If you're a loyal GTWL reader then you'll know I am in love with Eclectic Hotels which own King Street Hotel in Manchester - well this is another one of their hotels.

When I arrived I didn't actually know what to expect. It's a little hidden but it's a hidden gem. They have a car park which is essential these days, we drove up to the hotel, parked outside & the porter parked our car.

Inside the hotel the decor is exactly like King Street Hotel which is good because its so quirky especially in the bar area which has cosy sofas & cosy lighting.
When we headed into our room, I was blown away. It was so big it was like a NYC apartment with its mezzanine style room. We walked into the sitting room area which has a nice comfy sofa, big TV & loads of quirky decor bits.
The bathroom is also downstairs next to the sitting room which has two sinks - waheyyy and a nice big shower. Upstairs is the bedroom which was maaaaaasive with a nice half egg shaped bath.

After having a wander around the hotel and stumbling into someone wedding ( they have wedding on the terrace) we decided to head to the bar downstairs for a cocktail. Its such a nice atmosphere because its just so cosy & intimate.

So when you're in a room this nice the only thing to do is get room service which was amazing because the food is just unreal in both hotels. We got loads of little plates so we could share which was like having tapas in your room whilst watching a film.

What I did loved about this room was that you could just leave all the messy plates downstairs when you head up to bed & forget they're there until the morning which by that time you're packing to check out.

After a nice bath with a glass of wine & the best sleep in our king sized bed ( Eclectic hotels do the best beds I'm telling you now) it was time to wake up and have more food.

Again, we ordered so much because you know breakfast is the most important meal and whats better than a good breakfast btw?? This breakfast is so much better than the one we had at King Street Townhouse.
After checking out we headed up to the terrace since we couldn't see it the night before because of the wedding and it was something that looked like it belonged in Paris. It was amazing & would be so good for those afternoon cocktails.

So I will 100% be heading back here because no it doesn't have the spa that King Street Townhouse does but the rooms and terrace make up for it.

Have you stayed here before??

Laura xox

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  1. This place looks absolutely stunning, I would love to go there at some point!

    Danielle xx