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I have visited this hotel before but not to stay but for their amazing Festive Shopping Fayre which they have on every year around Christmas time and its now one of my favourite things to do at Christmas as they have so many shopping stalls as well as a teepee which you can have mulled wine around the fire but also ice skating - what else do you want to do at Christmas?!

So I knew this hotel was extremely good looking and its surroundings are simply stunning. But pulling up to this view and being able to pull up outside this building, park up and head inside with our over night bags ready to stay the night makes me feel extremely lucky. The grounds of the hotel make it feel even more special with its big long windy road into the hotel. Also, the houses before you pull into the hotel are just jaw dropping gorgeous and always gives me house goal vibes.

After checking in we get shown around the hotel which is defo one to make sure you look up but I bet you can't help it! Everywhere is just so big and the decor is amazing! With old Hall's like this, most of them are still quite old fashioned and decorated like it's still was when it got built but this one is more my cup of tea.


We stayed in the Duke of Wellington suite which overlooks the lake - who even knew Wynyard Hall had a lake?!

It's such a gorgeous room, a proper princess room. Perfect for that breakfast shot...

Obvs we had our own sitting area in the room equipped with a fireplace, a dressing table in front of the big windows and a hidden bathroom. I say hidden well because if the girl who took us to the room didn't tell us that the bathroom was there then we would have been searching for it. The door was disguised in the wall with the same wallpaper on which was quite cool and so was the shape of the room - it was a circle shaped room which added to the quirkiness of it.


We had a 5 course tasting menu booked with wine pairings at the restaurant in the hotel and I knew I had to wear heels well because its just that type of hotel where everyone dresses up. Which I secretly love because I don't get to dress up that often (of choose not to) and I don't mind wearing heels for the short period. Plus I can blame the wine if I stumble when really its most probably the heels because I don't wear them that often.

The restaurant is beautiful and big with again, big ceilings and big grand paintings. Its just a good atmosphere with great staff too who were soo attentive during our meal. The five course tasting menu was honestly one of the best meals I've ever had and the wine pairings was something that I wouldn't really choose as I like to just stick to what I know but in all honestly I don't know much about wine so in fact it was the perfect add on to our meal. We got to try new wines that we wouldn't normally choose and it added excitement to each course because actually the wine tastes totally different when paired with a certain course. I never really understood that something can taste different with a certain type of food but it actually does. Every single wine tasted better after a bite of my meal and I was blown away by that.
So if you have the choice to add on the wine pairings then defo do that, plus the guy who explains the wines is so helpful.

Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate the bowl in the second food pic?! I was in love with it and asked where I could buy one to which I was informed that one of the members of staff had made them - WOW. I would honestly buy these and need to know how I can get my hands on them.


Of course, as always. We requested that we have breakfast in bed well because let's be real - who can be bothered to get dressed before 10am when you're in a hotel room as good as this??
This was one of the best breakfasts I've had because I actually got beans, you would be surprised to find out that not that many hotels offer beans on the full breakfast. 


I didn't actually know that Wynyard Hall had a spa and I hadn't seen any images of it so I actually didn't know where about in the hotel it was - little did I know it was an old boathouse right on the lake.

So after breakfast and after checking out we headed to the spa which is very cute and quite which was a very nice surprise as normally spa's are super busy (mostly too busy to go in anything). There is some indoor saunas and steam rooms but I think the main attraction is the jacuzzi's outside which have such a good view. 

I am already planning my next visit here as I feel like one night wasn't enough to explore everything. We didn't even make it to the gardens or get a chance to get treatments whilst we were here so thats defo an excuse to head back soon. 

Have you visited Wynyard Hall?

Laura xox

Since I have already let you guys in on my secret that my hair has snapped - now I thought I would share my tips and the products I have found to help smooth them down but this could also work on baby hairs and flyaways.

First up is:


Sounds daft - it probably is. But when I'm out and about and only have this on me as I've been using it for my new laminated brows ( which will be a blog post in itself ) then I started using this and actually works amazing! The little brush acts as a brush to brush them down but the conditioning treatment smooths the hairs down and keeps them there especially on the shorter ones. Not only that you can tame your hair but also condition your lashes and brows whilst you're at it. Talk about killing two three birds in one stone.


This is also another daft product to use on your hair but I find most products made to smooth hair are too greasy and make your hair look wet so this gal had to use what she already had and see if they done the job. This one was also something I had in my bag and had nothing else to use so I gave this a go and actually works amazing especially if your sporting a middling parting with a low pony.


