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Well I've seen a few people uploading images to Instagram (and if you don't follow me on Instagram then shame on you. Go do it now - lauracranston1) of lots of gorgeous products they have bought and most of them is a lottttt of products in one go! If you're wondering why are people buying in bulk at the moment. Well the answer is simply Boots. Head over there now and you will see what the fuss is. They have a 3 for 2 offer on and I walked in thinking nothing of it (didn't seem like a big deal to me) but slowly buy surely I got sucked right in their little trap.
I ended up walking out with £23 of stuff which I didn't plan on buying and didn't think I really needed but hey ho I'm so excited to try them! 
Firstly I found myself at the Lee Stafford section because of Zoella (if you don't know her then shame on you again, she is beautiful and has the most hilarious vlogging videos ever made. She could be the reason I vlogging). Anyway, she talked about her hair care in one of her videos and made me feel really bad that I don't use a heat spray DUN DUN DUNNNN. I admit it, I don't, never have either. Which is really bad I know especially because of how much I go on about keeping my hair in mint condition and because I dye it. So I caved and bought the exact same one she uses which is the Lee Stafford Argon Oil Heat Defence Spray £12.99 which I cringed a bit at the price because I like to spend my money on things that I can see a difference and I don't feel this is gonna show me a difference. But I know it's going to keep my hair in good condition and protect it which it needed protecting a lot. I don't use straighteners that much because I hate the way it makes the ends of my hair feel when I do it so hopefully I can curl my hair more because this is going to make my hair feel beautiful. Fingers crossed it better.

I also bought the Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Shampoo which Zoella talked about and I admit again that as I blonde haired girl, I've never used purple shampoo. I don't no why because it's meant to take those brassy tones out and keep it looking a nice colour blonde. So I bought the shampoo and unfortunately not the conditioner because they had ran out but surely the shampoo will work without the conditioner right?! I actually used this last night and never have I never been so excited to try a new shampoo before simply because it was actually purple! I suggest don't try this in a bath because it turned the water purple, but it looked sooo cool haha. I'm so intrigued at how it can take those brassy colour out, and to be honest I wasn't expecting anything big because if it's not a dye the. I don't understand. Well anyway I dried my hair and it actually works! My hair had a lot of brassy tones as I'm in the middle stage of going from a home dying kit blonde to a hair dressers blonde, and there is a big difference! It's just refreshed the blonde and that is exactly what it claims to do. So if you have blonde hair and have never tried this then u suggest you do because I wish so one had told me to buy it years ago. It wasn't that expensive, £6ish. I realise it is quiet expensive for a shampoo and a shampoo you only use once a week but it is so worth it.

Now, onto the most bizarre product yet. The Lee Stafford Lightening Spray. I am so dubious about this product because it claims to lightening your hair! It says, for those roots or highlighted hair that need lightening. I mean, how can it do this?! And anything that claims to get rid of roots without a trip to the salon then I'm all for it but I'm not holding any hope to this working but let's try it out! It will be a bit difficult to see because my hair always goes lighter in the sun anyway but I am hoping if I spray this on my roots and then go into the sun it will help get rid of my roots totally? I guess not but it might help. I am guessing this is similar to putting lemon juice on your hair and sitting out in the sun as it says it's a citrus spray. And yes before you ask I have tried sitting out in the sun with lemon juice on my hair..and no it wasn't when I was young, well if you class 20 as young then yes. When I was at uni I would do anything to help make my hair blonder as I couldn't afford hair dye, how tragic. And no it didn't work. So this is why I'm not holding any hope for this product.
This again was around £6ish.

Finally, this little bottle of goodness is my holiday essential. You protect your body from the sun so you should protect your hair. This little bottle is enough to last all holiday and most of the times two holidays. You just need to spritz a little on your hair before you go out in the sun and reapply if you go in the sea or pool. I don't no if this actually works or not but I like to think it is. Because you can't see that it's working it's hard to tell but alsong as it's protecting my hair then that's all I need to know. Smells lovely too. 

Anyway that is all guys. I am away on holiday as we speak travelling to the airport. 
I am back in a week so will have lots of outfit posts to upload and try out vlogging! 
Let me know if you have tried these and love them or hate them in the comments.


