These have become the latest lash craze & I had to jump on it and try them out.


So whats different? It's all down to style and technique - you can choose how full you want them, how long you want them, how curly you want them but also you can have longer towards the end of your eye to elongate your eyes or longer in the middle to open the eyes more.
The technique that is carried out by the lash technician creates a fluffier  & more natural look by alternating lash length.

I used the salon finder to find a Nouveau lash technician that specialises in the treatment in my area - and I came across my gal  Mel - @lissylashesandbeauty


Once your comfortable lying down your technician will start to prep your lashes by making sure they're all cleansed with an oil free cleanser to make sure they is no excess oil on the lashes to prevent lashes not sticking.

You will be asked what look you want to go for, what length and what curl so have an idea in mind or ask your technician to see some images for example to help you chose. I went for the curliest as I have quite straight lashes but also quite long.

I wanted quite a full look but something to make my eyes look wider so she created a look where the longest lashes were in the middle but you can get cat eye looks where its longer towards the outsides.

Once your lashes have been chosen you will then get an eye pad put over the top of your bottom lashes so they don't get in the way or stuck. This is your time to close your eyes and relax for the duration AKA nap time!
Once the lashes are primed they're ready for their masterpiece. With SVS you're creating fluffy lashes so as you can see on the image above, my lash technician draws on the pads what length should go where. Each lash extension is carefully glued onto individually onto your own lash.


- You need to be careful not to get them wet for 48 hours straight after.
- Brush them morning & night with a clean mascara wand (this helps to fan them out more and helps to collect any stray lashes that have fallen out)
- Be careful not to rub or pull your lashes
- Don't use eyelash curler
- Clean your lashes and lid with their NEW Lash & Lid cleanser set which helps to get rid of any dirt and makeup 
- infills every 3-4 weeks

I am completely in love with them because they're more of an everyday lash compared to RUSSIAN VOLUME lashes plus they look more natural but without the need to wear mascara - which BTW takes half the time on a morning.

Have you tried SVS Nouveau Lashes before? If you want to try other Nouveau treatments they do LVL, Russian Volume, Extend & express.

Laura xox

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  1. I have wanted to get lash extensions for quite a while, but I feel like this has finally twisted my arm!

    Danielle xx