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SHIRT - Jack Wills
JEANS - Topshop

Who even wears shirts properly any more?
I got this shirt for Christmas and to be honest, i've never worn it. It makes me feel like a horse rider! So this way it gets worn and it looks way cooler. 
Its such a shame these shoes are uncomfortable otherwise they would get worn way more often than they do. I still love them like i do when i first bought them! Sorry if this is just teasing because i have checked the website and they're not on there so i am not sure if they are still available or not! Today is a super casual look as i was heading over to IKEA which is my fav shop ever! 

Are you liking these fashion posts? Should i just stick to beauty? Maybe one day i will shoot at a different location!


I was gobsmacked when the girls at Gemporia first got in touch with me. I felt so lucky for them to have spotted my blog and instagram account! They sent me over their brand spanking new collections to check out and pick an item that stood out to me and to review.

I can tell you now that it was a solid decision. They have some beautiful pieces in their new collections.
The collections that stood out to me most were the 'Flora' collection, 'Azure' collection and the 'Csarite' collection! So you need to keep those beady eyes out for these.
I ended up picking the 'Multi Gemstone Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ring' from the 'Flora' collection because the colours in that collection are bloody gorgeous. They suit me down to a tee. Rose gold is something that i am in love with if you haven't noticed too. It costs £58 which you can order on their website. It looks so much more expensive i know!

It was that kind of delivery day when you're sat round the letter box for its arrival. Sad i know but all bloggers know the feeling. Even if you're not a blogger and you have ordered something spectacular then you get it!

I got the size L/M but wish i got the J/K as it's a tad too big but i ordered the bigger size thinking that i hate it when rings dig in and make your fingers look fat. Damn sausage fingers! I normally buy size small rings in high street shops if this helps with sizing but they have their own size chart that you can print out and measure a ring that you own up against the ring chart which says which size you should get.

It is perfect and i am in love with it! It sparkles in every light.
Their prices start from £17 so do not be put off by prices as they have a huge range of prices! 

Check out their website girls...http://www.gemporia.com/en-gb/

and to any boys, you would be king of the good books if you got her something ;)

I am warning you though, expect it featured in lots of #OOTD shots on my instagram account! (if you dont follow me then you should, click on my face up there ----> and it should take you to my account!)

Do you like it?

Jumpsuit - 5Fashion

Leather Jacket - New Look

Yellow Blazer - Zara

Belt - Internationale, Watch - Next, Rings - Primark

Necklaces - Primark

Shoes - New Look

Shoes - Aldo
The lovely girls at 5Fashion got in touch with me due to their interest through my Instagram Page and my blog and asked me to pick an item that i would like. Firstly i chose this jumpsuit but in the navy as i feel that colour goes more with blondes and gold jewellery! Unlucky for me they didn't have my size so i thought i would go for the black. I chose a jumpsuit because i have always wanted one but never bought one and i don't really know why! 
It arrived and i knew i would love it because the material is lovely and i loved the v shaped back to match the front. I chose the size small and it fits perfectly, its also a good length too especially for me being such a short arse! 

I thought i would show you two different looks but with the same jumpsuit as i feel jumpsuits are such a versatile garment. One is my day time look with sandals and one is an evening look with a bright blazer and some verrrry high heels.

I am defo going to get my use out of this i can tell you that now! And what better news than to tell you it has gone down to £12!!!!! That shit is cray i know. Just a bit better than £23 which is still not bad.

Check them out girls! 

Gotta give a shoutout to their girl Amy too as she sent me the nicest email the other day telling me how much she loves my blog and how useful it is! Honestly it makes my day when you guys tell me things like that as it makes me feel useful and my little blog is getting read out there in the big wide world.

What do you think of the two looks i put together?

Also, how have i done for my first official professional fashion post?


I find my biggest beauty struggle is finding the perfect mascara. So here i am helping every woman help beat that struggle. Personally, everytime i buy a new one it seems to be a different one as i don't find myself reaching for the same one.

I don't curl my lashes so i need a mascara that can curl them whilst lengthening them and not making them cloggy at the same time. Cloggy may not be a word but when talking about lashes you all know what i mean! 