This blog post is to enter into Superdrug bloggers competition.
They have asked bloggers to create a look with three products. Sounds easy, but when it came down to it, it was solid! Choosing three products only took some planning. So when I thought, what can't I go out the house without. The answer had to be foundation, my eyebrows and my mascara. So I chose...
Clinique Moisture Surge Foundation - £22, Urban Decay naked palette one - £37, NYC Big Bold Curling mascara - £3.99
The look I am going for is a smokey eye. A smokey eye never fails.
NYC Big Bold Curling Mascara, Urban Decay Naked palette one and Cliniques Moisture Surge foundation. I have reviewed these products in previous posts so make sure to check those out as I won't be going into that much detail.

STEP ONE: apply foundation with fingers or brush, fingers are said to warm the foundation to it goes onto the skin better but brushes help make it go further and get into those creases better. 
STEP TWO: From the Urban Decay Naked Palette start off by using the shade 'Sin' and apply this all over the lid. This is a shimmering pink colour to help highlight and is good as a base colour to build on to. Don't forget to apply this up to the brow as it helps highlight the brow arch.
STEP THREE: apply 'Sidecar' to the whole lid, but don't go above the crease. This starts to apply a connecting colour that will pull it all together and make sure there is no step or line where you can see a change of colour. Again is a shimmer, more of a light brown.
STEP FOUR: use shade 'Toasted' and apply this in the crease of the lid to create depth. Only apply it on the outer half of the eye. Toasted has been my all time favourite colour (if you can't tell already as it's nearly ran out!). It's a shimmering bronze colour with a pink shade to it. 

STEP FIVE: take an angled brush to create an eyeliner type line along the lash line with shade 'Creep' which is a shimmering black. Start to build it up by just going over it a couple of times but each time go above the previous line. This is to render it and blend it in. It might help to dab your finger in the colour and go over the lines just to make it blended more. You also want to apply this to the bottom lash but only on the outside half.
STEP SIX: with the same brush, use shade 'Gunmetal' and draw a line above the lash line with this colour, I love the black and this silver colour together so it just brings it all together and gives it a gradual colour.
STEP SEVEN: I use 'Buck' to colour my eyebrows in with but if you like your brows lighter then use 'Naked'. 
Make sure you use brush like strokes to make your brows look more natural. The. You want to go over your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush.
STEP EIGHT: take 'Half Baked' which is a shimmering gold and dab a cotton bud end into it because a cotton bud is the best makeup brush I think! And use this to line the insides of your eyes. By this I mean the top half nearest to your nose and same with the bottom half. This acts as a high lighter and it just finishes the eye off. Apply as much or as little as you want.
STEP NINE: I am using NYC Big Bold Curling Macara as I am totally loving this at the moment. When using a curling mascara that has a curled brush, then always use it so the curl is upwards so it looks like a smiling mouth not a sad mouth as it doesn't help curl if it's downwards! Little tip for you there :). Apply as many layers as you like depending how thick you like it.

STEP TEN: Enjoy! That is your smokey eye finished.

Obviously if I was allowed to use more products I would have used eyeliner, bronzer and blusher. So here is a picture to show you what the finished look would be like.

Hope you like this look and if there is any looks you want me to try then let me know in the comments and I will try and get those done for you.


I bought this lipstick by Maybelline about a year ago and have only worn it once or twice because as I've said I haven't been that confident wearing bold lipstick. But as the summers coming I've been bringing out the bright lippys. This always around £7ish and it's in the shade Electric Orange.
I have done a little tutorial on how to wear this lipstick. Although I have worn this without eyeliner and just a little mascara and it looks just as good. If you have a bold lipstick then you can calm it on the eye makeup sometimes but in this case I have gone for a good old winged eyeliner. And if you struggle to get the winged eyeliner then check out my previous post How to do winged eyeliner.

Rimmel Glam Eyes - £5.29, NYC Big Bold Curling Mascara, £3.99.

I loveee the colour or this as I feel it's a step closer to red. I am not brave to wear red! I have only worn it out the house once and I regret it looking back at the photos. Maybe one day.
But for today, orange is the new black! Embrace the summer coming. Dare ya!


I love when a new set of nail varnishes comes out and I wasn't going to succum to buying any from the set that Rimmel have produced with Rita Ora but when I seen this colour I couldn't resist. I'm a sucker for anything pastel and I saw the shade 'Lose your lingerie', well let's just say it didn't take me long to pop over to the till.
When I first saw it, I thought it was going to be more white as it's really pale but luckily when I put it on it wasn't white. Also, it looks like it has glitter in it so I thought it would be a shimmer nail varnish, and it isn't that either!
So overall, I love it! I can't wait to go on holiday to wear it with a tan! 
Good one Rimmel!

