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OMG can you believe the weather?! It's been the first time i've wore sunglasses this year and i am absolutely loving it! So obvs i had to shoot in the lovely weather & i tried to make it as summery as i can. I love the whole corset belt dress thing going on right now so i love that this shirt dress comes with the belt attached. I am sorry that most of the items apart from the dress are sold out though as they're all pretty old.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend & Mother's Day



You may or may not know but about 4 months ago i had lip fillers and it was the best thing i have ever done. It was something i had wanted for a while but never thought i would actually get it done but then came along SK:N CLINIC and gave me the chance to achieve the look i wanted.

Read my blog post all about it here

4 months on, after a second consultation & a top up here i am. After the procedure, you book in for a consultation so the doctor can see how they are getting on and to see if you need any more in case one side is bigger than the other etc. The one bit of advice i would give is to  proper analyse them before your second consultation as i did and i noticed tiny details, but its all in the details as they can make the biggest difference.
I had a tiny bit more (0.5ml) to even them out and i am so glad i did as they're perfect now!

I had no problems with them whatsoever and the clinic where so helpful and the doctor was great because he knew i wanted natural and when i said a tiny bit here he  knew i meant a tiny bit.

They do hurt when its getting done but its over so quickly. No pain no gain right?!
I can see how people get addicted because i'm already wanting a top up! When you're in the seat getting it done and see it go in you start to panic and think that it's too much because it swells there and then but i wish i had all of my filler but i didn't because i thought it was to much. So don't panic!

I cant recommend SK:N CLINIC enough and you need to know the place you're going to it legit & do your research.

Are you thinking of getting your lips done?


If you haven't seen the big hype around this big collab with Pixi and 4 amazing bloggers. I absolutely love to see brands collaborating with each other to bring out new products because i always feel YAY GO BLOGGERS. Especially if it included Caroline Hirons because she is legit the skincare guru who  changed my life (blog post about that soon) so i was super excited to see this land on the door step.

These are the best highlighters i have tried in a while and i love the shades as you've got a blush toned one, a light highlighter & a gold one. Perfect shades for every look.
Plus this mascara is the best mascara for the bottom lashes!!!

As i have already said, shes is the skincare queen. So anything she has had her input is gonna be brilliant, and it so is. The double cleanser is amazing and i can see it being amazing for travelling with too as its got the oil cleanser & cleansing cream.

The shades of these eyeshadows are all what i ask for in an eyeshadow palette. You've got a mixture of matte and shimmer which i think its always good to have a mix for all looks.
I'm not really a fan of lip palettes because i think they take too much effort than a lipstick but the colours in this are unreal! I've never seen colours like them in a lip palette as i always find they're normally shades you wouldn't use whereas in this you have the right amount of nudes and colours.

These palettes are just something else! They have both bronzing and contouring AND highlight in one palette. Plus the perfect brush for all.

Have you tried any of these products yet?
Which one is your favourite?



My first spa of the year and what a way to kick off the spa reviews than with a visit to Ribby Hall Hotel & Spa.  When you arrive it's like a proper little village as you enter you're greeted with Papa John's, Starbucks and Spar. You drive past all these amazing holiday homes & caravans until you drive up to the big fountain and the hotel. Its got that wow factor! Parking is good as there's always spaces which is handy. Checking in was super easy and we headed to our one bedroom suite which is amazing! I just wish we had two nights here to explore more. Obvs the first thing we done was to pop on our robes and head to the spa, which is the best thing about this hotel.
Its super modern & clean and i could spend all my time here. You have all the sauna's (yes, all), steam rooms, showers, heated lounges, foot spas, outdoor Jacuzzi, outdoor sauna and indoor pool. The outside bit is my fav as you have beds, seating areas and a bar which you can order cocktails and food from. The only thing which i wish they did do was to have cushions on the beds and seating which would make it more comfortable and look better.

The whole hotel is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes i mean just look at the lounge area ^
We had a meal booked at the Orangery restaurant and i couldn't wait to have more cocktails as the cocktail at the spa bar was amazing!
The restaurant is super cute and cosy, the staff are so helpful and kind which makes you're overall night just so much better. So thank you to the manager that night and the friendly young lad who made us happy. Cocktails flowing (highly recommend the Hendrick's Mule) & the food turns up. For starter i went for the crispy ham hock which was bloody lovely, then mains. Well
WOW that is just something else. We both ordered fillet steak with chicken salt chips. Yep, chips with chicken salt sprinkled over the top. AMAZING. Then for dessert it was obvs nutella donuts. It was honestly the best meal i have EVER had in my life. So even if you don't stay here you need to go just to visit The Orangery restaurant.

 BREAKFAST, my favourite meal. I couldn't wait to head back to the restaurant because i find it so cute as its not too big and intimidating where you don't know where to head for the food etc. (just me?) Well again there was the nicest man serving us who was super happy and made us smile with his cheery mood. It was the best breakfast too with fresh pastries, mini pancakes with berries, fruit and a hot breakfast if you choose. I would have spent longer in here eating all the pastries if i could have but i had a treatment to get to.

I had booked for an Elemis facial which was the Biotech blemish control facial 90mins because i normally book for a back massage but i thought because this sounded amazing and my face needs some TLC. Also, i am a sucker if it involves technical devices! Don't be put off thinking because shes using a machine it's not going to be relaxing. Its not a loud noise and its used in a relaxing way, i ended up falling asleep so that says i was relaxed! 90mins on your face, a long time right?! Well she didn't only focus on my face as i had a scalp and neck massage too. Its meant to help with those hormonal spots and to refresh your skin by removing any dead skin. My skin has never felt to soft and i normally have very dry skin! It was soft all day too which tells me it worked.

After your treatment you get taken into a relaxed lounge where you can lay and chill out with some herbal tea and watch the world go by to pull yourself around after being woken up from your nap in your treatment.

One last hour in the spa plus another cocktail later then it was time we checked out.


I love you. 


p.s have any of you visited ribby hall hotel & spa?