I was in Selfridges and walked past a mirror to which I was horrified to see my snapped hairs sticking out and with no products in my bag that I could use I had to quickly buy a mini from the mini section (which is actually amazing!!!) and I stumbled across this which sounded like exactly what I needed. Even better that it acted as a treatment too. Its also amazing on the rest of my hair too for those times when my hair is extra frizzy when its just been washed or for those times when I'm so nearly ready for a cut and my split ends are going crazy but I need to wait it out until trim time.


I was on the look out for more of a strong hold product that won't wear off with the slightest bit of wind because I do live in the UK where wind and rain seem to be a daily thing. I came across this which was super cheap and I am even sure I seen it in Poundland. I also have started using this to keep my curls in too rather than using hairspray which works even better.

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping snapped hair down and smoothed?

Laura xox

* gifted stay*

When The Coniston Hotel first got in touch I was excited because it was a hotel I had never heard of or came across it. I thought it would be good to visit a hotel and spa where I didn't already have an opinion of. I was visiting on a blank canvas and that was exciting for me as I normally have an idea of what the hotel looks like or the best places for IG spots ( a girl has got to be prepared and make sure my outfits suit my backdrop )


The Coniston Hotel is located in Skipton which for those that don't know where it is, its just left of Harrogate so if you're stuck for things to do the day after you visit the hotel or before hand then head into Harrogate and have lunch as its such a cute little area.
Its a family run hotel which makes it even more wow when you pull up to see its size - its massive
The staff at the reception were super kind and helpful which was a lovely welcome, I find the staff who meet and greet you are your first view of the hotel and how you stay will be.


We made it to our room which was a lake view room and even though it was miserable weather its always good when you have a room with a view. I love to wake up and look outside and weather permitting then also having breakfast outside too (obvs with a duvet wrapped around you because I do live in the UK.) Although it is a family run hotel you wouldn't be able to tell by the looks of the rooms as I find family hotels have their own quirky stamp on each room but this had the standards of a ...

Dropped our bags off and off we ran to the spa for our treatments - THE BEST BIT.


The spa is just to the left of the hotel in its own separate building which is good if you just book for a spa day as you can park right outside of the spa instead of having to go through the hotel. Its a modern building and it looks spectacular. Once we arrived west down in the spa cafe and had our spa lunch (I chose the Caesar salad and a white wine). They have a good selection of drinks as well as food and I really enjoyed mine in the sunshine as they have a little outside area or you can sit inside with that lovely spa smell ( which is my favourite smell ).

When I head through to the spa I genuinely don't know what to expect as I hadn't seen any pics so it was a nice surprise to find out they had an outdoor area with a heated pool, bar and sun lounges. And it was the perfect day to make use of these sun lounges as we were lucky with the weather.
The only thing I will say is that if you go on a weekend its going to be busy outside as thats the most popular and its only a small area so just bare that in mind. It could benefit from extending the area to around the corner as that area is bare. Which is something I find at every spa is that the outside is always the most popular and never big enough to cater for everyone wanting to get in the pool or be in the sunshine.

Inside they have a big pool, jacuzzi, steam room and sauna and the usual things you would expect at a spa. Its a huge area indoors which is also really nice and bright as they have floor to ceiling windows.

Our treatments were up next and could not have been more excited for my full body massage - which totally done its job. I was super relaxed and de-stressed after which is one thing I love about having a treatments is, is that you feel like a new woman after and sometimes we need this after the hectic lives everyone lives these days.


We had our meal booked in the Macleod's restaurant which is a 2 AA rosette restaurant. Its a cosy setting and we had a live pianist during our meal which gave it such a good atmosphere. The food we had was bloody lush and you can totally see why they have achieved 2 AA rosettes.

We had the best nights sleep and woke up to breakfast arriving in our room as you should know by now - we love to have breakfast in our robes in the comfort of our room. Because you get such a short amount of time to actually be in your room we always make the most of it - if you have never done this, then I would highly recommend you do next time and I bet you will never go down for breakfast again.

Have you visited The Coniston Hotel before? I will certainly be visiting again.

Laura xox

                                                           * gifted service *

Brow lamination OR sometimes known as Fluffy brows, is the brand new craze in the beauty industry right now and I am bloody OBSESSED!

I have always said that Manchester is always ahead of the times with beauty treatments and I am so happy I was able to try this treatment before it went viral. I was invited down to a salon based in Prestwich which is a brand new salon, a salon which is instagram worthy - HUN HUT

I have had my brows done by the lady that owns the salon before so I knew I was in good hands and honestly couldn't wait to try as my brows tend to sit in all directions.


* This is all my interpretation of it *

Brow lamination is like LVL for lashes, but a straightening treatment.
They last around 8 weeks and make sure to leave this amount of time in between treatments as you don't want to damage your brow hairs.

It's like a semi permanent soap brow. You can see the hairs more and they look like they have been micro bladed as all the hairs are going in the same direction and it actually makes them look fuller and bolder.


