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First of all i want to introduce you all to the BRAND SPANKING NEW Collection 'Mardi Gras' Range. Since working in retail, you get to know all the ins and outs about trends coming up along with the 'in' colours that are going to be big this spring/summer etc. So i already know that the whole 'Rio' trend is going to be huge throughout the high street shops as it comes from the whole World Cup hype. The 'Rio' trend inlcudes bright bold colours along with bright and bold prints with inspiration from the Amazon and carnival energy!

So with this in mind, Collection have jumped on the band wagon and i tell you all this is the wagon you need to be on this summer. I have a feeling everyone is going to go craaayyy craaayyy this summer. I mean prints and colours are gonna be huge. So they have created this range 'Mardi Gras'.

"Achieving the Mardi Gras look is all about eye popping colours teamed with a bronzed glow. Think vivid nails, green and gold metallic smokey eyes with a soft lip for a carnival look." - Francesca Neill. (Celebrity MUA)


These lip balms are a summer necessity. I don't think i know anybody girl or boy that goes on holiday WITHOUT a lip balm. It is one of those products where you defo need in your bag for the whole duration from packing your airport bag to packing your beach bag. You don't want to dry out those lips with the air con on the aeroplane, burn them in the sun or dry them out with sea salt water.
And to be honest, it is not something that i take time thinking about which one to try! I literally grab one from boots in the airport and shove it in my bag. On my last holiday though i bought a horrible one. It was Boots own make and it was a pink one a bit like the Nivea Pink sheen one, although this left your lips white with little bits in which wasn't attractive or nice. So for my next holiday i would have had to chose a different one as i hate taking Vaseline. Do i even need to explain about Vaseline on holiday, in the hot sun, when its fallen on its side. OH god. Drives me insane as its so hard to open the next time you use it and you get it everywhere, then you end up getting sand in. ARGH!
Nevermind get over it Laura.
These Mardi Gras lip balms from Collection come in three different flavours: Green Apple, Strawberry or Orange.
As soon as i opened the package ( which was so cute by the way, it was in a shiney bubble green envelope which was very fitting with the theme so well done Collection!) i couldn't wait to smell them. I love smelling things, especially things that are to go on my lips as its the closet thing to your nose which means you're constantly smelling it. If a lip balm isn't flavoured then it isn't worth getting i say.
Also, something i find annoying with lip balms which i now realise may just be me but some actually leave my throat feeling dry. Which is not a good thing when you're on a beach with no toilets..(Sorry about the rambling!)

These don't make my throat feel dry nor do they make your lips turn a different colour. They simply nourish your lips without making you feel like you need to constantly apply it which i sometimes find with Vaseline. I've been chilling with the Strawberry one on since about 8pm (now 9.40pm) and it is still on, still smelling lush.
The strawberry one reminds me of that lip balm called Chapstick? I think that is the one i am on about.

All three smell LUSH. Very fruity which is perfect for summer. The colours of the lip balms will look great in your beach bag with all those bright colours.

They cost £1.99 each which is a bargain for long lasting lip balms and will be available from Boots and Superdrug from the 11th June.

Everyone looking forward to these coming on the shelves?


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