The Body Shop | New Products | Vitamin C Range & Virgin Mojito Range

I got invited to The Body Shop in Durham to have a chat about their new products so off i went as i love finding out what their new ranges are. Its so nice having someone to talk you through them too and you can have this treatment too. Just simply head to any of their shops and ask one of the staff members to introduce you to their new stuff and they should explain what they are and what they do. You can test them out too as they always have tester pots available.

The new ranges they have out at the moment are the Virgin Mojito range, Vitamin C range and the Fuji Green Tea range.

I have seen a lot of hype around the Vitamin C range and its even been compared to Origins GinZing which is all about boosting the skin complexion. Vitamin c is good for the skin as it is meant to brighten the skin and make it look glowing. So if you cant get enough vitamin c in your diet then why not fake it and get glowing skin this way.
If you find yourself with dull skin thats in need of some loving then this could be the answer.

The Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser £16 has up to 60 times the vitamin c concentration of an orange!!
I have heard some amazing results with this moisturiser as its meant to give your skin a healthy glow, which you either have after a spa visit or after a holiday. Well this is a lot cheaper than both of those.

Also their Instant Glow Enhancer £14 is meant to be amazing too. This can be used under makeup as a primer as it has rosy tint which makes you look like you're full hydrated and helps your makeup go on better and stay on. If you're having one of those no makeup days then use this alone and look healthy without the dreaded 'i've got no makeup on'!

The Virgin Mojito range is maybe one of their best. Its a proper summer thing! You can buy a set which comes in an actual cocktail shaker. How cool.
The smell is just amazing. Its summer in a bottle. With its lime and mint scent it is so refreshing its like you wouldn't need an ice lolly after you have spritz yourself with the body splash. 
The Body Shop are known for their body butters £13 and this is one of their new scents for the body butters. I am so excited to take this on holiday as i feel i will feel instantly refreshed and smelling amazing. Its one of those smells where you keep wanting to smell yourself! Don't believe me you need to go and test it in the shop. If this doesn't satisfy you then you can buy the Virgin Mojito Body Splash £16 which you can pour a bit into a spray bottle and take it around with your during the day to refresh you or on the night time instead of a heavy perfume. It comes in a bit of an awkward bottle where its literally a splash. Imagine Home Alone guy putting colone on his face and that's how i imagine this would be like putting this on if you didn't use a spray bottle.

The Fuji Green Tea range caught my eye as i seen a little infuser which you actually put in your bath. Bath tea is a new thing atm and i'm very intruged. This green tea bath tea is made with real green tea leaves and it is meant to relax and de-stress you. Not only is it relaxing but it is also meant to be good for the skin!

Like the look of any of these?
Or have you got any of these?



  1. I love the virgin mojito range, the smell is amazing! The green tea diffuser looks interesting too! x


  2. virgin mojito range smells so good! i have the body butter and want to add a fuji green tea one to my collection. also, i love the vitamin C exfoliator, one of the best i've ever used. great post x


  3. I love your photo's! They're so bright and beautiful (especially your insta ;))
    Love the green tea range too.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Sam xx


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