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(£14.95 normal price) 

Need I say more?! Well yes but let's just all say wow. 

So, you'll know that I was on a mish to find the perfect fake tan. I started with St.Moritz then moved onto Cocoabrown Tan which I thought was brill until I found that the one they sent me was a limited edition. Who even does that?! Like I got into it and when I finished the bottle I couldn't buy it. So I bought the one hour tan but not in the dark because Superdrug didn't have it in stock at that time and I was desperate for tan asap. I quite liked that one because it was a subtle tan which made you look like you'd been back from holiday for about two weeks. I wasn't used to that though, because if you're gonna tan then you might as well go the full hog and try and look like you've just got back from holiday right? 
Although this one did last longer and faded nicely.

When I was running low on that one and also needed a new mit I popped into Superdrug and found myself looking at the new fake tans Superdrug are now stocking. I recognised them from Instagram and it was a hard decision between Bondi Sands fake tan and NKD SKN by Vita Liberata. 

Obvs I reached for the cheapest one. Which I think is expensive if you go through a lot and I do as I tan like every other time I have a shower. But it's better than paying St Tropez prices! 

It costs £9.99 from Superdrug for the medium mousse. There was a dark liquid but that rather scared me! What do you even do with the liquid?! If you do know then let me know! 

So anyway let's get to why this is so fricking amazing. 

Straight away I like the texture of it as its a light mousse instead of a thick mousse that comes out of a container like squirty  cream! It's very like the St Moritz one and I feel you get more for you money with this type as you can't get the full contents out if it's like the squirty cream type. 

When you put it onto your skin it doesn't sink in straight away which is amazing if you're not quite good at putting it on because that means it doesn't start working straight away. You can rub in any streaks and make sure the whole surface is covered before it starts working. 

Next, the smell test. 
I thought that I just needed to get over the fact that all fake tans made you smell like wet dogs. End of. 


This one DOESNT smell, like at all! I'm no even kidding. I went into work and made everyone smell my arms and they agreed it didn't smell at all. TRIPLE BONUS. 

The colour was lush, like it wasn't dirty, it wasn't orange it was just tanned. You can even tell this by the colour of my tanning mit. It didn't turn green! It is now a burnt orange colour which is much better than green lets face it. 

After I've done my whole body normally I've got to do this hilarious dance (make sure your door is locked) to try and dry your tan. No dancing involved in this one because it dries straight away. No stickiness. Nothing. 

I have white sheets, I know poor sheets. So I normally sleep in full length pjs when I've tanned so it doesn't ruin them but I still get the odd orange patches on them but I didn't either this one. I think it's because it was dry so it didn't rub off onto my sheets! 

I can't get over how perfect this is. Surely this one can't be beaten? 

Have you tried it? If not you NEED to!