Collection 7 Day Wear Nail Varnish | Review

Collection have a new set of Nail Varnish's out and they sent me the FULL collection, 
How lucky am i?!

There are 27 shades which range from some glitter, matt and normal nail varnish.
Their new range is a 7 day polish which means it is meant to last longer than normal. This is amazing as nail varnish never lasts me longer than 3 days! No matter how many coats i apply.

As you can see there are many different shades to chose from. I grouped them together in shades to photograph them to show you the ranges as i feel this is the best set of shades i have seen. They have chosen a base colour and then made a few different shades of that base colour, e.g they have a red but they also have a brigt red, a dark red, an orangey red and a pinky red.
They literally have every shade you would need. 
And with them being £1.99 you could literally have the whole range and it would only cost you £53.73. That sounds a lot but when you're getting 27 bottles it doesn't seem as bad especially when you can pay £10 for one bottle for some brands!

At the moment, Boots have an offer on where if you spend £5 on Collection products you receive a free gift!

Now, obviously i have tested them out, not all of them because i think its going to take me the whole year to eventually getting around to using each one. But i have shown you in the last image my fav shades and these are the ones i have found myself using. 

The first shade i tried was the pink and i find pink a shade that never lasts so i thought i would put it to the test!
Now what i found was that it was amazing until i went to work. My work literally kills any hope of having pretty nails so it is no wonder they didn't last the full 7 days but they lasted a good 4 days! I also used some shades on holiday and my mam was also pinching them. She applied one shade and it lasted the whole holiday.

You can't ask for more than that. £1.99 for a bottle with 27 shades to chose from and with long lasting results.

Which colour has caught your eye?



  1. Wow so many nail varnishes! These sound brilliant and there's so many colours that I want!

    Katya | The Beauty Harbour

  2. Cant wait to get my hands on a few of these =] very pretty


  3. Could you recommend a brand/colour that is the same as the 'baby blue 22' shade please? It's one of my favourites and it's no longer available to buy