I never click onto trends when a product goes viral I'm always just a bit dubious because things go viral just because they're new and exciting. So here's me about 3 years too late to the glow tonic party but it is actually really good! In fact if you don't use a liquid exfoliator this is going to be amazing for you as this is what I started off with. It just gets rid of all the dead skin and makes you're new skin underneath glow. Its my daily go to product to keep my skin looking fresh. Plus check out my personalised bottle!

The first moisturiser that is thick which I love for a night time because I like to know its doing its job.  I have quite dry skin so I need to moisturise every night and I need a good thick one that isn't just going to disappear when it goes on my skin. 

Well, this my friends is the best thing to land on my door step in a long time. It doesn't look like its going to change your life (or your makeup) but it does. The amount of compliments I've had when I wear this is unreal. Almost every time I wear this I get a compliment to say how flawless my skin is. Its a setting spray with highlight in which just makes your makeup pop. It's a total must in my makeup bag right now.

Lydia Millen made me do it. She raves about By Terry and now I know why. This product scared me a little as I didn't know if it was a fake tan for your face and how tanned it would look. But I've found that shaking it makes it too dark so I've just been spraying it onto a brush and putting it on after moisturiser before your foundation just gives you a bronze look but subtle. I've nearly ran out so that is saying something because as a beauty blogger I never really get to finish a product because I always end up trying something else before I have finished that one but because this is so good its been a must have every day.

THE BEST THING. I suffer with really dark circles as my alarm goes off at 4.45am every morning so this takes its toll on my eyes and I always find one concealer just isn't enough. Although I do use this with another concealer but this takes away the dark circles and the concealer that I use over the top is to brighten it. 

Benefit have absolutely smashed it with their brow products. This and the precisely my brow pencil are both amazing but if you're not that good in the brow department then this goof proof is the one to start with and then when you get more skilled and drawing on your brows and want more precise brows then move to the precisely my brow. (good names Benefit, they literally do what they say)

Whats your favourites ATM?

Laura xo

* All products marked with * were sent for review purpose*

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