1. Mirador del rio

Amazing views all around and this orange sand makes it almost Grand Canyon'y 

2. Timanfaya

You HAVE to visit here. Note: it is SO windy and cold so wear a jacket!
You get to feel how hot this volcano is by touching the stones and watching them set fire to straw by chucking it down a hole which is only a couple of feet down which shows how bloody hot it is. They also feed water to the volcano which it then reacts and throws it back out which is interesting to see how quick and powerful it is. You can then get on the coach and have a ride around the grounds to see how powerful that volcano was when it last went off which was in the 18th century. Its truly amazing and its something you just have to see. There is also a shop and a restaurant where you can take in the views whilst you eat or drink. They cook their meet over the volcano which i can tell you is flippin hot! I was almost too scared to put my camera over the hole in case it melted it there and then.

3. El golfo

Otherwise know as the 'green lake'. Its a little village with a gorgeous beach and then bam you've got a green lake which is gorgeous and so unusual. They have some lovely fish restaurants but also do other food too as i am not a fish lover. 

4. Los hervideros

Another little hidden gem which is just about more caves and more lava. Its a lovely little viewing point with if you're lucky then some water shows of the waves crashing against the caves.

5.Puerto del carmen

So this little town was one of my favourite places because it was so pretty and it was just around the corner from where i stayed. It was a santorini fake with its white buildings down the hill and the blue paint on the houses. You can get the boat over to Puerto Calero or in my case have a 2 hour walk there and get the boat back. Being on the boat coming into Puerto del carmen makes it look even better too!


 7. Cueva de los verdes

This is one of the most popular caves in Lanzarote and it translates to 'the green caves' which doesn't have anything to do with the colour apparently its because of the people who lived in it and their second name was Green. We went around 11am and it was already busy but nothing compared to when we got out the queue was even bigger so i highly suggest if you're visiting these places then set off early to beat the long wait. You head in with a big group of yous with a leader who tells you all about it and leads you through the cave. You do have to bend down quite a lot of this walk as there isn't much space to walk through. Good if you're small like me!
The tour lasts an hour as its really long. Its mental whats actually inside and it is amazing to see the lava as you can just imagine what the lava was like when the volcano erupted as you can see the flowing effect embedded in the walls. There is a bloody concert hall INSIDE the cave. Yes they have bands and festivals inside this cave which i can imagine to be amazing, but how doesn't it fall down with all the music noise is what i wanna know?! Then you come across this (pic ^) and its so amazing its probably the best bit.
Plus i am not going to spoil the surprise because i already knew it before i went but i wish i never so it was even better. Do you know the secret? But shhhhh if you do so we don't spoil it for people who might be visiting soon!

4. Costa Tequise

This was my favourite beach we visited as it was great for people watching as it had watersports which was great watching whilst sunning it up. It also got sooo windy that the waves were the biggest i have ever seen and so funny to go into the sea if you're a good swimming and don't mind getting bashed about. 

5. Papagayo
I didn't get to visit this but i have heard it is gorgeous. It is a beach in the middle of no where which is perfect for views. If you get a chance then visit here and tag me in your photos on instagram - girltalkwithlaura 

Have you visited Lanzarote?
Where else do i need to go?


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  1. Ill be going to puerto del carmen in october, cant wait, i love lanzarote =]