Lord & Berry Summer Makeup | Review

When these products landed on my doorstep, you can imagine the excitement.

I have heard of Lord & Berry before but never actually tried before so i was excited to try them before i seen the colours. They launched their new summer collection which is bright and bold colours. 

The packaging is very sleek and chic and looks expensive. I wasn't expecting it to be this nice to be honest!
Firstly my eyes were drawn to the eye shadow. That bronze colour,WOW!
I have been after a bronze shade for ages but couldn't find one that wasn't too red. This is spot on. The shades that i have is Desert Sun which is the bronze shade and Red Gold is the gold colour.
When i opened it up it was already broken so all i done was get the bottom of a makeup brush and crushed it all to make it into a loose powder so chunks don't end up falling out when i open it. I love the pigment of Desert Sun and it is my favourite shade this summer. The Red Gold goes perfect with it too, apply it in the corners of you inner eye and along the bottom lash line and you've got a lush warm metallic eye.

The Lipsticks are amaazzzing. Look at the shine on them!

I love nourishing lipsticks as my lips tend to dry out throughout the day and theres nothing worse than dry lips with lipstick on. The colours are so pigmented to. Theres lots of diffferent shades you can get but these ones for summer are perfect. Red with a tan is just lush. 

The red lipstick is a bit more matt than the pink one but its not totally matt,

What do you think?

Have you tried Lord & Berry makeup before?



  1. I loved the bronze eyeshadow and red lip colour. Too bad it was crushed. I have only tried their lipsticks before. x

    -Wildfire Charm

  2. Ooo that copper colour looks gorgeous! I've never come across this brand before. Too bad it was crushed though!