Holiday Pamper | Newcastle Hair & Beauty | Summer Sizzler | Review

Summer holidays is all that's on everyone's minds lately, whether you're going or you've been or you're just simply envious of everyone going. 
We all know I LOVE my holidays and everything before them I have this pamper stress of trying to get myself beach ready. Whether that is the summer bod that I am always trying to achieve or having the works done at a salon. 
I'm one of these who has to have my nails & toenails painted, eyebrows done, lashes, teeth whitened the lot. Never ever ever could I imagine going with no nail varnish on. EVER. 
And I don't know why. It's not like I I trying to impress over there or impress the person I'm with as it's usually my dad or my mam! 
It's always just for me. 

So I got invited along to try out this amazing 'Summer Sizzler' package deal that Newcastle Hair & Beauty have got on at the moment. 
You can chose three treatments off the list for £50. Which I think is amazing because your nails alone can cost around £30! 
Off the list, which you can view here, I chose Microdermabrasion facial, eyelash tint and eyebrow wax and tint.

Microdermabrasion facial is all to do with getting rid of that old/dead skin and leaving you with a fresh face. So I thought this would be amazing to get rid of all that dead skin from my previous holidays and start with a fresh for this holiday. 
An eyelash tint is something which has never been seen as a must for me because I wear mascara anyway but I have always been intrigued at how much of a difference it can make.
Eyebrow wax and tint is an absolute MUST for me. I get my eyebrows done at a salon every time as I don't want to run the risk of ruining them myself as we all know we can get carried away. Especially with going on holiday and wearing no makeup around the pool.

So when I turned up to the salon which is just based right in the centre of Northumberalnd street above Superdrug, I was greeted by a lovely girl called Alex who was doing all my treatments. First off you come to reception after the two flights of stairs, where you can see its next to where the hair salon is. I was asked to fill out a question sheet asking if I have any skin conditions and what did I want from the microdermabrasion treatment etc.
I was then lead upstairs to where all the beauty treatments happen. First off you see where the manicures and pedicures happen which is a nice bright area compared to the dark area where the hair is done. I was taken into a little room where I was getting pampered and with the nice cosy feel with the floral wall paper and out dated decor it sort of makes it quirky. Alex got straight on with my microdermabrasion facial which starts off with taking off your makeup if you have any on. Then the hoovering starts! That's the only thing I can explain what it's like. It's like a mini Hoover which sucks up all the dead skin and sucks off the dirt out of your pores making them clear. This went on for about 15mins and with Alex's chatty banter I felt right at home. She made me laugh from start to finish and I really found that endearing. Some people make awkward conversation but there was nothing forced or unnatural about this girl. 
I would hate to see inside that mini Hoover that came out of my face as I bet it would be disgusting! 
After the hoovering she applied a moisturiser as it can make your skin dry with hoovering out all the oils from your skin.
The one thing that I will warn you about is not to have this done if you're going on holiday the next day as you can't sunbathe or use sun beds for 48 hours because of how fresh the skin is that has been revealed.

Next was the eyelash tint which you do have to have a patch test for so nip in a day before your treatment and get one done just to make sure you don't come out looking like Will Smith in Hitch. As I said I was looking forward to see the results with this one. She applied the dye and went to wash her equipment and I..fell asleep. I felt like she was gone half an hour but it was only 10 mins later but you know how relaxed you get when you're on that bed being pampered. 

Last but not least was the eyebrow wax and tint. She followed my shape as I had had HD brows done before this and was pleased with the shape so she added the dye and waxed. When she was done she showed me the results of all the treatments and I couldn't believe my eyelashes. I actually said wow. They looked so long just because they were dark so you could see them more. Especially my lower lashes! I was super impressed and I am probably hooked now.
My eyebrows were a great shape and colour, the ONLY thing is they have left an orange tinge on my skin. Never happened before so I think because I had the microdermabrasion first it has affected the way the dye goes on. I'm guessing it's going to go, I hope it does anyway.

Then there's my skin. Wowza. Before I went in I had lots of stabbing around old spots that were just healing and now, all gone. That Hoover sucked them all up making my skin look and feel clear. I loved it and I didn't even mind walking home with no makeup on as I felt like it looked good for once.

I was flying to Bristol that night and I even went to the airport with no makeup on, because of how I felt with no makeup on and I hate flying caked in makeup. It was an amazing feeling on the plane after just having a facial.

I Defo reccomend trying the Summer Sizzler package not only because of the amazing price but also because how Newcastle Hair & Beauty make ya feel. 

Have you been here or heard of it?


  1. Ahh could so do with this right now! Glad you got to enjoy some pamper time.


  2. Sounds lovely! I need a good pamper!

    Hannah x http://www.hannaholiviax.blogspot.co.uk