Review: MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers.





I am LOVING MUA Cosmetics lately! They are so cheap and they don't come with that cheap feel or look either which you can come across when the products are so cheap. Not with MUA. If you have been following me from the start (THANK YOU!) then you will know that i am a lover of their £1 lipsticks. They do the best nude/peach colours and they're so nourishing they look great.
So when i spotted these in the new section of the MUA stand in Superdrug i was so excited! They is never a time when i don't come out with swatches on my hand from the MUA counter. Typical blogger always having swatches on my hand.

The packaging of these lip lacquers are so professional and you wouldn't believe that they only cost £3 each. They're in a lip gloss type of tube and it is in a clouded tube rather than see through which make it seem more expensive. I bought them through the Superdrug makeup 3 for 2 offer which is still currently on so if you haven't checked it out go now here.

I can't say i've ever used a lip lacquer before so i didn't know what to expect but from the testers that i done on my hand i knew they wouldn't budge which is what i look for in a lip product. I also liked that they're matt and not glossy as you all know that i am not a fan of lip gloss due to the main reason of hair getting caught and becoming sticky.

The only tip i will say is to pull it on with a lip brush instead of using the applicator that it comes with as they're quite hard wearing which means they stain so if you go out of the lines it is a task to fix. Also, if you put it on and realise you want to start again or not sure on the colour, then let it dry before using a makeup wipe to take off as its easier when its dry.
They do tend to gather as time goes on which isn't good but nothing a little Vaseline cant fix, just rub this in which will make the colour rub in more and stain your lips which makes the colour last longer.

My fav colours are, well all of them, but i am not sure i suit the purple 'Kooky' one. By the way, there is another one in a pinky tone which i didn't buy but will end up purchasing just so i have all 5. The orange one is bloody lush! You all know i love  a good orange lip and this is so bright and great for summer.  
And i'm not really a red person and never wear it so i was quite excited to try this as i've always looked for the perfect red to try and tempt me to become a red gal. This is it. Its gorgeous. The thing that makes it so nice is that velvet look and because its a deep red and not one of those pinky reds.

Well done MUA. You've got my seal of approval.

Have you tried any of these? Which one is your fav?



  1. These are gorgeous!! I love the "Funk" color!

  2. Sometimes I find that products like this can be quite drying - did you find that your lips dried out after a period of time?

  3. Thank you for the amazing blog post! Went out yesterday and bought the colours reckless and atomic and they are so good! So glad I found your blog through Instagram!

  4. Great blog post! you should do a get the look blog post of perrie from little mix :) stunning xx

  5. These look amazing, this is such a fantastic review! I think they all look stunning on you but I'm not sure I'd suit the Kooky colour either.
    Daniela | danielascribbles blog xo