Time Bomb Skincare | Review

As you guys know, i am obsessed with skin care products! So when i was asked if i wanted to try Time Bomb i was like errrr yeahhhhh.

I have never heard of Time Bomb before so i was very intrigued. As you can maybe guess its all about stopping time and anti-ageing. They do this by their 4 core focus's:

- loss of sloughing ability
- loss of moisture
- loss of oil (sebum)
- loss of collagen

First up we have their 2014 award winning moisturiser.
The packaging of this product is spot on. Its different to other moisturisers by their ball type bottle and i love how its white as it just makes it look so clean and crisp.
Now when it says intensive, i thought it was going to be this heavy sticky cream when it is not at all! Its almost like a sorbet, lightweight and quick drying. Its not too much but its not too light either as i have quite dry skin and need one that's not going to sink in straight away and makes it feel like you haven't got any on.
It is one of my favourite if not my only favourite moisturiser. Its the one i have been grabbing since it arrived on my doorstep and i am almost certainly going to be gutted when it runs out.
It may be on the expensive side but your skin is so worth it and it will thank you for it.

Whats more perfect than holiday in a bottle. Well when i seen this i was expecting amazing things, but when i applied it on it wasn't so amazing. I just felt it was too orange but you can get a light shade and a dark shade. The shade i have is Sunkissed which is the lighter shade which isn't so light. I feel like the only time i could wear this is on holiday or when i have got tan on. I'm still a bit confused about it to be honest. Its not a tan, its not a foundation or a stain, so what is it? Your guess is as good as mine. I feel like it could be amazing if it was that tiny bit lighter and my skin is quite tanned anyway. The thought is there though!

(I have linked to Selfridges as TimeBomb were out of stock)

Now, how exciting does this sound!
A cocktail for your face. 
This bottle of goodness has a shot of b12 in which is meant to reboot the skins energy production and restores a healthy complexion. I have been using this on a morning before applying my makeup and it just brightens the skin and helps your skin wake up. This is a bloggers fav and now i know why! They do other cocktails that do different things and i am dying to try them.

Time Bomb could be a new fav brand! I am dying to try their other produtcts!

Have you tried or heard of Time Bomb?


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  1. Lovely post hun, I love your photography.
    I think I need to try some things from Time Bomb, these look great!

    CharlotteSamantha // www.charlottesamantha.co.uk