A solution is put on the brows to break down the hair memory, then a straightening solution is put on to tell the brow hairs how to sit. They are also died your colour of choice to make them stand out more.


No, when you wet them or don't brush them upwards then they sit normal but all uniformed so its up to you how they sit or how you style them. I like to use a brow conditioning treatment to brush them up and use a brow mascara to hold them in place.

It's certainly a treatment is a must in my books and one that I will be getting every 8 weeks.

Also, if you're a salon owner or beautician and you want to train to do brown lamination then the salon that I went to also does training for it so I will leave their details here -
Model brows - instagram
Model brows - website 

Have you had brow lamination done?

Laura xox

I don't know if you're just new to my blog or you're old school who keep returning (for whatever crazy reason thank you if you are) but just know that my hair is really kinda important to me. It sounds crazy but its been my best feature my whole life (apart from when I had a childhood breakup and I went and done something stupid with it - but don't we all?!) and I'm ever so careful and try to look after it as much as I can - especially that I bleach it blonde.

My hair has always been thin and very straight but there's just sooo much of it which makes it looks thick and healthy - good for me but bad for the hairdressers who have to spend 4 hours on it! 
I have it cut every 6 weeks because I hate the feel of my hair when I leave it any longer and it doesn't look as healthy so I try to keep on top of that. I get a full head of highlights every 3 months but I use purple shampoo too which can take its toll on my hair too so this means I needed to find products that will help and feed my hair. 

But recently after having more blonde added to my hair and finding that I can actually do a tight bun, I have found some snapped hairs around my face and ever since I have been in panic mode to try to claw back its health to help the snapped hair grow and to stop any other breakages. Here are the products that I have found that have helped so far and I have had no further snapped hair and the shorter hairs seem to be finally growing!


So the first thing that I tried was this hair oil spray, which made sense to me because I put oil on my hair as a treatment (as in olive oil) and this is good for those days when your hair feels dry after you've styled it and you want to add that extra bit of nourishment and shine. Don't add too much as it is oil so it will look greasy if you go overboard. But saying that I only ever apply it when I'm staying in the house and want to do a treatment so in that case I use it to the point where my whole head is covered.


Everyone has heard of Olaplex but does it actually work?! Well I find it helps a hell of a lot especially if you start with the first step which is added to your colour in the salon which is the beginning of the rebuilding. And that is what Olaplex is all about - rebuilding, repairing and strengthening.  The second step which is also added in the salon is the bond perfector is also key to start the repairing process. The other steps that you can do at home is where you can keep it up and maintain the repair system which is what I have been doing and found it made it a difference.

The steps that you can purchase and keep up with at home is:

Step 3 - Hair perfector which is an at home treatment that reduces breakages.

This is amazing and I really notice a difference when I use the treatment on not only the frizz of my hair has reduced but also the softness.

Step 4 - Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Step 5 - Bond Maintenance Conditioner

Step 6 - Bond Smoother which eliminates frizz and hydrates.

This is one of the brand new products which excites me because its something that can be applied to my snapped hairs when my hair is dry and it smoothes them down and acts as a hydrating treatment.

Step 7 - Bonding Oil which is a styling oil to increase shine and softness.

The newest product which is what I have wanted from Olaplex as I am obsessed with a hair oil as its something that makes my hair super soft, look shiny and smoothes the frizz.

Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Serum Intense 

So whilst I think treatments and shampoo and conditioners are going to help, I wanted a product that is going to help treat my scalp and the hair at the roots because thats where the hair needs the support from. I want to promote thick and healthy hair from as soon as it grows and plus all my snapped hair is short near the roots so this serum when I put it on - it covers the full snapped hair. I apply this every night giving it time to sink into the hair and scalp because I brush and style my hair the next day.

But doesn't it leave your hair greasy?! 

NO! which is the best thing as I thought applying a product to your root will 100% show but thats the magic about this and makes me want to put it on all the time. I can tell when I don't put it on to when I do which is what makes me know that this product works.

This pic is taken 3 months after I noticed the snapped hair and as you can see the hair has grown and no other hair has snapped and I have had my hair bleached since too and I'm so pleased to say it didn't create any other damage to my hair. I don't think it was the bleach that was to blame to be honest I think it was the process as to how the hairdresser had taken the bleach off - it was combed out and it was done very fast and very hard and I know myself from when I used to bleach my hair at home if you pull hard on your hair when it still has bleach on or even straight after it snaps very easily. But that and other things like tying my hair tight and dry shampoo have all added to it.

I have a new hair brand to try to help too so I will start to use that and get back to you to see how I get on with it.

Have you had any products to help to make your hair healthier?

Laura xox