Sienna X Fake Tan | Review

Everyone wants that holiday skin don't they, espcially this time of year!
Those who don't holiday or those who don't tan. Well, we all see that i holiday and with this being my third holiday this year i want to try and make it last for as long as i can as this will be my last holiday until the end of the year! 

Sienna X kindly sent me a bottle of their best seller Q10 Bronzing Mousse £20.79 to try and see how i get on with it.

When i uploaded an image of the bottles onto Instagram i had a lot of you commenting saying you get this tan as a spray tan and its amazing! Well this made me more excited to try it out. There are more types of tanning products from their range so if this mousse isn't your cup of tea then check out their other products.

But for now im gonna let you know what i thought of it.

They also sent me their Luxury tanning mit £3.29 and their Polishing Body Scrub £9.96 to make the perfect buddies to the tan. 

No tan looks good without the right tools and some before and after work lets face it. Its like painting, you can't expect the paint to look good if the surface hasn't been prepped.
Exfoliating is the best thing to do before applying tan and so i had a shower using this polishing body scrub.This is fab for getting those little bits like elbows and knees. Washing off all of that dead skin i am all exfoliated and now i just need a good moisturising then im set to go.

The luxury tanning mit is amazing and you can tell its a luxury one! First of all, its black. I mean why arent't they all black because there's nothing more gross than having a green mit. Its thick and soft and you can use both sides. 

It goes on nicely and you can see where you have been because its already a tan colour which helps with not having streaks. Its not sticky and doesn't smell. So win win!

The next day i found it as one of my fav fake tans. You can never tell a good fake tan until the next day. It wasn't a dead dark colour which i am currently loving at the moment as it looks more natural and you can build it up.

Whats one of your fav fake tans?

Have you tried Sienna X?


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