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This is a random post as it's not anything to do with beauty or fashion and it's more of an overview of how I feel about the blogging world. So sorry if you're after a post about my fav hair are products or whatever but that will have to wait.

When I first began thinking of starting a blog I was thinking "is there room for one more blogger?". I mean is there not enough already? How many blogs can you read before they all start sounding the same or look the same. But then I came across a quote from a bloggers account and it's said "there can never be too many bloggers in this world". I feel that quote is what pushed me to starting my own blog as I felt I didn't want to step on anyone's toes and I couldn't possibly compete with the big type bloggers such as Lily Melrose or Tanya Burr but everyone is different in their ways so there isn't one blog the same as another. We all have our own writing style, photography style and just over all aesthetic.

Since I'm a photographer and have studied for 4 years in photography, I have that element which makes my blog different. I'm able to take good photographs which I them work around to produce a good blog post whereas some people may write their post first and work the photos around them and their writing may make their blog whereas for me it's my images. You can beat a good photograph but that's probably because I'm biased. I'm no writer and if you took away my images my blog would be nothing.
Anyway, since starting my blog over two months ago, I've never felt more confident. Every person has their insecurities which tend to bring your confidence down sometimes and it's the little things that perk up your confidence. I've been able to walk into a room and introduce myself and do the 'small talk' which I've never been good at. Most of the time I'd rather have the awkward silence that make the awkward conversations. But being a blogger you're expected to talk as you ramble on your blog and if you don't ramble in real life then is it just all a show? My confidence has always been brought down by my skin as that's what I've had problems with since I was a teenager and when I receive emails and comments on images saying I have gorgeous skin and they want my skin is so strange but heart warming because that's the thing I hate most. It really does perk you up and make you think 'do I actually have bad skin?'. 
Even with people that I haven't spoke to in ages stop me in the street to say they love my blog which really melts my heart as you really do forget people are actually at the other side of the screen reading what you've just wrote. I've had lots of messages of support from again people that I haven't spoke to in a while which is a good thing people they feel like they can talk to you more now. 

Honestly, it's the most friendliest community I've stepped into. It's not competitive at all and everyone is so willing to help each other out. By word of mouth you can broaden your audience so much and so when other bloggers are willing to get your audience to reach out to them then that is amazing.
One blogger that has been a real star is a uni friend that I never really got close to at uni because we all had our little groups and now that is a competitive community! The photography world. 
She has been amazing and so supportive from the start by giving me tips and tricks, from the start and throughout. So go and give her some loving over at Kemples, written by Abi Kempen. 
We also may have a little treat for you guys soon so make sure you're following us both on bloglovin. (Just hit the follow with blog loving on our blogs in the right hand side.)

So this is just a post to say thank you to you all for all your support and I hope it continues. Sorry for my annoying plugging on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And if you're thinking about writing a blog and starting up then do it. If you feel passionate about what you would write about then do it. 

                                "There can never be too many bloggers in the world."

                                                            LLC x


  1. I agree totally with this post! Isn't blogging a fun, crazy thing?!

  2. Your right, there is plenty of room for all the bloggers and more. Blogging isn't what it used to be - a small group of people online starting a new trend - it's now available and easy for everyone to blog, which is surely a really good thing right? We shouldnt compare ourselves to the bloggers like Lilly or Tanya because we are a whole new generation of bloggers. We are not only the promoters and writers of products and events, but the consumers too, so we should all work together, and we do, which is why the blogging community is so great :)
    x Tink x

  3. I love this post! You are correct, there is always room for one more blogger, I love how this community is so friendly and that quote describes it exactly♡
    xx beautyybychloe.blogspot.com

  4. I completely agree with this quote, everyone is drawn to different things - one persons favourite blog can mean nothing to someone else and vice versa. My favourite blogs are by people like me and you who are normal people trying out products and shopping lots, there is always room for one more x

  5. I am honestly so proud of how your blog has progressed so fast! it means you have the true talent to be writing this blog. The photographs and content are great! I always come back to read more on your blog.

    I am so happy that my advice helped you with your blog, I was so happy to help you with any advice you needed. Thank you for mentioning me in this blog post, it made my day <3

    I always wanted to talk to everyone in the class but I was very shy, blogging has helped me with my confidence too! If I could do uni again my confidence would be so different! I always thought you were such a lovely girl and you defo need to be confident. Not once did I notice you had bad skin or anything, you are great and need to know that <3

    Keep up the great work lovely!

    Abi - Kemples xxx

  6. ps: I will start work on our collab very soon <3 I'm looking forward to posting it and reading yours xx

  7. I thought I should let you know that this post made me decide to start up my own blog so thank you! I love your blog! :) x

  8. I've just started my own blog and to be honest was worried about what people would say and think but I've found that other bloggers that I speak to are so helpful and friendly, that its a great way too share your interested with other like minded people! I always check out your blog and think its brill!
    If you get the chance please have a little gander at mine, and ant comments or ways it could be improved would be brilliant :)

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  10. First comment didn't work for some reason, but thank you for blog posts like this! I've just started up my blog and it's great to share interests and thoughts with other people! :)