Rimmel Rita Ora Collection in Lose Your Lingerie - £3.69

Have you tried any other shades from the Rita collection? 

Matalan Pointed Flat Pumps - £12

Are you in love with these pumps as much as I am? I LOVE them and how cute they are. Purchased from Matalan at £12 which is just amazing. They are black suede with straps around the ankle and cut out detail on the sides.

They are mega comfy too as I wore these to work to try them out for you guys. 

Go grab them now before they sell out. 


If I'm honest, wearing lipstick is something that happens at the last minute. I don't do my makeup around the fact if I'm wearing lipstick or not. Or I don't think ooo ill wear that lipstick with that dress. It sort of just happens. I will do my makeup and then last minute check what colours I have and see if they look nice. If they do then I will wear it if not il stick with good old Vaseline as I'm not a fan if lipgloss! I just think it gets in the way whatever you're doing. If you go out, your hair blows into your lipgloss and gets stuck, if you go on a date the you have a little smooch and it comes off, if you go out out then it goes onto your glass. So yeah, I never wear it. I like the thought and think it looks lovely but Im more of a lipstick girl. So I don't have as many lipsticks as you think and it's only recently that I'm being more and more brave about wearing it. So here I've picked out my main lipsticks. 
This is a TOPSHOP lipstick in shade Whimsicle. TOPSHOP used to be my fav brand of lipsticks but after trying some more brands out I've figured out they aren't my favourite anymore. I feel these ones dry too easily. I like a lipstick that has a shine or a one that doesn't pick up and stick to all the dry places on my lips. This one has a shine and goes on moist but after a while it comes off but leaves a sort of liner around the lips which isn't great. Also dries easily. But the shade is a nice nude shade which is always nice.

Now this one, is AMAZING. It's a Miss Sporty lipstick in the shade Sweet Berry. It was a cheap one from Superdrug around £3.99. It actually has a cherry smell to it which is always nice to have a lovely smell coming from your lips. It's smooth and soft and goes on shiney yay! It stays like this too. If you're not a fan of shiney lipstick then you can always pat it with toilet roll and pop and dot of powder over the top to help make it stay. It stays on brilliantly too. I've used this on a night out and only applied it once thorough out the night which is good going I think! Also the shade is just amazing.
This is me on the night out which is a themed night(pub golf) and I don't think I've reapplied it yet. You can see how bright and how nice the colour is.

Here is another TOPSHOP lippy, in the shade Oh La La. Which is better than the one featured above as it lasts a little bit longer. The shade is abit more brighter and more summery. You can see the shine that this one has which is why I like it better.

Last but not least, MUA in shade Juicy. This was another cheap one from Superdrug! Superdrug is the place to go for cheap but good lipsticks! I loooove this one. It's more creamier and brighter than the TOPSHOP ones and lasts longer. It's more like a coral nude colour which is one that I love if you couldn't have guessed.

Have you found a cheap lippy that you think I will like? 

I am such a fan of winged eyeliner and it used to be my signature makeup until I got brave and started playing about and seeing what worked for me. The reason I was such and still am a fan of it is because it helps my eyes look elongated as they are big and round which gives quite a 'dopey' look which isn't such a good look! So by making my eyes seem longer by adding the flick makes me feel more confident. It takes time to learn how to do it but once you get the nack for it you'll be doing it all the time.
The last time I blogged about my everyday makeup look I didn't do steps how to do it so here it is broke down with the added winged eyeliner.

Start off with your foundation of your choice. My is YSL Touché Éclat at the moment. Then dab concealer under the eyes and on your eyelids! I love Benefit Erase Paste as you know, also dab any blemishes you have. Then I go onto using Benefit Hoola bronzer under the cheekbones, sides of the forehead and down the sides of your nose. This is contouring to highlight your cheekbones and making your face seem slimmer.

