Monday, 29 August 2016


Hawaiian Kukui Cream 

So £23 seems a bit steep for a body cream right?! But the tub is massive and i can tell it is going to last so long, the smell is amazing and i love the tub as it just looks and feels expensive. Yes its massive so its probably not the best for travelling or holidays but for a luxury cream for at home use this is perfect. It is very thick but not too thick that it doesn't sink in. 

Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay

This is what i have been looking for for soooo long. I'll let you in on a little secret of mine, i suffer from back-acne. Backne. I have done since my teens and it hasn't shifted and it gets me down more than the spots on my face do. So this product just seems like the perfect thing to draw out the impurities on your body so help clear it. I think this is perfect even for those who don't suffer from back skin but for after your holiday to get all the sun cream out of your skin and make it fresh again.

Body Mask Brush

The one thing about masks is slopping them on with your fingers. Well now you don't have to. This brush isn't just for the body but i think it works great for face masks.

British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

This isn't part of the spa of the world collection but one of their NEW collection - #daretomask. 
This is 100% vegetarian. It has amazing ingredients like rosehip oil, rose essence and real rose petals. You can just sense the luxury of putting rose petals on your face. It made my skin so soft and its just that type of mask to use when your skin is looking a bit dull.

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