) I’m so scared of losing it or dying it too much that it snaps so I don’t mind spending the money and I think its totally shown because my hair has always been in good condition for being bleached blonde.

So when I got invited to Foreverlong Hair Salon in Newcastle I was a bit scared I’m not going to lie because I have been going to the same salon for about 3 years after finding the salon that does my hair how I like. So changing and letting someone else get their hands on my hair was a bit petrifying. But I checked them out and their work and it actually looked a really good salon where the hair was the most important bit to them and they took pride in their work. 

I went along for a consultation and a patch test and just to have a chat about what I wanted which I like because I think its so important to talk about what YOU want. 
What I wanted was to go brighter, more of a white blonde but with low lights still breaking up the blonde because I hate it when my roots come through and they’re so noticeable so low lights just help disguise the roots plus adding tones. 

The day came when my transformation was happening and I was really excited rather than nervous. My colour before was dull and more of a yellow blonde because of my two holidays which you can see has taken its toll on my hair. So when deciding on the colours and tones JoJo my stylist was going to put in my hair we went for more cooler ashy tones to help take away the brassiness plus a cool almost purple toner to go on last to help refresh it all. 
To help with the condition of my hair we used Olaplex too which is a lifesaver, honestly. My hair has never felt softer since having used Olaplex which goes is used in 3 steps and its one of those things where when you use it, you cannot live without it.

6 hours later and my hair was transformed! Yes it took 6 hours but we were videoing the whole process for you so watch out on my Instagram for the video as well as taking pictures. 
I love the results because now my blonde is refreshed and uplifted. Its more cool toned (some may say more silver) which I don’t mind because it goes yellow so quick!

The salon itself if rather quirky with their ring light and back drop which makes for the perfect Insta before and after pic and its so chilled out in there you don’t mind spending your day in there. 

Also the blow dry that JoJo done on my hair after colouring it was bloody unreal, it was the bounciest one ever.

Thanks ForeverLong for having me!

If your based in the north east and you’re after a new do or just a refresh of those dull colours then I suggest you check them out!

Laura x

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