Review: TOPSHOP flawless sponge. Beauty blender dupe.

I haven't been into topshop for ages! So when I went in for a gander I found myself over in the makeup section because I've always been a lover of their range. But lately I've forgotten that they do such good stuff and I haven't bought anything from their makeup range in over a year! I seen lots of amazing things but I heard about the beauty blender and good stuff about it so I thought this has got to be somewhat similar. So for £6 I thought I'd give it a go and I am so glad I did. 
It's one of those products that make you think 'how did I live without this?!' You're meant to use it when it's damp so it creates a flawless look so run it under the tap and then squeeze out all the excess water and then you're ready to use. 
Dab your concealer in a triangle shape under your eyes and then use this sponge to tap it into your skin. Do not drag the sponge along your skin, you want to dab it.

After the first use of this I realised how dirty it would get and that's not good for blemish prone skin. So when I posted this image on Instagram I had a few people ask how do you clean it and I just assumed you washed it with soap like substance. But when I tried this it doesn't really work so I tried to search blogs of how to clean and I found that soap is probably the worst thing to use to wash it as it can dry your sponge out and that can cause it to crack. I also heard that toner is good to use to wash it but obviously not good if your toner is expensive. 
So I went on a testing spree to see what works best and isn't bad for your sponge. The first thing I tried (apart from the soap) worked! I used a little bit of face wash by massaging it into the sponge and then soaking it in the water and squeezing out and the products and dirt. Make sure you've got all the suds out as this can cause bubbles which ruin your sponge too. Just make sure everything is squeezed out before allowing it to dry. It doesn't matter which face wash you use as they all do the same thing but don't use an exfoliator as the bits will get stuck in the sponge and will change the way your makeup looks.

                                                 Hope you find this useful! 

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  1. I actually really love my blending sponge, but I do love sponges! I have the Models Own pair which cost £5, but this one looks good too, love the colour haha.

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. I've tried another beauty blender dupe and it works miracles ! I love it ! Need to try this one next time !
    I have a Summer giveaway on my blog, get the Bronze Queen look !