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The dewy look has been popular since we seen the likes of Millie Mackintosh on our screens in MIC. I loved her and still keep up to date on her looks as I think she's just beautiful and her skin looks to die for. Obviously I've been obsession over her skin as I'm dying to know what products she uses and her secrets as I want that skin! 
So I've tried to create my own dewy look trying to bare in mind she has a very natural bronzed look, and here it is.
I've recently created a makeup routine that I have stuck to quite a lot for everyday makeup for work and just everyday general. I get into a habit of doing it the same for a while as I forget to experiment with different colours and products which is bad as there's so much lovely makeup out there to play with. But this is what I am currently using most days. Most of it is running out and obviously it all runs out together doesn't it! Which means I will have to repurchase it allllllll at the same time which is an expensive time. 
So first of all starting with foundation. I have recently reviewed this Garnier 'BB Cream' in my 'Let's Raid My Makeup Bag' post. This is what I use everyday, if it's just on its own or if it's under another foundation, I used this mostly for the moisture. Since it's a bb cream means it is like a tinted moisturiser, and I LOVE the dewy look as it's good for my dry skin. So today I used this as like a primer if you want, and then I placed YSL 'Touché Éclat' foundation (my little sample pot). I was given this little pot of goodness as a tester as I had a make over done there one day and this was their newest product. And I can safely say I will be buying this. If you've ever tried the 'Touché Éclat' concealer then you will know why. This is meant to be similar in the way it is meant to reflect light, and if that doesn't excite you then I don't no what will! I use this foundation on top of the bb cream because the bb cream doesn't have enough coverage for my skin at the moment, and it just means you don't have to use more of your good foundation as we all know it's expensive. 
Then I go on to use a highlighter, which obviously has to be the one and only Benefit 'High Beam'. This is a liquid highlighter as I hate with a passion powdered products! I add a dab of this on my cheek bones, on my nose, the arch of my eyebrows and in the middle of my lips. Highlighting these areas will help to give your face a nice shape, also give you a healthy shine in the right places and hence the name but it highlights your features.
Concealer is as almost as important as your foundation. I used to used the YSL 'Touché Éclat' but I felt it was too thin so I moved onto the Benefit 'Erase Paste' which is thicker and creamier. This is good for those under eye bags. Benefit also do a product called 'Lemonaide' which is basically a concealer for your eyelids. Mad I know but the difference it makes you won't be laughing then. It's a lemon colour and it is to block out those red and blue type veins we get on our eyelids and makes your eyes brighter and it is a good base for eyeshadow. Another concealer to try from Benefit is 'Boi-ing'. This is good for the blemishes as it's more of a pinky tone to blend in with your skin colour. (As you can tell I am a huge Benefit fan.) 
However, in this I have used a cheap version by Gosh (stall in Superdrug). I used to love this before I found Benefit and to be honest since I've started using it again I can see why. It's just as good and does the job.

Then I go onto contouring my face with Benefit 'Hoola' bronzer. This is amazing stuff as its not full with shimmer and all that faff that makes you look as though you've been hit with a disco ball. It is not orange either which I've found out some bronzes are. I place this (with the brush it comes with) under my cheek bones, down the sides of my nose, and on the corners of my brow. Basically where you would normally catch the sun. Then I apply blusher on the apples of my cheeks with a angled brush. The blusters I have been using is this No7 blusher I was given in a set for Christmas. It's lovely colours and I'm not too fussy when it comes to blusher, so any tend to do the job.

On my eyelids I use 2True (Superdrug) eyeshadow in the creases on my eyelids. And fill in my eyebrows with Urban Decay 'Naked' palette in Bucked. 
With my mascara, I tend to buy whatever is on offer or the newest one in Superdrug as I like to test new ones out and I don't have a favourite. Although I don't like ones too clumpy and this Max Factor 'Wild Mega Volume' does just that. It's thin and makes you're eyelashes long. 

And finally I apply this Collection 2000 'Cream Puff' on my lips. It's creamy and it's more like a lip stain which stays on really well and I love this colour as it looks more natural than a lip stick.

Also, if I am out all day and I need to refresh my makeup and your skin is looking a little tired, the. I carry Mac 'Studio Moisture Fix' Hydrating Spray with me at all times. It's amazing at refreshing your makeup if you don't have time to reapply. It is also good for dry skin in general.

Well guys, that is my everyday makeup routine and I hope you like it.

Anything you want me to try out? 


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