So if you've seen my post about when I went to Beneisland you would have read that I was feeling a little insecure about how ‘little’ I was compared to these bigger influences that I’d been mingling with. But I was super overwhelmed with the response that I'd got from social media when I mentioned this (especially by my fellow northerner Chloe - this girl has supported me loads lately and its warmed my heart since people who I actually thought would have supported me didn’t) so I thought it should be something that should be addressed more.

Anyway it made me think. Numbers totally shouldn’t define who you are especially in this social media world. Its so easy to get caught up in numbers and let it take over but thats when you start to lose why you started and yourself. You start to do things just for numbers which is following and being a sheep of others with the big following.

Don’t be a sheep. Be yourself and stay true to your blog/insta. That's what I have tried to do from the very beginning especially since I'm from Newcastle and I'm so out of the London loop so I have to try that little bit harder to stand out, but I'll always me.

Especially with this whole Instagram algorithm, it seems to take ages to hit the next milestone and Ive been stuck around 17k for ages whilst I see all these other people storm ahead hitting 20k and Im here just like cyaaa whilst they head on up. But I’m so happy to see people hit their target and I’m not bitter about it, support your gals and pals. 

Back to the point though, just because these high flyers are flying high on those numbers, doesn’t mean their any better than you or it makes you any less of a person. You could both be putting in the hard work but yours just isn’t recognised yet. Don’t get demotivated, use it to motivate you more. 

Since I have came back from Beneisland, I feel like I have been more myself than ever. I haven’t been trying to fit in and I feel so much better for it plus I feel like I’m staying true to my current followers. I’m always me, I’m always real. Yes it feels amazing to hit the next big number and you feel a bit deflated when you don't (which I have lately) but we need to remind ourselves the reason why we started.

THANKS to everyone who has supported me from the start. Your love and support doesn’t go un-noticed. I see all your comments and likes and my way to show my love back is through competitions because unfortunately I can't give to you all. So head over to my Instagram as there is one live now!!!

Laura x 


  1. Awww you're too sweet! I just love how far you've come since I met you at that event in Newcastle all those years ago - you've just been flying since then! You're the Insta Queen of the North! Carry on being fabulous!

  2. Such a great post. I feel like I get way too caught up with Instagram numbers sometimes, when I should really just chill out over it.