NEW: Collection Mardi Gras Nail Polish | Review and Swatches.

Collection Mardi Gras Nail Polish

So yesterday i posted about the New Collection Mardi Gras Lip Balms and it was actually meant to include these beauties but i thought they were too nice to cram all together so i decided to do two separate posts. So make sure you check out that post first as it tells you all about the range name 'Mardi Gras' and where it came from.

When these landed at LLC HQ's i was intrigued more than anything. The colours are somewhat different to what i would normally go for so i was about to step out of my comfort zone. Obviously just like anything else as soon as i get my mits on something new i automatically try it ASAP! Off came the boring taupe colour and on went these tropical colours. If only we had the weather to match but it is England so i wasn't expecting much! 
When i have a couple of colours to try out i always end up doing each nail a different colour to compare them all and see which one i prefer!

The colours that are in the Mardi Gras collection are 'White Out', 'Green With Envy' and 'Canary Yellow'.

I've only just stepped over to the dark side or should i say the light side and started wearing white. If you've been reading my posts then you will know that i originally thought it looked like Tipp-Ex but now i'm loving it! So when i seen this 'White Out' colour i was excited to try another white and it lives up to expectations!
It isn't a bright white which i feel makes a hell of a difference when you're trying to make it look like you've not just dipped your fingers in the Tipp-Ex bottle. I think it is a muted white or more of an 'off white'. So that gets the thumbs up from me.

'Green with Envy' goes on like it has glitter bits in it but my theory is that nail varnish creators have came up with this special formula to include light reflectors in the nails varnish to help make it seem more shiny and reflect the light which is what i think it is this colour as it drys just normal with no glitter look to it. I was so excited by this colour as green is my all time fav colour and i have really struggled to get a green nail colour that looks good. Not one that looks like mushy peas or boogie colour!! So anyway, i found one! 

The 'Canary Yellow' colour is what i was least of all excited to try. I thought it could look a bit tacky but when i tried it i thought it could look really good if styled correctly! This isn't a colour that will go with everything and i think you would have to colour co-ordinate your nails with what you where. But i can just imagine this will look so cool with a multi-coloured Kimono with a bright bikini underneath, and of course tanned hands. This is such a festival/holiday colour and i am excited to test my theory on my holiday! All i need now is a bright coloured kimono.

All these colours are available from Boots and Superdrug from the 11th June and cost £1.99 each.

Which colour is your fav?



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