Manuka Honey Facial To Help Clear Acne.

Manuka Honey is said to be anti-bacterial and it is what the Egyptians used to heal wounds. People use it for their bodies on the inside as well as the outside. If you have a teaspoon a day it can help colds and flu etc as it kills all the bacteria inside you. So if it's good enough for the inside then it's gonna be just as good on the outside right?! 
If it was originally used on wounds then it should be perfect for spots, and it is. It's great for those spots that you've picked at (naughty) and they've turned into scabs. It is also good for scarring as it heals the skin and repairs it which creates a new layer of skin.

When I posted this image of the jar of honey on Instagram, you all were eager to read this post so I thought I would do it ASAP for you guys. Aren't I nice :)

I came across this once when my uncle had a terrible cold and bought some and he said it was a miracle worker. It took me a while to find and yep of course it's expensive, everything that is good for you is expensive. It can be around £9.99 for a jar. It seems mad but it's worth it. I found some last year in Home Bargains for £5 which is a bargain! And I assume you can find it cheaper in the internet such as ebay or amazon. 

I used this all last summer and I really do swear by the stuff as it just cleared up my skin and made me feel more confident which I needed after the bad skin year I had last year. I did start just using the honey on its own as a face mask, but then I started introducing lemon juice into the mix. As lemon juice is great for spots as it drys them out as he acid kills it, so I thought the lemon juice could kill the current spots and he honey could heal the scars and help with old scarring. So I started mixing the honey with lemon juice (fresh or the bottle) into a little bowl and used this on my face every night and my skin started to brighten. If you make a lot of mixture you can store it in a little Tupperware box with a lid to keep it from drying out this way it lasts.
To be honest I am not sure what I preferred as it was last year and I've just rediscovered it again and can't believe I have went all this time without buying anymore. 
So anyway I seen this little mini jar in Morrisons for £1.35 as their jars are expensive for the big ones and I just bought the little one so I can use it whilst I look online for a cheaper one.

All I do is use an old clean makeup brush and dip it into the honey and apply it to the affected areas, I normally do this as I'm running the bath and leave it on until I am about to get out of the bath so the steam from the bath can open your pores and so the honey gets deeper into your skin. When I'm in the bath I just every now and then just get my brush and go over it to keep rubbing it in as it sort of separates if you leave it. You can apply this to your lips too to help moisturise them. Which is a bonus if you like the taste and smell of honest but I can't stand it! The things I go through to get the perfect skin ey.

Also, if you add a spoonful of honey to your bath it can help with back acne etc.

                                                       Really hope this helps!

                                                                 LLC x


  1. This looks fun! I need to find something like this to use!


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