Then I am using No7 blusher and apply that to the apple of your cheeks to the amount you want, not too much though!
Using eyeshadow gives depth to your eyes so here I am applying 2True eyeshadow in brown, applying this in the crease of your eyelid. Now using Glameyes by Rimmle which is the best liquid eyeliner ever. £7.99 ish. The reason I like it so much is because of how thin the tip is which is great for giving that flick. So start of by lining the eye first as this gives you a guide line as to where to come back to and how thick to do your flick.
Then following the line of the eye make it longer, or if your like me you want it higher to make your eyes look wider, then draw your line like a Nike tick. And the. Just keep going over this to make it thicker each time you do until you reach the thickness of your line on your eye. Then if your flick isn't so thin, just dab your liner back in the pot and get off all the excess and just to to the end of the flick and draw a thin dash so it makes the flick thin but not too long.
This is a new mascara I am using which I bought the other day. By NYC it was only £3.99 or something which is so cheap and I love testing new mascaras out. This one I LOVE. It's curved to help flick hose lashes up and thins the mascara so it doesn't go on dead thick and makes them look natural but longer. You must try this out if you like the sound of that. I wouldn't go for it if you like your mascara dead thick.
Now apply a pencil liner under the top lid and on the bottom. Here I am using The Body Shop one which to be honest they all do the same job so yeah it works haha.
I fill in my brows with buck shade in the Urban Decay Naked palette. And highlight your brow arch with Benefit High Beam.

Hope this helps those who are afraid of winged eyeliner! Sorry I'm not that good at explaining 🙈


Sooo, in my last Wednesday Wishlist I said I wanted a printed bomber jacket. Well I have bought one. Whoops, I couldn't resist. I have been a fan of the clothing shop Internacionale recently as  I feel they have got sooo much better stock than they used to. And then this week I seen they might be closing down which is very sad and I hope they don't. So as I was wandering around checking out the stock that is left I came across this amazing bomber jacket and was devastated when they didn't have my size. Luckily the nice sales assistant placed a size 8 in my little hands which I was thrilled!!! It was £24.99 but with student discount it came in at around £18 which is bloody fantastic for a jacket if you ask me.

What do you think? I wore this to work with a plain white t-shirt underneath with jeans and converse. I have a feeling I am going to wear this so much as it can be dressed up or dressed down and can complete a boring outfit. 


12, 34567 8910

The dewy look has been popular since we seen the likes of Millie Mackintosh on our screens in MIC. I loved her and still keep up to date on her looks as I think she's just beautiful and her skin looks to die for. Obviously I've been obsession over her skin as I'm dying to know what products she uses and her secrets as I want that skin! 
So I've tried to create my own dewy look trying to bare in mind she has a very natural bronzed look, and here it is.
I've recently created a makeup routine that I have stuck to quite a lot for everyday makeup for work and just everyday general. I get into a habit of doing it the same for a while as I forget to experiment with different colours and products which is bad as there's so much lovely makeup out there to play with. But this is what I am currently using most days. Most of it is running out and obviously it all runs out together doesn't it! Which means I will have to repurchase it allllllll at the same time which is an expensive time. 
So first of all starting with foundation. I have recently reviewed this Garnier 'BB Cream' in my 'Let's Raid My Makeup Bag' post. This is what I use everyday, if it's just on its own or if it's under another foundation, I used this mostly for the moisture. Since it's a bb cream means it is like a tinted moisturiser, and I LOVE the dewy look as it's good for my dry skin. So today I used this as like a primer if you want, and then I placed YSL 'Touché Éclat' foundation (my little sample pot). I was given this little pot of goodness as a tester as I had a make over done there one day and this was their newest product. And I can safely say I will be buying this. If you've ever tried the 'Touché Éclat' concealer then you will know why. This is meant to be similar in the way it is meant to reflect light, and if that doesn't excite you then I don't no what will! I use this foundation on top of the bb cream because the bb cream doesn't have enough coverage for my skin at the moment, and it just means you don't have to use more of your good foundation as we all know it's expensive. 
Then I go on to use a highlighter, which obviously has to be the one and only Benefit 'High Beam'. This is a liquid highlighter as I hate with a passion powdered products! I add a dab of this on my cheek bones, on my nose, the arch of my eyebrows and in the middle of my lips. Highlighting these areas will help to give your face a nice shape, also give you a healthy shine in the right places and hence the name but it highlights your features.
Concealer is as almost as important as your foundation. I used to used the YSL 'Touché Éclat' but I felt it was too thin so I moved onto the Benefit 'Erase Paste' which is thicker and creamier. This is good for those under eye bags. Benefit also do a product called 'Lemonaide' which is basically a concealer for your eyelids. Mad I know but the difference it makes you won't be laughing then. It's a lemon colour and it is to block out those red and blue type veins we get on our eyelids and makes your eyes brighter and it is a good base for eyeshadow. Another concealer to try from Benefit is 'Boi-ing'. This is good for the blemishes as it's more of a pinky tone to blend in with your skin colour. (As you can tell I am a huge Benefit fan.) 
However, in this I have used a cheap version by Gosh (stall in Superdrug). I used to love this before I found Benefit and to be honest since I've started using it again I can see why. It's just as good and does the job.