I've heard amazing things about the Benefit They're Real mascara so when i was sent a sample of it i was over the moon! I was also sent the 2True Paparazzi mascara by Superdrug for winning the bloggers comp. And to be honest with you, i thought ah it will come in handy as a back up for when i run out of my normal one as i know 2true is a cheapish make. 

How wrong was i!! When i first tried it i was in shock. Honestly i cant remember the last time i thought wow at a mascara! Even trying the Benefit They're Real mascara, i knew it was good so i wasn't surprised when it worked wonders on my lashes.

So i thought i would compare them both and see which one i actually like better no taking into account the brand or the price. As you can see from the images there isn't much difference but they both look amazing! 
IF i was to be mega picky here are the things i would say:
  • My left eye seems more curled
  • My left eye seems less clumpy.
Which mascara is on which eye i hear you asking........WELL.

Cheap - 2True Pro Paparattzi which costs £3 is on the left.
Expensive - Benefit They're Real £19.50 is on the right.
Can you believe that i picked the cheap version over the expensive version?! That's never happened in my life.
Don't get me wrong, to look at obviously i would pick Benefit as they're packaging is always amazing and the 2true packaging isn't all that special and the writing has rubbed off due to using it everyday.

Which one would you choose?
Hope this has helped your quest to find the perfect mascara!


I have a confession to make.

Well you might have read my 'Disappointing products' in May. It included this Lee Stafford products that i bought and i said in my post that i didn't think it worked and it was a waste of money so nobody buy it.

Wellllllllll, i have been using it for about 2 weeks now maybe even 3 because it was annoying me just sitting on my shelf when i really want it to work. So i thought, just try it for a month and if it still doesn't work then at least you've gave it a chance.
My problem is that i wanted to see a difference asap and since i didn't i thought it didn't work.

Roots are a big issue for me. They disgust me in even way, they just drive me mad but i know its hard to maintain them! and also expensive. This is why i wanted it to work so bad.

Anyway, it does work.

I know i know i went on about how much it was a waste of money. But i can certainly see a difference!! It's not so much they've bleached my roots but they have made them lighter. Which is what i've always wanted as when you're quite blonde it makes your natural hair look black when it comes through even though its not. It also makes your hair look more greasy which means you go through batiste like there's no tomorrow. Even when it wasn't greasy, i was using batiste or talc on my roots anyway just to make them seem lighter.

I've been using it like it says to on the bottle, every other day. It doesn't make your hair go crispy either, it just dries in and off you go it gradually works its magic. One spritz on an area is all it needs.

I am so chuffed i gave this another go as its certainly saved me a trip to the salon! I don't mind my roots when they're not black! 

You can also use this all over to make your hair look lighter or on ombre hair!

So i owe an apology to Lee Stafford himself..i am sorry i did not give your product a chance and dissed it.

It does work and its amazing.

Guys, try this if roots are your day to day problem! 
Least i stuck it out for you all to see if this actually does work or not.

Have you tried this? Did it work for you gradually too?


I want to thank Laura for working with me on guest posts and allowing me to write on for her beautiful blog. I am super proud of Laura for how far she has come in such a short amount of time, this is already one of my top blogs to read every week. We have worked on a post each about our favourite hair car products, it seems we both love to try new products that really look after our hair.

Shampoo: To start with you have to have a good decent shampoo, I am forever trying out new shampoos and changing them up. I always use my shampoo up before my conditioner so I reach for a new brand or something to try it out but this time I have stuck with this lovely product from Elvive. I think it is a great product for coloured hair, I recently have been trying to go back to my natural colour but this needs treatments such as stripping the hair of my dark colours. This product has kept my hair looking and feeling well looked after and manageable due to having my hair highlighted. I have been using this shampoo more often than any other one, I purchased my first bottle of it in May.

Conditioner: My hair has been through a lot when it comes to colouring it, I have for years been a very dark brown but since trying to go back to my natural hair colour it has needed extra care. The treatments I need to have and the highlights make my hair very dry but I have a few miracle hair products that have really done the job. Toni & Guy are a brand that I know will work wonders on my hair. This hair mask I have been using since February and it has been a dream, it leaves my hair silky soft and shiny which is what I want. The product itself sits well on the hair and when I apply it onto my hair I wrap a towel around my hair whilst still in the bath to keep the heat in. This helps to  work the product into my hair more, it really works. It also feels like a really lovely pamper night trick. For conditioner Elvive is a go to brand for me, it restores my hair and cares for my coloured hair.

