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Anyone else struggle with their hair whilst on holiday? Especially when you're away with your partner and you still want to look good whilst sunbathing getting all sweaty. I mean i like to go out sunbathing with no makeup on, sun cream on, cream on my scalp and i'll be a sweaty mess with salt water making my hair all crispy so i need something to help me look half decent.
Hair is the only thing left. 

I tend to holiday in the Canary islands which tend to be verrrrry windy which means i can't wear my hair down at all or it will be everywhere and become a big tatty mess.

So here are some hair styles i rocked whilst on my last holiday which were so handy and that i didn't have hair flying all over and it looked like i had made some sort of effort with my hair instead of tying it up so i looked like a boy.

Hope this gives you some inspo if you're going away to a windy location.

(if you are then ENJOY!)

What other hairstyles do you rock whilst away?


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