Then I go onto contouring my face with Benefit 'Hoola' bronzer. This is amazing stuff as its not full with shimmer and all that faff that makes you look as though you've been hit with a disco ball. It is not orange either which I've found out some bronzes are. I place this (with the brush it comes with) under my cheek bones, down the sides of my nose, and on the corners of my brow. Basically where you would normally catch the sun. Then I apply blusher on the apples of my cheeks with a angled brush. The blusters I have been using is this No7 blusher I was given in a set for Christmas. It's lovely colours and I'm not too fussy when it comes to blusher, so any tend to do the job.

On my eyelids I use 2True (Superdrug) eyeshadow in the creases on my eyelids. And fill in my eyebrows with Urban Decay 'Naked' palette in Bucked. 
With my mascara, I tend to buy whatever is on offer or the newest one in Superdrug as I like to test new ones out and I don't have a favourite. Although I don't like ones too clumpy and this Max Factor 'Wild Mega Volume' does just that. It's thin and makes you're eyelashes long. 

And finally I apply this Collection 2000 'Cream Puff' on my lips. It's creamy and it's more like a lip stain which stays on really well and I love this colour as it looks more natural than a lip stick.

Also, if I am out all day and I need to refresh my makeup and your skin is looking a little tired, the. I carry Mac 'Studio Moisture Fix' Hydrating Spray with me at all times. It's amazing at refreshing your makeup if you don't have time to reapply. It is also good for dry skin in general.

Well guys, that is my everyday makeup routine and I hope you like it.

Anything you want me to try out? 


If I could afford to go shopping everyday I would. But I can't, so what I do is make a list of my mot wanted things that week so it keeps me on track and so I don't go off and waste my money on something useless. I ended up buying last weeks want (even if they weren't the expensive version) so maybe i will have one or more of these next week. 
From top to bottom, Dune bags are amazing and I love how good quailty they are. I have one that I got as a present and I never think to shop there for bags but I do go in now regularly to check out the latest. This blue small shoulder bag is cute and I love bright colours (if you can't tell already) and this would just make an outfit. Although, they are expensive and £55 for a small bag isn't something you do everyday so I will save for this! 
Bomber jackets, might be a thing of the past but I'm always complaining that I don't have a jacket that I can wear when it's hot, I have thick coats and leather jackets and wearing leather jackets in the heat is unbareable. So I've spotted this one and I love that it has bright colours in but this is also a tad expensive, but I know I would get the wear out of it. River Island are really good at bright colours and unique patterns.
You would think I was getting paid for the amount I'm plugging H&M but I'm not! I just love it haha. And I'm obsessed with small gold necklaces and find it hard to find a nice one. £1.99 is bloody good! 
Also this light grey bag from H&M looks so expensive, which it's not as it's H&M we are talking about here. Nothing is expensive. This will go with any outfit and make you look like you've spent a huge amount on your outfit, little do they know..

Let's see what I end up with next week.


 I have put my hair through so much over the years, I feel now it's time to be kind and gentle to it or else I'm going to be left with no hair! I've been dying my hair since I was young and it's always been the strong stuff (bleach, not actual bleach). I tend to not use heat on my hair everyday as that is what kills it the most. When I wash my hair I try to let it dry naturally, plus I like the way it goes when it dries naturally as when I hair dry it it tends to go poker straight and I'm not a fan of straight hair, I tend to like the 'just got out of bed' hair look. So when it has dried naturally, just before I style it I pop a pea size drop of this John Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum. It has been in my life for years and years and it is one product I swear by and couldn't live without. I honestly don't know how you guys live without a serum!!!! If you've never used one then I suggest you go out and buy this one and use it for a month and see how much it changes your life. It smoothes down those frizzy strands, makes it shiny and soft and just overall looks in better condition. Don't apply too much as it can make it look greasy and only apply it to the tips! There are three types if these John Frieda Serums and I don't see the difference as I've tried all three but they all are just as good as each other. They come in at around £7 but well worth it. I recently bought this Extra Strength Formula as I thought it may go further if I didn't need to use as much but to be honest it is just the same. If you use hair straighteners and hair dryers then I would apply this before you do so so it protects your locks against the heat.

