We've all had those disaster hair situations - more than we would have liked. It is so hard finding a hairdressers that does what you ask for with no mistakes. Hair can cost a lot of money and the slightest mistake or miscommunication can make it go so wrong.
I have learnt that.

I had found a hairdressers that I thought was the one I would be going to forever. It was expensive - god it was so expensive. But I bloody love my hair and I would pay a lot to look after it. I had been going there for 4 years, until I had a disaster. I complained & it got sorted but it made me look back at my hair for the past 4 years and realised I wasn't ever happy with the outcome after the toner washed off.

The image below shows the pic on the left was the fixed hair compared to the image on the right was the disaster. It was yellow & I looked like a skunk. Never a good look.

So I decided enough was enough & went on the lookout for a new salon. But really thought about it & realised I need to work with the hairdresser more, explain what I want more & not settle.


So I headed to Gallery108 and thought I would change my tactic. Things I said to my hairdresser:

- exactly what you don't want
- the thing you're staying away from ( it was warm tones for me)
- the worst scenario
- exactly what you do want
- what you eventually want to achieve

We have to remember, our hairdressers cant read our minds. But I do think hairdressers need to be more real with us, we don't know that it might not look exactly like the picture we've just shown you.
Yeah we can go in and say right I want this - the hairdresser will try but we need to know that theres a possibility it could not look like that or it might be a bit warmer than we want.

I want to work with my hairdresser, not let her do all the work and then I expect it to look like exactly what I wanted even without fully explaining everything. Plus the most important thing is to be honest!

Whats your worst hair story?

Laura xox

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  1. The colour of your hair is so stunning now. Absolutely perfect for this time of the year!

    Danielle xx