Wednesdays Wishlist...

If I could afford to go shopping everyday I would. But I can't, so what I do is make a list of my mot wanted things that week so it keeps me on track and so I don't go off and waste my money on something useless. I ended up buying last weeks want (even if they weren't the expensive version) so maybe i will have one or more of these next week. 
From top to bottom, Dune bags are amazing and I love how good quailty they are. I have one that I got as a present and I never think to shop there for bags but I do go in now regularly to check out the latest. This blue small shoulder bag is cute and I love bright colours (if you can't tell already) and this would just make an outfit. Although, they are expensive and £55 for a small bag isn't something you do everyday so I will save for this! 
Bomber jackets, might be a thing of the past but I'm always complaining that I don't have a jacket that I can wear when it's hot, I have thick coats and leather jackets and wearing leather jackets in the heat is unbareable. So I've spotted this one and I love that it has bright colours in but this is also a tad expensive, but I know I would get the wear out of it. River Island are really good at bright colours and unique patterns.
You would think I was getting paid for the amount I'm plugging H&M but I'm not! I just love it haha. And I'm obsessed with small gold necklaces and find it hard to find a nice one. £1.99 is bloody good! 
Also this light grey bag from H&M looks so expensive, which it's not as it's H&M we are talking about here. Nothing is expensive. This will go with any outfit and make you look like you've spent a huge amount on your outfit, little do they know..

Let's see what I end up with next week.


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