Onto this Tresemme Hair Mask. I've never used a mask before and I seriously don't no why. I love them! Or maybe just this one, but I'm guessing they all do the same. Left this on wet hair for 5mins and it didn't feel as soft as I thought it would and even not any different. But when I let it dry, wowza. It was so soft, maybe a little too soft so I wouldn't use this before you go to a especial occasion and you have to style your hair as we all know it's a nightmare to style your hair when it's too soft, it just doesn't happen. I maybe don't do this mask as much as I should. Superdrug do special offers on Trememme products quite a lot so I would check there first if you go to buy this.

What other hair products should I try? 

Last week, I posted about some leopard print shoes that were on my wish list in Wednesdays Want. I really really live these and I've been thinking 'can I afford them, can I reallyyyy' and I've been humming and harring about buying the. Since I blogged about them. In the meantime I tried on the cheaper version I found from Dune. I was unsure about these ones and the sizing was abit off as I am normally a 4/37 but they were too big and the 3/36 was too small, so I left it. 

So after I finished work today I popped around to the ladies department as the kids is separate as I had my employee of the month code to use. 

And found these beauty's!!!!!!! 
H&M have got these at the tiny price of £12.99. You seriously can't go wrong. Although I did have to get a size 3.5 instead of my usual 4 but I've been told these kind of trainers are big sizing anyway. I can't wait to wear these out and about as I have a feeling they are going to be so comfy. So if I was you, I'd get ya self over to H&M and get them purchased whilst they are in stock. However I don't think they are online just yet as I can't find them.
I will wear these with ripped jeans and a plain white tee or leggings and a jumper. These will go nice with leather jackets and leather skater skirts! 

These jeans are also a buy from H&M which were £19.99. The thing about H&M is that yeah I know I work there but there sizing is all wrong. The tops are fine but the jeans and trousers are just something else. I don't no about anyone else but I had to buy a size 12 in these and I am normally a size 8!!! Doesn't do anything for your self esteem but no one sees the sizing right?!

Have you guys seen these around at a cheaper price? Or have you got these, if so what do you think of them?


My nail varnish collection is never ending. I add to it at whenever i can because i feel i need more colours in my life even though i already probably have that colour or very similar. My nail collection is mostly made up of Barry M as it has to be my favourite brand of nail polishes just because of the colours they do and they are always bringing out new collections. They have so many different types of nail varnishes such as the new Silk collection, textured collection, gel collection and the list could go on. They last as long as a nail varnish can last but the gel ones do last longer! 

Barry M

I have sifted through my huge collection of nail varnishes and picked out a few of my favourites! I change my colour at least 2 times a week as i hate it when its chipped or coming off as it needs to be perfect. So these are my top 12! The brands are Rimmel, Barry M and Topshop. Topshop nail polishes are amazing but i never think to go into Topshop specifically for a nail varnish and i always forget to look at the makeup section when i go into the shop, which is why i don't have that many from Topshop. From now on i am going to start making sure i buy more from there.

Half of my fav are pastel colours as you know how much of a pastel fan i am. They go lush with a tan and are great to wear in the summer (the sun is shining so get out those pastels guys!).
Number 1 is Barry M Silk Collection in 'Blossom', Number 2 is Barry M Gel Collection in 'Lychce' Number 3 is Barry M in 'Peach Melba', Number 4 is Rimmel 60 Seconds in '415 Instyle Coral' and finally number 5 is Rimmel Lycra Pro in '500 Peppermint'.

My other favourites are..

Number 1 is Barry M Gel Collection in 'Blue Grape', Number 2 is Rimmel Lycra Pro in '327 Heart On Fire', Number 3 is Topshop in '103 Gypsy Night', Number 4 is Barry M Textured in 'Purple Countess', Number 5 is Barry M in 'Strawberry l/c' with Barry M Limited Edition in '349' over the top.

The one thing about the Barry M textured collection is that they dry matt but i love my nails to be very shiny and i tried putting a clear nail varnish over the top but it only added a tiny shine.

What's your favourite nail varnish?