Wednesdays want......purchased.

Last week, I posted about some leopard print shoes that were on my wish list in Wednesdays Want. I really really live these and I've been thinking 'can I afford them, can I reallyyyy' and I've been humming and harring about buying the. Since I blogged about them. In the meantime I tried on the cheaper version I found from Dune. I was unsure about these ones and the sizing was abit off as I am normally a 4/37 but they were too big and the 3/36 was too small, so I left it. 

So after I finished work today I popped around to the ladies department as the kids is separate as I had my employee of the month code to use. 

And found these beauty's!!!!!!! 
H&M have got these at the tiny price of £12.99. You seriously can't go wrong. Although I did have to get a size 3.5 instead of my usual 4 but I've been told these kind of trainers are big sizing anyway. I can't wait to wear these out and about as I have a feeling they are going to be so comfy. So if I was you, I'd get ya self over to H&M and get them purchased whilst they are in stock. However I don't think they are online just yet as I can't find them.
I will wear these with ripped jeans and a plain white tee or leggings and a jumper. These will go nice with leather jackets and leather skater skirts! 

These jeans are also a buy from H&M which were £19.99. The thing about H&M is that yeah I know I work there but there sizing is all wrong. The tops are fine but the jeans and trousers are just something else. I don't no about anyone else but I had to buy a size 12 in these and I am normally a size 8!!! Doesn't do anything for your self esteem but no one sees the sizing right?!

Have you guys seen these around at a cheaper price? Or have you got these, if so what do you think of them?


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