Glad hair day is something I purchased when my hair felt very knotty, since having highlights I find my hair gets dry fast so using this whilst brushing my hair in the bath helps to work the knots out my hair. It smells great too and I can trust Soap and Glory, it is my go to products.

I guess you are wondering why I have a Lush product in this, well I can share that if you add this Rub Rub Rub product into your hair after conditioner it leaves it feeling beach ready. It has sea salt in its ingredients so it works wonders to help your hair feel all beach ready. I enjoy using this as a fun product, it smells and looks great too.

I hope you enjoyed seeing an insight into my hair care and thank you to Laura for allowing me to work with her on this. If you want to check out my blog head over to Kemples and I also have some amazing news to share with you. I am up for best Established beauty blog in the Cosmopolitan awards so if you would like to vote for KEMPLES  the link is on my blog or head over to the Cosmopolitan website.  I really appreciate all the support and it is something that makes me tear up with happiness every time I think about it. <3


 First of all, how pretty do these look? I am a huge sucker for packaging and the bag done it for me until i opened it up to see these mega cute travel size samples.

Ark contacted me asking if i would want to try their brand and obvs i was gonna say yes because i LOVE trying new things especially when it comes to skincare products! When i clicked on their website and seen the word age, i actually laughed and thought they were trying to tell me something. I know i'm not getting any younger but howay i am only 22 turning 23 for goodness sake. Anyway as i read on i wasn't so concerned as it's just preparing for age instead of trying to get rid of it.

Ark is a brand that focus on the skins age and not skin type. So i would fall into the skin prepare category and there is three categories. 
Teens to early 30's - Age Prepare
Mid 30's - 50's - Age Maintain
50 + - Age Repair

By separating the skin into categories they can work out how your skin is at your current age and what can help it by adding particular ingredients. 

ARK Age Aware Skincare is prescribed by skin age rather than skin type. There are two main transition periods in the ageing process where there is a dramatic shift in hormone production and a significant change in the way the body functions: late 20s to early 30s and late 50s to early 60s. ARK has looked at the skin externally and internally during these transition periods and divided its skin therapy into three “age appropriate” product lines:

The products they sent me are the Age Aware Discovery Collection - £28 and the Anti - Ageing Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer - £36.

Age Away Discovery Collection
These four mini samples come in a cute bag to keep them all together which is perfect for travelling away for the weekend or away on holiday abroad. You have inside: Cleanser, Exfoliator, masque and a moisturiser.
They all smell AMAZING. It reminds me of a spa, it's basically a mini spa in your own bathroom. I was most intrigued by the masque as this isn't like your typical face mask which dries hard and makes your face stiff so you can't talk, its a masque that is to calm all your blemishes and reduces large pores which is made of clay.
The exfoliator is probably my favourite out of them all. I love products that make you instantly know it's worked. Once you use this you can feel your skin is so smooth and fresh, but thats the feeling of any good exfoliator.
I've been using the cleanser every other day so i don't use all of my Liz Earle Cleanser and it's been doing the job and smells amazing. I am yet to use the moisturiser as i am trying to use up all of my current one before i move onto this one.

Anti - Ageing Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer
Now this, is an award winning product which lots of you voted one of your best face suncreens. You wear this under your makeup to get the flawless look as well as hydrates and gives you a glow. It has 3 important ingredients which help create this look: 
  • Vitamin E – antioxidant and provides photoprotection

  • Shea Butter – nourishes skin and protects from free radicals

  • Sunflower – packed with vitamins and minerals
This helped give the dewy look that i LOVE and try to get daily to help look healthy and flawless. It also helps make makeup last all day so it would be perfect to use if you have to go from day to night without applying more makeup!

Overall, i am literally in love with everything here. My fav being the anti ageing primer, exfoliator and the masque!
I am dying to try their toner now.

Check out their website if you wanna read more about Ark or purchase their products here!

Have you heard of Ark before? Have you tried their stuff?