The newest job on the block which makes everyones heads roll when you mention the word 'blogger'. Its the job every 20 yr old girl dreams of. It's the only reason every girl has Instagram.

Description of a blogger from an outsider looking in point of view:
- free stuff
- cool events
- don't have to work
- instagram fame
- more free stuff

Description of a blogger from a bloggers point of view:
- passionate
- hard working
- won't stop
- never has time off
- never has an actual holiday
- cant fully enjoy anything
- has to be on it 24/7
- never has a night out because who has time for hangovers
- never lets her hair down
- only time we drink alcohol is to get a photo
- orders the prettiest thing on the menu but who evens like avocado on toast?!
- cant be ill because ill doesn't look good on camera

The list is endless.

What I'm trying to get at, is that sometimes I wonder am I doing too much that I'm not enjoying life anymore?

When you're looking through the lens at life, are you even living it? 

Recently, I've been taking time off from my phone more than usual because not only am I worried I'm  ruining my life, but also those around me. Because its not just me that has to do all of this but someone needs to take the photo, someone needs to watch me spend 15mins until my food goes cold to get THAT shot. My bf wants to walk longer than 5 yards before I ask for another pic.

Plus I want to spend quality time together with my loved ones. Quality time when I put my phone down and look at them and listen rather than pretending to listen but getting distracted because I need to upload.

Or setting my alarm for 7am and ordering breakfast to get those breakfast shots but actually not having time to eat it because we then need to go somewhere else for another shot.

It makes it even worse that I don't blog full time but I also work full time as a visual merchandiser so all my blogging needs to happen on the weekend so I really don't get any time off. I love it don't get me wrong but am I going to look back in 30 years time and think why did I waste all that time.

My biggest worry is that I end up pushing people away. Will my friends stop inviting me places because I'm too busy and never can go anywhere or do anything, will my BF leave me for someone who isn't IG obsessed, will I lose connections with my family?

So in the future, I am going to be taking more time off to ensure I start living and enjoying my loved ones company rather than just being with them.

Who else is a little bit guilty?

Laura xox


  1. I am SO guilty! My husband is very very supportive and is the biggest fan of what I do but if I'm being completely honest most of our arguments happen when he just wants to eat his food and go for a walk but I manage to turn it into a blog related thing within a few minutes. I just can't switch it off!

    Last week I went on a solo trip to Whitley Bay and had breakfast by myself followed by a wander and it was so lovely because I spent my whole day taking photographs without annoying anyone else, it was so stress free!

    I never know what the answer is because if I'm somewhere lovely I want to share it but then I hate that I sit there ignoring everyone else and stressing about getting a great photograph! I definitely need to work out a way to switch off!

  2. Great post Laura. It's good to be honest. This is how i felt after a few years and why i decided to take a break. It's all consuming. Every time you go out you're always looking for the gram angle, instead of enjoying yourself, you buy new makeup but you can't use it until next weekend when you've got time to do the photoshoot, your food goes cold etc etc :) Maybe set aside some digital free time, do things off camera too so you don't feel like you're living all your life for the camera x

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  5. Love this post! Well done for writing this and putting out what I imagine a lot of people think. I've sort of done the opposite, I deleted facebook 2 years ago and Instagram 6 months ago because I felt I was spending too much time thinking 'this needs to look good for the Gram' etc. And then I recently decided I wanted to try blogging (again...for the umpteenth time) and when you've got 6 followers, you really need to spend an obsessive amount of time on the internet to build a network. I wonder if it's really worth it?